Weekly Roundup: Alberta Commons, 2815 SW Babur Blvd, Oliver Station, and more

Alberta Commons

Prosper Portland is launching its Affordable Commercial Tenanting Program, with space available at the Alberta Commons

Portland State University has debuted the Karl Miller Center, the $64 million business school building at the heart of their campus, writes the Oregonian.

The Portland Business Journal took a first look at Under Armour’s new Portland office at 2815 SW Babur Blvd.

Prosper Portland (formerly the Portland Development Commission) is looking for applicants for its affordable commercial space, writes the Business Tribune. Space is being offered at the Alberta Commons at NE MLK and Alberta, at Oliver Station at 9202 SE Foster Rd, at 9101 SE Foster and at the 10th & Yamhill Smart Park.

The Willamette Week wrote that the condominiums at Carbon12 are being offered for sale at prices up to $1.5 Million—a likely record east of the river.

The Business Tribune wrote about Security Properties’ plans for the five acre PepsiCo distribution center at at 2505 NE Pacific St.

Weekly Roundup: Albina Vision, 2505 NE Pacific, Tanner Creek Tavern, and more

An aerial view of the Albina Vision (labels by Bike Portland)

BikePortland took a look at the Albina Vision, a concept plan to restore the historic Rose Quarter neighborhood and put biking and walking first.

As the City Council held its first hearing on the Central City 2035 Plan, the Oregonian looked at 9 key changes proposed.

Seattle based Security Properties has closed on the 4.7-acre PepsiCo site at 2505 NE Pacific St, writes the DJC.  The developer is “is in the process of interviewing architects to begin conceptual design for the multiphase redevelopment”. With news of the development breaking, theOregonian asked if Sandy Boulevard is the next Hawthorne?

The Portland Business Journal took a first look at chef David Machado’s Tanner Creek Tavern, which opened this week in the Pearl District Hampton Inn & Suites.

Core and shell work has wrapped up at the Towne Storage Building. The DJC published photos of the  renovated building, before construction begins on the tenant improvement for software company Autodesk.

Lastly, a note on the frequency of posts here at Next Portland. As some people have noticed the number of posts published has gone down a lot in the last couple months. This isn’t a reflection of there being less to write about; it’s just that Next Portland is written by just one person, in my spare time, and I haven’t had the ability to commit time to the site in recent months. As things are getting back to normal I hope to be able to return to the regular posting frequency. There are many large projects that I haven’t yet had a chance to write about, but which I think Next Portland readers will enjoy learning about.

Weekly Roundup: Sandy Blvd, Sky3, St Francis Park Apartments, and more

St Francis Park Apartments

The recently completed St Francis Park Apartments.

With a potential large development planned at the Pepsi bottling facility at 2505 NE Pacific, the DJC asked if it is Sandy Boulevard’s moment?*

The Willamette Week reported that “one of the largest and most popular food cart pods in Portland”, located at 2880 SE Division St, is closing to become apartments.

The Portland Tribune looked at the push by homeless advocates to ensure affordable housing developments include Permanent Supportive Housing units, such as those at the recently completed St Francis Park Apartments.

According to the Oregonian, Amazon will be opening a pickup location near PSU in the ground floor of the recently completed Sky3 tower.

The Willamette Week reported that critics are blasting a “plan to divert money earmarked for the black community to help a health care giant” at N Williams and Knott.

According to the Portland Business Journal “no fewer than 27 hotels have either opened since 2015 or are under construction or planned for the metro region”. The paper published a gallery of the some of the hotel projects that are adding thousands of rooms to Portland.

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Metro Reports: 2505 NE Pacific, 1525 SW Market, Redfox Commons, and more

The Redfox Commons will be located at the former Freeman Factory site in NW Portland. The existing buildings will be converted into approximately 60,000 sq ft of creative office space.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

Early Assistance has been requested by Mackenzie for a project at 1039 NE Stafford St:

Current Code- re develop site for self-storage.

Early Assistance has been requested by Security Properties for a project at 2505 NE Pacific St:

Review is for new code. Demolition and redevelopment of Pepsi distribution facilities w/4-5 mixed use buildings. Potential uses include parking, retail, housing, office and senior housing.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 1525 SW Market St:

Review is for the current code. Proposal is for a multi-family apartment development and associated parking. Central City Design District. Central City – Goose Hollow Plan District.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Scott Edwards Architecture for an addition to the Hotel Monaco:

Review is for current code. Proposed 4,500 sf bar/lounge addition with an approx. 5,000 sf outdoor deck and replacement of aging HVAC equipment located on the roof of the 10-story building currently occupied as the Hotel Monaco Portland. Stormwater management system TBD per COP BES requirements. Central City Design District. Central City Downtown Plan District.

A project at 2626 SE 122nd Ave has been submitted for a Type II Adjustment Review by Baysinger Partners:

Proposal for construction of a fast food pad building with two Adjustments. 1) to 33.266.130.C.b, Frontage Limitation for on-site vehicle areas along a transit street. 2) to 33.130.215.C(2d), Maximum setback on a transit street.

The Redfox Commons at 2638 NW Wilson St and 2034 NW 27th Ave has been submitted for building permit review by Lever Architecture:

Addition & change of occupancy from S to B; connet two buildings with breezeway. Replace mezzanines in both with new second floors.

A project at 442 NE Jessup St has been submitted for building permit review:

Construct new 3-story, 15 unit apartment building with attached trash room on 1st floor

A building permit was issued for a project at 485 SE 14th Ave (previously 1335 SE Stark St):

New construction-new 4story multi-family apartment building containing 39 units and an enclosed parking garage on leve 1, structure type VA wood framed. Interior trash room. Mechanical permit to be DFS

A building permit was issued for a project at 2919 SE Division St:

New 4 story, 20 unit apartment building with onsite stormwater planter