Modera Glisan approved by Design Commission (images)

The Design Commission has approved the Modera Glisan by SERA Architects. The 12 story, 145’ tall building for Mill Creek Residential Trust will include 291 residential units at the upper floors, which ground floor retail / commercial space facing all four adjacent streets. Below grade parking for 223 vehicles is proposed. Long term parking for 445 bicycles will be provided.

Modera Glisan

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Modera Glisan reviewed by Design Commission (images)

The Modera Glisan by SERA Architects has gone in front of the Design Commission for an initial Design Review hearing. The 12 story, 145’ tall building for Mill Creek Residential Trust will include 291 residential units at the upper floors, which ground floor retail and office space facing NW 14th Ave and Hoyt St. Below grade parking for 206 vehicles is proposed. Long term parking for 477 bicycles will be provided.

Modera Glisan

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Metro Reports: 1116 SW Washington, 505 NW 14th, NW 21st & Irving, and more

505 NW 14th Ave

505 NW 14th Ave, as presented at its Pre-Application Conference

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

Early Assistance has been requested by Edge Development for a project at 1329 N Skidmore St:

Development of 2 new market rate apartment buildings with 10-15 units per building. Demo existing building. Propose to meet community design standards.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by ZGF Architects to discuss a project at 1116 SW Washington St:

Pre-application conference to discuss Type III DZ review for new mixed use tower

505 NW 14th Ave has been submitted for Design Review by SERA Architects:

Type III Design Review for a new 280 unit, 16-story building with market rate residential units and ground floor retail. The new building will be “L-shaped” around the Touche Restaurant Building. Underground parking, 222 spaces, will serve the project. This proposal will replace the recently discussed demolition of the Touche Bldg and construction of a 12-story residential building (EA 16-138068) and will replace the recently approved Design Review of the “Meriwether 501” building (LU 15-187119 DZM, AD).

Mackenzie have submitted a project at 700 SE Belmont St for building permit review:

New 6 story self-storage building. First floor interior parking

A building permit was issued to Emerick Architects for the NW 21st & Irving Apartments:

new 4-story mixed use development with commercial ground floor over one level of underground parking. Existing structure will be demolished. (see permit 16-119347 CO)

A building permit was issued for The Fair Haired Dumbbell:

Twin six story heavy timber buildings with pedestrian bridges at each floor . Restaurant (non-insul.) shell space / bike storage first floor. Levels 2-6 office. Das required. Separate permit through fire marshal’s office.

Weekly Roundup: Hotels booming, Multifamily cooling, Schools bond and more

129 SE Alder

129 SE Alder is the latest creative office development in the Central Eastside

The Oregonian reported that Portland’s hotel boom—which includes the Cornelius-Woodlark, Canopy Hotel, Porter Hotel, AC Hoteland the Convention Center Hotel—will by 2020 result in 40% more hotel rooms than there are now.

The Willamette Week opined that “Portland City Hall seems to have learned its lesson about parking minimums raising rents” as the City Council struck down a proposal to add parking minimums for new residential development in the Northwest Plan District.

The DJC reported* that the Metro area multifamily market is beginning to cool as “after years of apartment development, supply appears to be starting to make a dent in demand”.

Harsch Investment Properties revealed a new creative office projected planned for 129 SE Alder St (previously 110 SE Washington St) to the Portland Business Journal. The design of the 9 story building is by Works Partnership.

According to The Oregonian, Portland Public Schools will seek voter approval for a $750 million construction bond in November. If passed, the bond would pay for the rebuilds of Lincoln High SchoolMadison High School and Benson High School.

The Portland Business Journal reported that Mill Creek Residential Trust paid Meriwether Partners $13.2 million for the former Premier Press building in the Pearl, a significant increase over the $6.05 million paid for the property in 2014. The transaction will allow the mixed use project at 505 NW 14th Ave to grow larger, at the expense of the now cancelled 1440 Hoyt office development.

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Revised proposal for 505 NW 14th Ave keeps historic Fire Station #3 (images)

A second Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by SERA Architects to discuss a revised proposal for 505 NW 14th. As now envisioned the development would allow the historic Fire Station #3 to remain, a change from an earlier proposal that would have seen it demolished. The building is currently home to Touché Restaurant & Bar.

The project for Mill Creek Residential Trust has also significantly grown in size. The building would now reach 16 stories, and include 280 residential units, up from the 12 stories and 150 units proposed in April of this year. 222 vehicular parking spaces are proposed. Drawings show a 16 story bar tower oriented to NW 14th Ave, with a lower rise sidecar form wrapping around the fire station building. Building amenities are shown at level 6, including a club room, fitness center, rooftop terrace and spa.

