Weekly Roundup: Press Blocks, Vista Pearl, Swift Headquarters, and more

Image of the Press Blocks development in Goose Hollow, from the project’s second Design Advice Request hearing in October 2016 (image by Mithun)

According to the Portland Business Journal the sale of the former Oregonian printing facilities in Goose Hollow has closed. Urban Renaissance Group and Security Properties paid $20 million for the site, which is set to be redevelopment as the Press Blocks.

The Business Tribune wrote about the new leadership at Holst Architecture.

After more than 20 years, Mark Edlen has handed over the reins at Gerding Edlen, reports the Portland Business Journal.

The NW Examiner reported that the amount of ground retail at the Vista Pearl (formerly Block 20) will be reduced from what was originally approved.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation is looking for feedback on what type of bike parking should be required at new apartment buildings, reported BikePortland.

The DJC wrote about how local architecture firms make decisions on whether to speak up on political issues.*

The prospect of lower corporate taxes under President Trump is having a chilling effect on one of the main sources of financing for affordable housing developments, wrote the Portland Mercury. Local projects affected include Innovate Housing’s NW 14th & Raleigh development, which now has a $1.8 million funding gap.

The Portland Business Journal took a look at the Swift Headquarters, completed last year in the former Rose City Awnings building in NW.

As part of their Architect’s Questionnaire series, Portland Architecture interviewed Nat Slayton of ZGF Architects.

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Metro Reports: 4W Tower, Press Blocks, 10th & Yamhill Garage, and more

Context drawing for the proposed 4W tower by ZGF Architects

Context drawing for the proposed 4W tower by ZGF Architects

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

Design Advice has been requested by William Kaven Architecture for a project on Old Town Chinatown Block 33 at 125 NW 4th Ave:

Discuss a full block mixed use development Full Block mixed use development with 5 levels of residential over 4 levels office over ground floor retail/market and lobby with 2 levels of below grade parking.

Early Assistance has been requested by Waechter Architecture for a project at 1610 SE Tolman St:

Construction of a new Commercial Mixed Use building to share a site with existing Dairy Queen drive through restaurant.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 3249 SE Division St:

Proposal is for a five story building consisting of four floors of residential units a top ground floor retail and vehicle parking. 19 parking spaces and one loading bay are proposed.

Early Assistance has been requested by Brett Schulz Architect for a project at 4303 N Albina Ave:

Proposal is to build a community of eight micro houses on two 5,000 sf sites. Existing dwelling to remain.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 2231 NW Pettygrove St:

Proposal is to build micro unit apartments with kitchens in each apartment and do a density transfer of 4:1 FAR.

Early Assistance has been requested by GBD Architects for the PCC Child Development Center at 11900 SW 49th Ave:

Development of Child Development Center – includes alterations to an existing building on the campus (south classroom building) as well as the construction of a new free-standing building.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by FFA Architecture & Interiors to discuss the 10th & Yamhill Smart Park Renovation:

Pre-application conference to discuss the alterations proposed to the Smart Park Garage that include replace existing stairways/elevators, new signage and awnings, reconstruct the entrances and ROW encroachments. Green roofs are under construction for new areas.

A project at 1340 SE 9th Ave has been submitted for a Type III Conditional Use Review by Scott Edwards Architecture:

Existing 1 and 2 story factory use building on 2 blocks to be re-used and upgraded for creative office, factory, and small retail.

A project at 408 SE 105th Ave has been submitted for Type II Design Review:

Proposal is for a 13-unit apartment buidling.

The 4W tower at 419 SW Washington St has been submitted for Type III Design Review by Greystar Real Estate Partners:

New building – with 400 market-rate residential rental units with below grade parking.

The Press Blocks at 817 SW 17th Ave have been submitted for Type III Design Review by GBD Architects:

Proposal is to develop one full and one-half block for residential tower and office plus retail. 447 below grade parking space and 577 bike parking spaces.

The SW 3rd & Ash mixed use building has been submitted for Type III Design Review by GBD Architects:

New 6-story mixed-use building with approx. 8640 sq. ft of ground-level retail, 133 market-rate residential units and 63 below-grade parking spaces. proposed.

