Metro Reports: 72 Foster, South Waterfront Blocks 42 and 45, 600 SW 5th Ave, and more

72 Foster

At the 72 Foster affordable housing development REACH CDC and Housing Development Center will partner with the Asian Health & Services Center to provide resident services, including community gatherings, cultural and social events, and health promotion and wellness activities.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

Design Advice has been requested by GBD Architects for South Waterfront Blocks 42 and 45 on the Prometheus Property:

Design hearing – project consists of two seven story mixed use buildings, each building consisting of approximately 4,000 sf of retail, 200-300 market rate apartments and 150-200 off street parking stalls in one level of structured underground parking and a partial level of structures at-grade parking.

Design Advice has been requested by Hacker Architects for the Neuberger Hall Renovation:

DESIGN HEARING – Discuss the renovation of Neuberger Hall on the PSU Campus. The scope of work includes updating accessibility, fire, life, safety upgrades , deferred maintanence and façade improvements. (See separate PC 17-115464 for associated PC for temporary modulars).

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by SERA Architects to discuss a project at 600 SW 5th Ave (former Ross at SW 4th & Alder):

Proposal is to demolish existing 1/4 block building and replace with a new construction 215 room, 15 floor hotel. Approximate new construction square footage will be 136,000sf. Building height will be approximately 153′. Ecoroof and flow-thru planter placed at the 3rd floor level on roof deck to handle total roof area stormwater. Remaining portion of roof deck at 3rd level will be applied for exemption thru special circumstances.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 515 NE 82nd Ave:

Scope of work includes removal of existing convenience store, fuel canopy, fuel dispenser islands and restaurant. Construction of a new convenience store, fuel canopy and 4 fuel dispenser islands, landscaping, curbs and paving. Existing underground storage tanks to remain.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Mackenzie to discuss a project at 3075 NE Sandy Blvd:

Proposal is for a new Lexus dealership. 2-story building with one level of below-grade structure. Ground floor uses will include an automotive showroom and leasable retail with structured parking on the second and third levels, and an automotive service shop on the lower level. Vehicular access is proposed off NE 31st Avenue in two locations, approximately the same as the existing access points from this street. Access from NE Sandy Blvd is not proposed for the new building.

A project at 6025 SE Powell Blvd has been submitted for Type II Design Review:

New construction of a 3-story self-storage building with associated parking, utilities, and landscape.

Building permits have been submitted for review by Mahlum Architects for a portion of the Grant High School Modernization:

Abatement and selective demo, main building structure, masonry and facade restoration, underslab MEP, below grade waterproofing

Abate and demo 1959 library, lower level cafeteria addition, below grade fan room. Abate and selective demo original 1923 admin building, 1925 north wing, 1927 south wing, 1927 auditorium, and 1952 west addition to north wing. Shoring and tiebacks with associated waterproofing at west facade of 1923 admin bldg. Associated civil work (excaation of courtyards), construction staging pad, fill at 1956 gym, erosion control and tree removal

Mass demolition of free standing 1956 gymnasium with basement

Mass demolition of free standing 1962 portable bldg 1

Mass demolition of free standing 1966 science building

Mass demolition of free standing 1962 portable building 2

Mass demolition of free standing 1962 portable building 3

72Foster at 7120 SE Foster Rd has been submitted for building permit review by Holst Architecture:

New four-story mixed-use multi-family building with 101 apartment units over ground floor retail and residential services; 35 on-site parking stalls

Weekly Roundup: Grant High School, Centennial Mills, 1205 SE Morrison, and more

Conceptual diagram showing how much development would be allowed under a full site redevelopment of the Centennial Mills site (image: GBD Architects). The flour mill would remain and be converted to creative office space, while the rest of the site would likely be used for residential and retail uses, plus an expansion of the Willamette Greenway.

The Willamette Week reported that Portland could be getting a major new music venue at 2034 NW 27th Ave. With a capacity for 3,000 concert goers it would be of a similar size to the Schnitzer Concert Hall or the Keller Auditorium.

According to the Portland Mercury nearly 6,000 residential units were submitted for city review in the past two months—ensuring that they wont be subject to the newly enacted inclusionary zoning rules.

The Oregonian wrote about how affordable housing developers are taking a hit from Trump tax cut speculation.

KOIN reported that the bathrooms at the rebuilt Grant High School will all be gender neutral.

The DJC reported that the Portland Development Commission is moving towards a full-site redevelopment of the Centennial Mills*, which would not include the return of the Mounted Patrol unit to the site.

The Morrison Street Bar & Grill at 1205 SE Morrison St will be demolished to make way for four-story, 39-unit apartment complex, reported the Portland Chronicle.

The developers behind 1320 Broadway, formerly home to the Oregonian, are set to make a substantial return on their investment, according to the Portland Business Journal.

The developers behind the renovation and expansion of the Grove Hotel have sued to evict Right 2 Dream Too homeless camp across the street, reports the Oregonian.

Portland Shoupistas argued that parking is often over supplied at Transit Oriented Developments.

The Willamette Week posted that with the Fair-Haired Dumbbell under construction Portland finally has architecture worth arguing about.

The DJC published photos of the new spaces now open at Roosevelt High School.

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Metro Reports: Woodie Guthrie Place, Lennox Apartments, Grant High School and more

Woodie Guthrie Place

Woodie Guthrie Place,

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

Early Assistance has been requested by Koz Development for a project at SE 13th and Ankeny:

New 4-story apartment building with approximately 80 units.

Early Assistance has been requested by CIDA Architects for a project at 1439 N Dekum St:

New 4-story 30-unit apartment building.