505 NW 14th Ave

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Metro Reports: 10 stories in Goose Hollow, 17 stories in Buckman, 16 stories in the Pearl, and more


A foundation permit was issued for Carbon12, which will be the first Cross Laminated Timber building in the USA to reach 8 stories.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits. We publish the highlights.

Early Assistance has been requested by Urban Development Group for a project at 2548 SE Ankeny St:

New development 77 units with 26 below grade parking spaces

Early Assistance has been requested by Edge Development for a project at 634 SE Spokane St:

New 3 story res building- 12 units. The applicant’s intention is to meet community design standards.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Gerding Edlen Development for a project at 5 SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd:

Pre-Application Conference to discuss a Type III Design Review and possible Type III Central City Parking Review for a new 17-story mixed use building with ground-floor retail and approximately 100,000 square feet of Office floor area and approx. 200,000 square feet of Residential floor area (estimated 220 units). Below-grade parking will be provided, with approx. 180 spaces that will serve both the residential and office uses.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by SERA Architects to discuss a revised proposal for 505 NW 14th Ave:

280 unit 16 story building with market rate apartments and ground floor retail. Basement parking is included.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by SERA Architects to discuss a project at 1500 SW Taylor St: 

10-story mixed-use apartments including approximately 150 residential units and two levels of below grade parking.

A project at 2869 NE Sandy Blvd has been submitted for Design Review by Ankrom Moisan Architects:

206 unit, 6-story apartment building with basement parking and partial retail on the first floor.

1430 NW Glisan St has been submitted for Design Review by Ankrom Moisan Architects:

Proposal is for a 16 story high rise residential project.

Two buildings at 5833 SW Macadam Ave have been submitted for building permit review by Jivanjee Circosta Architecture:

New construction of 4 story multifamily building with 31 units with onsite parking, site improvements and site amenities

New construction of 3 story multifamily building with 33 units with onsite parking, site improvements and site amenities

Five buildings at 26 SE 146th Ave have been submitted for building permit review by Doug Circosta Architect:

Construct new 3 story (12) unit apartment building; with associated site work; building 1 of 5

Construct new 3 story (24) unit apartment building; building 2 of 5

Construct new 3 story (7) unit apartment building; building 3 of 5

Construct new 3 story (18) unit apartment building; building 4 of 5

Construct new 2 story (1) unit apartment building with laundry on main floor; building 5 of 5

A building permit is under review for a project at 2611 SW Water Ave:

New construction of 100-unit 5story apartment building, with site improvements, onsite parking and interior trash room

A foundation permit was issued to PATH Architecture for Carbon12:

Partial permit for utilities associated with excavation, shoring, and foundation at basement*****see comments re: review by state of oregon building codes division*****

A building permit was issued to Urban Development Group for a project at 2929 SE Stark St (previously 2913 SE Stark St):

Construct new 3 story (46 unit) apartment building with associated site work

Focus: Portland’s Tallest Planned Buildings (2016)

Image from the Discussion Draft of the Central City 2035 Plan (Bureau of Planning & Sustainability).

Image from the Discussion Draft of the Central City 2035 Plan, showing a possible development scenario approximating future growth in the Pearl District over 20 years (Bureau of Planning & Sustainability). At least two of the sites shown as potentially developable have current proposals on them.

It is just over a year since Next Portland last did a roundup of the tallest buildings planned or under construction in Portland. At that time, we counted 25 buildings over 100′ in height planned. Today we count 40. Given the length of time it takes to complete a high rise building, many of the buildings on the 2016 were also on the 2015 list. Four buildings are no longer on the list this year, due to having been completed: Block 17, Pearl West, the Aster Tower and Park Avenue West. Seven buildings that were still in the design phase last year are now under construction. No building on last year’s list is known to have been cancelled.

Read on to see our complete list. Where possible, the heights given are the building height as defined in the Portland Zoning Code and published in the Design Commission’s Final Findings. In some cases the heights have been estimated.

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Weekly Roundup: 72Foster, University of Portland residences, 1320 Broadway and more

5350 N Willamette Blvd by Soderstrom Architects

New student housing at the University of Portland, by Soderstrom Architects

Eater PDX wrote that restaurant Touché is “in a weird sort of limbo” as they wait for news about the fate of their building. The historic Firehouse #3 may be demolished to make way for a 12 story building at 505 NW 14th Ave.

The Daily Journal of Commerce published photos of an under construction residence hall at the University of Portland. The building at 5350 N Willamette Blvd by Soderstrom Architects will include “three above-grade floors of student living units, a ground-floor student worship space, student lounge, and office/retail space.”

The Foster Powell blog wrote about the 72Foster affordable housing development, which will include 108 housing units and commercial space lining SE Foster.

The Oregonian reported that Portland area rents rose 13 percent over the past year, however noted that “a wave of new construction slowed the price appreciation a little since the fall and caused the vacancy rate to tick upward.”