A project at 7707 SE Alder St has been submitted for building permit review:

Construction of new 6 plex building, 3 story, includes site utilities, detached trash enclosure is less than 120 sf

A project at 7667 N Westanna Ave has been submitted for building permit review:

Construct new 3 story 4 plex with tuck under garages, 2 units on lowest level, 2 units on main level that include upper level, no detached trash enclosure shown on plans, includes associated site work

A project with two buildings at 1329 N Skidmore St has been submitted for building permit review:

New 3 story apartment building with 12 units

New 3 story apartment building with 12 units

A project at 6035 NE Flanders St has been submitted for building permit review:

Construct 3 story, 4 plex building with 2 tuck under garages, 2 units on lowest level, 2 main floor units with upper levels above, no detached trash area, includes associated site work

A project at 2027 SE Harold St has been submitted for building permit review:

Construct new 3 story (4) unit apartment building with associated site work

A building permit was issued for the Tesla Showroom at 4330 SW Macadam Ave:

Remove interior partition walls, new walls to create showroom, offices, storage. New exterior ada ramp, new exterior door on south elevation.

A building permit was issued for a project at 4405 SE Belmont St (previously 4335 SE Belmont St):

New 4 story, 63 unit apartment building with onsite parking, site utilities and landscaping

A building permit was issued to Encore Architects for a project at 1411 NW Quimby St (previously 1400 NW Raleigh):

New 6-story apartment building, 135 units, 11 live/work units, ground level retail and parking.

Press Blocks receive Design Advice (images)

Design Advice has been offered for the Press Blocks, the redevelopment of the former Oregonian publishing buildings in Goose Hollow. The development would include three buildings, spread over one and a half city blocks. The project is developed in partnership by Urban Renaissance Group and Security Properties. The architects are Portland based GBD Architects and Seattle based Mithun. Around 350 vehicular parking stalls and 500 long term bicycle parking spaces would be provided, in underground garages. An existing tunnel under SW 17th Ave would be retained, in order to provide a pedestrian connection between the two garages.Press Blocks

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Weekly Roundup: Press Blocks, The Woodlark, Hyatt House, and more

Press Blocks

Concept for the full block building at the Press Blocks, by Mithun

The Business Tribune wrote about the Press Blocks, the redevelopment of the former Oregonian Publishing Buildings in Goose Hollow. The project would include two buildings. One building would occupy a full city block and another a half block, and are being designed by Mithun and GBD Architects respectively.

The DJC published photos of the under construction Rivage Apartmentsformerly known as Riverscape Lot 8.

The Oregonian wrote about a Chinese group protesting the decision to hang banners in Chinatown with the name “New Chinatown/Japan Town”.  Though listed on the National Register of Historic Places under that name, it is otherwise rarely used.

The Oregonian reported that “outrage surges” as the deadline to put the $750 million Portland Public Schools bond on the November ballot has passed. If passed on the May ballot, which is much likely, the measure would pay for the rebuilds of Lincoln High SchoolMadison High School and Benson High School. Students at Lincoln High left class to protest the decision not to place the measure on the November ballot.

Portland Architecture interviewed Bora’s Brad Demby about the Cosmopolitan on the Park, the now complete high rise at the north end of the Pearl District.

The Portland Business Journal took a look at The Woodlarkthe new Downtown hotel that will open in 2017. The hotel will combine two buildings: the Woodlark Building, most recently used as an office; the Hotel Cornelius, which has long been vacant.

The Hyatt House at Riverplace is now open, reports the Portland Business Journal. The hotel includes 203 extended-stay rooms.

Weekly Roundup: Oregonian Publishing Building, Old Town Block 33, 2035 Comprehensive Plan, and more

Centers and Corridors - 2035 Comprehensive Plan

The “Centers and Corridors” identified in the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. In the next 20 years City Planners anticipate that 50 percent of Portland’s growth will occur in the “Centers and Corridors”. 30 percent will occur in the Central City, with the remaining 20 percent of the growth happening in the rest of the city.

The DJC reported ($) on Urban Renaissance Group’s big plans for the Oregonian Publishing buildings at 817 SW 17th Ave. The redevelopment of the one and half blocks in Goose Hollow could include a full block residential tower by Mithun, with different options “ranging from 245 feet in 21 stories to 325 feet in 29 stories.” The half block parcel would developed as an eight story office building, 115′ in height, designed by GBD Architects.

The Portland Business Journal reported on a potentially “catalytic” development on Old Town Chinatown Block 33. Guardian Real Estate is planning a project with “up to 300 residential units, ground-floor retail and a new hotel”.

A proposed 1% Construction Excise Tax had a first reading at City Council, with all five City Commissioners indicated support for the proposal. The Portland Mercury reported that the biggest question was whether multifamily buildings should be treated as “residential” or “commercial” properties.

OPB reported that ground was broken on the OHSU Knight Cancer Research Building.

The Business Tribune covered the proposed changes to the Oregon Square development. A Pre-Application Conference was recently held, in advance of the submittal of a revised Design Review application.