Early Assistance has been requested by Rhiza Architecture & Design for a project at 13922 SE Division St:

Proposal is for construction of a new multi-family building for maximum amount of units allowed and garages for a portion of all new units. One existing dwelling will be demolished. Property has three existing buildings; one single family, one four unit apartment and a duplex. The multi-family units are to remain.

Early Assistance has been requested by TVA Architects for a project at 1631 SE Reedway St:

New 3 story multi family apartment building

The Grant High School Modernization has been submitted for Type III Conditional Use Review:

Grant highschool updates

Woodie Guthrie Place at 5728 SE 91st Ave has been submitted for building permit review by Carleton Hart Architects:

New 4-story, 68-unit building

A project at 1611 SE Bybee Blvd has been submitted for building permit review by Kevin Cooley Architect:

Construct one story mixed use building, includes 2 tenant spaces with restrooms, unit 105 includes trash and sprinkler room, new residential unit at rear of building with live/work area, includes associated site work

A building permit was issued for the Lennox Apartments at 5151 SE Holgate Blvd (formerly 4455 SE 52nd Ave):

New mixed use building, ground floor retail, 64 units, on-site parking, landscaping and utilities

A foundation permit was issued to Bora Architects for the Block 20 condominium tower:

Block 20 – Foundation permit for 21 story condo tower – This permit includes piles, pile caps, below grade utilities and slab on grade.

Metro Reports: Pearl Block 26, Towne Storage Building, Grant High School and more

Towne Storage

The proposed renovation of the Towne Storage Building, also known as the Blake McFall Company Building

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits. We publish the highlights.

LRS Architects have requested Design Advice for Block 26 at NW 14th & Raleigh:

Design Advice Request to discuss a Type III Design Review for a proposed new 12-story residential development with 93 affordable dwelling units. The ground floor will include 18 parking spaces.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 5035 NE Sandy Blvd:

Early Assistance appt to discuss the proposed mixed use bldg; 2-4 stories, with ground floor retail or office uses.

Mahlum Architects have requested Early Assistance for the Grant High School Modernization project:

Modernization of existing Grant Highschool, entire facility. Partial demo, full remodel.

A building permit was issued to LRS Architects for a portion of the work at the Towne Storage Builidng at 17 SE 3rd Ave:

Interior demolition and structural upgrade, no exterior or site work improvements included – structural upgrade/ seismic strengthening to ASCE 41-13 in preparation for future change of occupancy. No occupancy during construction.

A building permit was issued to Urban Development Group for a project at 5030 SE Stephens St (previously 1916 SE 50th Ave):

Construct new 4 story 83 unit apartment building with underground parking; associated site work

Weekly Roundup: 12th & Morrison office, Grant High Modernization, the Truman Apartments and more

1139 SW Morrison by Design Department and LRS Architects

1139 SW Morrison by Design Department and LRS Architects

The Portland Business Journal took a first look at the 6 story office building planned by Menashie Properties for a site at 1139 SW Morrison. The building is being designed by Design Department and LRS Architects.

Construction is underway on the PSU School of Business Administration.  The Daily Journal of Commerce published photos of the work underway.

The Oregonian published 5 takeaways from Portland’s plan for next 20 years of growth.

Portland Architecture interviewed the architects and developer behind the development at 3rd and Taylor, which threatens the Ancient Order of United Workmen Temple and the Hotel Albion.

The Oregonian reported on the new 20 story condo tower planned for Block 20 of the Hoyt Street Yards in the Pearl. The building would have 150 residential units and 190 parking spaces.

The James Beard Public Market is set to close on the deal to acquire the land at the west end of the Morrison Bridge, according to The Oregonian. The current schedule envisions the market opening to the public in 2020.

Design work has begun on the Grant High School Modernization, one of the projects funded as part of the $482 million bond passed in 2012. Grant Magazine published the first conceptual drawings of what the rebuilt school will look like.

The Portland Chronicle published images of The Truman apartments at SE 44th and Hawthorne. Construction on the 30 unit building is due to begin in early 2016.

Weekly Roundup: PDX Concourse E Extension, Grant High Modernization, Redd on Salmon Street and more

Portland International Airport Concourse E Extension

Portland International Airport Concourse E Extension

The Oregonian published images of the Portland International Airport Concourse E Extension, which will be used by Horizon Air. As part of a large project, Alaska Airlines will move from the south side of the airport to the north, while United will relocate from the north to the south.

Portland Architecture made the case for the preservation of Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, as new study has come out with multiple options for the building.

The Portland Business Journal reported that the office space in Park Avenue West is now entirely leased, with Morgan Stanley taking the final two available floors. Leasing has also begun on the apartment units.

Mahlum have been selected as the architects for the Grant High School Modernization, according to the Hollywood Star News. Construction on the project is scheduled to begin in 2017.

The latest retail tenant at the LL Hawkins and Slabtown Marketplace is the Consolidated Community Credit Union, reported the Portland Business Journal.

A four story, 30 unit mixed use building is proposed for 1515 SE 44th Ave. The Portland Chronicle looked at the existing house on the site, which may or may not be demolished as part of the project.

Thomas Robinson of Lever Architecture was interviewed on OPB’s ‘Think Out Loud’ about Framework, the planned 12 story wood building set to go up in the Pearl.

The Redd on Salmon Street has won a design award for resilience, according to the Portland Business Journal.

The Portland Chronicle covered the history of an industrial building in Sellwood at 8222 SE 6th Ave, set to be replaced by a mixed use development.

Construction on The Ella in South Waterfront is moving into its final phases, according to the Portland Business Journal. The 6 story building utilized a pre-fabricated wood framing system, which minimized construction waste on site.