Adjustment Review approved for 2034 NE Multnomah

The Bureau of Development Services has approved [PDF] an adjustment review for a new apartment building at 2034 NE Multnomah St. The project is currently being designed by THA Architecture for Sullivan’s Gulch Group LLC, a company linked to PHK Development. Although still in the early stages of design, the adjustment review documents show a building with seven floors above grade, and two levels of underground parking. The site plan shows a building rotated from the axis of the street grid, with exterior decks at levels one and two.

Site Plan

The adjustment review is required because of the split zoning of the site, which is described in the approval:

The applicant proposes to construct a multi-dwelling residential building on this site. Most of the site is zoned RH (High Density Residential), with a 75-foot maximum building height and 85% maximum building coverage. The central portion of the site is zoned CO2 (Office Commercial 2), with a 45-foot maximum building height and 65% maximum building coverage. The applicant requests approval of two Adjustments in order to:

  • increase the maximum building height on the CO2-zoned portion of the site from 45 feet to 75 feet; and
  • increase the maximum building coverage on the CO2-zoned portion of the site from 65% to 93%. (The building coverage for the entire site will be approximately 65%.)Approval of the Adjustments will create more consistent zoning requirements across the site and allow a more cohesive building design.
North / South Section

North / South Section

East / West Section

East / West Section

The project’s site at NE 21st Avenue and NE Multnomah Street is immediately to the north of I-84. For a number of years the site has had a sign on it advertising its redevelopment potential. The site is mostly vacant land, with the exception of one single family home, which would be demolished. 3 other houses to the west are in the same ownership, but are not part of the proposal.

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