The City Council approved the 2035 Comprehensive Plan, the 20 year growth plan that has been years in the making. Changes to City code will start coming into effect in 2018.

The Bureau of Planning & Sustainability has released the draft recommendations for the Residential Infill Project. OPB discussed what it could mean with two members of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

The Oregonian looked into how the Lloyd Center Remodel could help the mall recapture the hearts of Portlanders.

Metro Reports: Oregonian Publishing Buildings, Stark I & II, The Geode and more

The Geode

The Geode at 2512 SE 25th Ave

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits. We publish the highlights.

GBD Architects have requested Design Advice for the redevelopment of the Oregonian publishing buildings at 817 SW 17th Ave:

Demolition of two Oregonian publishing buildings with new construction on both parcels.

Ankrom Moisan Architects have requested Early Assistance for the Stark I & II project at 12613 SE Stark St:

PHB project: Affordable housing development consisting of approximately 162 units divided across three 4-story buildings. Limited amenities on site including a community room, laundry, surface parking and a playground. No retail. All storm water addressed on site.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 9316 SE Woodstock Blvd:

2 development projects – in CM zone Mixed use commercial retail development with parking and in the R1a zone six unit residential development with 9 parking spaces proposed. Looking to meet community design standards.

Early Assistance has been requested by Edge Development for a project at 8080 SE 6th Ave:

Demo house. Construct a new 3-story apartment building. Plans to meet community design standards. This EA is really to find out if PBOT will require a ROW dedication, and if so, what size.

A Comprehensive Plan Amendment & Zoning Map Amendment and a Design Review package have been submitted for 2815 SW Barbur Blvd:

Proposal is for Comprehensive Plan Amendment to urban commercial and zone change to CS (storefront commercial). See LU 16-185068 for the design component of this review.

Proposal is for a plan amendment to urban commercial and zone change to CS (storefront commercial); phase 2 Design Review for 3rd floor addition to existing YMCA building. This case folder is for the design phase only. For the plan amendment and zoning change see LU-16-186417 CP ZC.

A project at 1122 SE Ankeny St has been submitted for Design Review by YGH Architecture:

Construction of a new 6-story multi-residential building with 17 units.

A building permit is under review for a project at 4403 SE Johnson Creek Blvd:

Addition to existing single story building for new self storage building, add 2 total stories over existing building, new 3 story additions at east and west elevations of building; includes 2 new parking areas at east and west of property, includes associated site work and landscaping

Building permits are under review for two buildings at 5014 N Maryland Ave:

New 3 story apartment building with 6 units

New 3 story apartment building with 6 units, site improvements, drywell, detached trash enclosure less than 120 sq ft.

A building permit is under review for a project by Mentrum Architecture at 8015 N Oswego Ave:

New 2 story apartment building with 7 units

A building permit was issued for The Geode at 2512 SE 25th Ave:

Partial change of occuancy and 2 story addition of 16,658 sq. ft. to existing single story concrete building. Complete structural upgrade to 2010 OSSC. Shell permit. Separate tenant improvement permits required. Trade permits separate. Appeal for live/work unit.

A building permit was issued to TVA Architects for a project at 1313 SE Lambert St:

New 4 story 19 unit apartment building, main floor to include trash room and electrical room; with associated site work

Weekly Roundup: Oregonian Publishing Buildings, Asian Health and Services Center, and more

817 SW 17th

Site plan by GBD Architects for the proposed redevelopment of the Oregonian Publishing Buildings in Goose Hollow

Seattle-based developer Urban Renaissance Group is interested in purchasing in the Oregonian Publishing Buildings at 817 SW 17th Ave, according to a story in The Oregonian. Working with GBD Architects, the developer is looking at a two block project that “would range from 86 feet to 160 feet in height”.

The Willamette Week reported that “Portland’s scorching-hot apartment rental market may finally be cooling down—at least at its upper reaches.” The recently completed Block 17 apartments are currently offering six weeks of free rent, in order to help fill the 166 vacant units in the 281 unit building.

The Oregonian wrote about how “big out-of-town money” is buying up Portland rentals.

The Planning and Sustainability Commission declined to recommend a proposal to add parking minimums for new development in the Northwest Plan District, reported Portland Shoupistas.

FamilyCare Health will contribute $2 million to the Asian Health and Services Center in Lents Town Center, according to a story in the Portland Business Journal.

An article in the Portland Tribune questioned whether the planned capacity of the PSU Viking Pavilion will be enough. Original plans for the project in 2012 were for a 5,000 seat facility. As now envisioned the arena will seat between 3,000 and 3,100.