Mayor Hales has proposed an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan that would prohibit new drive throughs in the Central City and limit them elsewhere, reports the Willamette Week.

A Vancouver, WA have donated $12 million to OHSU, which will go towards the patient housing being built as part of the Center for Health and Healing South project.

An 86 year old funeral home may be demolished, reported the Portland Chronicle. The building is located at 20 NE 14th Ave, a site where the Bureau of Development Services recently received an Early Assistance application to discuss a six-story mixed-use building with 190 residential units.

Elemental Technologies will move their headquarters into the 1320 Broadway building. The building was formerly home to The Oregonian, and is currently in the middle of a major renovation.

Portland Architecture talked with Stuart Emmons, an architect who is running against incumbent Steve Novick for a seat on the Portland City Council.

Portland International Airport is reevaluating its $98 million Concourse E Expansion, according to The Oregonian. Portland based Horizon Air recently ordered 30 Embraer E175 jets, which can be board via jetbridges. The airport’s original expansion plan was designed for the Bombardier Q400 plans Horizon currently flies, which typically board from the ground.

KPTV reported that a demonstration was held by the group “Stop Demolishing Portland” outside 3336 SE Belmont, which is set to be redeveloped with a three story mixed use building.

Coworking and shared office company Regus opened a space in the Pearl West office building this week, according to the Portland Business Journal.

The St Francis Park Apartments received a $9.5 million loan from KeyBank, reported the Portland Business Journal. The Central Eastside building will include 106 units of affordable housing.

Thru Magazine wrote about a Design Week Portland panel discussion about the future of the Central Eastside. The event was hosted by Bora Architects, who showcased their Water Avenue Yards concept.

The PSU Vanguard reported that the Portland State Vikings celebrated a groundbreaking for the PSU Viking Pavilion ahead of their annual spring game.


Weekly Roundup: Middle Middle Housing, Low Density Islands and more

Types of "missing middle" housing

Types of “missing middle” housing. Image by Daniel Parolek of Opticos Design.

Affordable housing developers and service providers are calling on the city to legalize the development of “missing middle” housing, according to Bike Portland. An amendment to the Comprehensive Plan that would make it possible to develop housing types such as duplexes, triplexes, internal home divisions and two-story garden apartments near designated centers is currently being debated by the City Council. The Portland Tribune reported that the amendment is facing opposition from groups such as the United Neighborhoods for Reform.

The Willamette Week reported that despite Portland’s push for new housing, the proposed Comprehensive Plan leaves islands of low density zoning along corridors such as inner Division, Hawthorne and Belmont.

The Business Tribune wrote about the “new vision for Lents”, including Oliver Station by Ankrom Moisan Architects. The mixed use development will replace the New Copper Penny bar, and will include 126 units of affordable housing and unit 19 units leased at market rates.

Grocery store Green Zebra opened its second store at Hassalo on Eighthreported the Portland Business Journal.

Wacom has moved its North American headquarters from Vancouver, WA into the Pearl West office building. The Portland Business Journal published photos of their new space.

Portland Architecture published an interview with mayoral candidate Jules Bailey.

The Portland Housing Bureau announced the largest funding award in its history. $47 million will be allocated to eight affordable housing projects, including six new building with 585 units.

BikePortland wrote that the new Multnomah County Courthouse could include a raised bike lane at the approach to the Hawthorne Bridge.

The Portland Tribune wrote about the potential loss of Fire Station #3 in the Pearl, which could be torn down to make way for a 150 unit development at 505 NW 14th Ave.

Weekly Roundup: Broadway Tower, Oliver Station, Touché Restaurant and more

Broadway Tower

The Broadway Tower, which will include a Radisson RED hotel

A 12 story residential development at 505 NW 14th Ave could involve the demolition of three buildings in the Pearl, including Fire Station #3, reported The Portland Chronicle. The building is currently home to Touché Restaurant & Bar.

The Oregonian reported that Radisson RED will be the hotel tenant for the 19 story Broadway TowerThe new brand doesn’t include front desks, and instead uses technology “to simplify the experience and provide efficiencies including keyless guest room entry.”

The Willamette Week reported that Palindrome Communities have closed on the purchase of the New Copper Penny nightclub in Lents. The purchase will allow Oliver Station to move ahead. The project will include approximately 126 affordable apartment units and 19 market rate units.

BikePortland wrote that average apartment building costs fell sharply during the period in which a large number of apartments without parking were being built. After the City Council added minimum parking requirements in 2013 construction costs rose again.

Following up on a previous article, Portland Architecture wrote about the selection process for the Multnomah County Courthouse and SRG Partnership’s design for the new building.

The Portland Business Journal wrote about how developers are betting more on bikes — and seeing big benefits.