The Hollywood Star News wrote about the City Council’s unanimous approval of the N/NE Neighborhood Housing Plan, a “five-year plan for investing an additional $20 million in tax increment financing funds from the Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Area”.

Metro Reports: Oregonian Publishing Buildings Redevelopment, Oliver Station, Broadway Tower and more

Broadway Tower

The Broadway Tower, as presented to the Design Commission in November

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits. We publish the highlights.

Design Advice has been requested for a project at 10840 SE Salmon St: 

New 5 story 146 unit apartment building, 49 parking spaces provided

Design Advice has been requested for the new Multnomah County Courthouse:

Multnomah County intends to construct a replacement Multnomah County Central Courthouse.

Carleton Hart Architects have requested Early Assistance for a project at 3368 NE Martin Luther King Blvd:

Proposal is for a six story multifamily residential development consisting of 81 units with grd floor retail. PHB project.

Lever Architecture have requested Early Assistance for a project at 2110 SE 82nd Ave:

looking to developed lot for commercial tenant space – retail, office, restaurant.

Works Partnership have requested Early Assistance for a project at N Mississippi & Cook:

Project if a four story timber structure with retail and workspace on first floor and work space on remaining floors. There are six proposed parking space with a loading zone.

GBD Architects have requested Early Assistance for a project at 1715 NW Couch St:

St Mary’s Cathloic Cathedral Church – questions regarding developing parking lot into multi family housing and structured parking – with renovation of existing perish hall.

GBD Architects have scheduled a Pre-Application Conference to discuss a project at 817 SW 17th Ave:

Pre-Application Conference to discuss a Type III Design Review and possible Type III Central City Parking Review for the proposed redevelopment of the Oregonian Publishing buildings near SW 17th and Yamhill. The applicant is considering several designs for a project that will include office, retail, housing and parking. The submitted plans identify 513 parking spaces proposed to support the proposed residential units and the commercial spaces, as well as be available as shared spaces for other nearby uses. No upper-level floor plans or exterior elevations were submitted. The applicant has submitted a list of questions for staff’s response.

DiLoreto Architecture have submitted a project at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church at 2400 SE 148th Ave for Conditional Use Review:

Additions to exterior church and social hall with interior renovations and parking lot will accomodate non-conforming upgrades and stormwater.

Ankrom Moisan Architects have submitted Oliver Station at 9202 SE Foster Rd for Design Review:

Oliver Station is a new five story mixed-use commercial and apartment development on two blocks at the heart of Lents Town Center.

Lever Architecture have submitted Framework at 430 NW 10th Ave for Design Review:

new 12-story mixed-use project. The building will be timber-framed with ground-floor retail, 5 floors of office and the remaining floors in residential use –workforce housing. The rooftop will provide amenity space. Adjustment for loading access, Modification for long term bike parking.

Alterations to the Ballou & Wright Building at 1010 NW Flanders St have been submitted for Historic Resource Review:

Project involves exterior modifications to a National Register (Ballou & Wright Bldg) and its adjacent non-contributing structure on the same tax lot. Project includes one roof deck with elevator override and stair on NR bldg, roof deck on non-contributing bldg, elevation remodel of non-contributing bldg, removal of fire escape ladders on NR bldg, window replacement on NR bldg and modify loading dock and new storefront for ADA access on NR bldg.

Fosler Portland Architecture have submitted alterations to a building at 833 SW Naito Parkway  for Historic Resource Review:

Type III Historic Resource Review for renovations to an existing building in the Yamhill Historic District. Work includes alterations to both street-facing facades and a partial second floor addition and roof deck. With increase in floor area under 500 sq feet.

A Demolition Permit was issued to Mackenzie for an existing building on the site of the proposed 120 SE Clay office building:

Demolish one story 11,910sf auto repair shop – remove all debris

A building permit is under review for a project at 8035 SE Center St:

Construct new 3 story, 12 unit apartment building, detached trash enclosure less than 120 sf, includes associated site work

A building permit is under review for a project at NE Glisan and 146th:

New 3 story 3 unit condo building, associated site work included

GBD Architects have submitted a portion of the Broadway Tower for building permit review:

Excavation and Shoring for new commercial high rise structure with retail, office and hotel uses with 4 floors of below grade parking

A building permit was issued for the Block 136 development by Mithun:

New 15 story 218 unit residential high rise apartment building including 2 level underground parking garage under this building and extending under the adjacent office building.

New 5 story office building

A building permit was issued for the Blackwood Lofts at 88 SE 24th Ave:

Construct new 4 story apartment building with 23 units, interior trash storage and bike racks, no onsite parking, stormwater facility and associated site work