U-Store Pearl Receives Design Advice (images)

Design Advice has been offered for a proposed U-Store self storage facility at the north end of the Pearl. The five story building is being designed by MCA Architects for Hoyt Street Properties. At the ground floor the building will include 6 retail / office units, accessed from a raised dock. The four floors above would include over 70,000 sq ft of storage space. As part of the development a new plaza is proposed where NW 13th Ave and Savier St will meet.

U-Store Pearl

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Under Construction: Block 20 Condominium Tower (images)

This is an updated version of a post originally published on July 13th 2016.

Construction is underway on a 21 story tower designed by Bora Architects for Hoyt Street Properties. The 246′ tall Block 20 tower will include 143 residential units, offered for sale as condominium units. Flex retail / office spaces will be located at the ground level, facing NW 11th, Pettygrove and 12th. 168 car parking spaces and 229 bike parking spaces will be provided.

Block 20 was the first condominium tower to go in front of the Design Commission for almost a full three years. The most recent major condominium project in Portland prior to Block 20 was the Cosmopolitan on the Park, by the same developer and architect. The Cosmopolitan was approved by the Design Commission in July 2013, and was completed in 2016.

Pearl Block 20

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Weekly Roundup: Block 20, Inclusionary Housing, Apartments without Parking, and more

Pearl Block 20

Construction is about to start on Hoyt Street Properties’ Bora-designed Pearl Block 20 Tower

The Oregonian reported that developer Capstone Partners is quietly pitching new vision for Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, which “would transform the coliseum into a niche music venue and feature mixed-use redevelopment of surface parking lots”,

The DJC wrote that developers concerned about Portland’s proposed Inclusionary Housing program* are putting “forward an alternative proposal that would ramp up adoption of inclusionary housing requirements over several years and offer more generous incentives than the city’s plan”.

According to the Willamette Week  Mayor Hales is proposing to rescind Portland’s ban on apartments without parking, enacted in 2013.

The Oregonian reported Zidell will miss the first deadline for construction in South Waterfront. Under the terms of the 2015 Development Agreement a mixed use project at Zidell Block 1 was due to begin construction by the end of this year, but has yet to move forward.

Newly appointed PDC Director Kimberly Branam has said that the PDC “over-promised and under-delivered” to the poor, the elderly and people of color in North and Northeast Portland.

The November issues of the NW Examiner reported [PDF] that the developers behind the Block 20 tower in the Pearl will use acoustic wrap to reduce noise from the impact-hammer pile driving. The paper also broke the news that the developer behind the redevelopment of the Northrup Market at 1120 NW 21st Ave has walked away from the project.

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Block 20 Condominium Tower goes before Design Commission (images)

Bora Architects and Hoyt Street Properties have gone before the Design Commission with proposals for a 21 story tower. The 246′ tall Block 20 tower will include 149 residential units, offered for sale as condominium units. Two small retail spaces are proposed at the corner of NW 12th Ave and Pettygrove Street. 192 car parking spaces and 224 bike parking spaces will be provided.

Block 20 is the first condominium tower to go in front of the Design Commission for almost a full three years. The most recent major condominium project in Portland prior to Block 20 was the Cosmopolitan on the Park, by the same developer and architect. The Cosmopolitan was approved by the Design Commission in July 2013, and is now nearing completion.

Pearl Block 20

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Weekly Roundup: Post Office Redevelopment, Portland Rock Gym, Block 26 affordable housing and more

Modera Pearl apartments

Modera Pearl apartments

The Oregonian reported that the Portland Development Commission is close to striking a deal with ZRZ Realty for redevelopment of the Zidell Yards in South Waterfront.

According to the Mid-County Memo, the first tenants will move into Glisan Commons Phase II on April 15th. The building will be known as Gilman Court.

An expansion of the Portland Rock Gym will add 10,000 sq ft of new climbing terrain. The Portland Business Journal published images of what the finished project will look like.

Talks between the Portland Development Commission and USPS have resumed for the Post Office Redevelopment, which would free 14 acres of land in the Pearl District.

The planned Multnomah County Health Department Headquarters in Old Town will require a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to increase the maximum heights from 75′ to 150′. As reported on page 10 of the Northwest Examiner [PDF] the changes are being opposed by the Pearl District Neighborhood Association.

The Portland Housing Bureau is close to striking a deal to purchase Block 26 from Hoyt Street Properties. This will enable to Bureau to develop another affordable housing project in the Pearl District.

The Portland Mercado opened this week. An article in The Oregonian looked at how the project will provide space and support for Latino business owners.

The Cash & Carry in the Pearl is moving to allow the construction of the Modera Pearl apartments. Work is expected to begin on the new building later this spring or early this summer.

Plaza del Toro, John Gorham’s new test kitchen and private event space in the Plow Works Building, will have a launch party on April 17th.

The Portland Mercury had a look inside the under construction Society Hotel. The new hotel in Old Town will have bunk beds starting at $35-40 a night.

North Pearl High Rises, Part III: Block 17 (images)

This post is the third in a series on the high-rises currently under construction in the North Pearl. See also Part I about the Cosmopolitan on the Park and Part II about The Overton.

At 178′ tall, Block 17 would dominate almost any other neighborhood in Portland, and yet it is the shortest of the three high rises currently under construction in the North Pearl. The building at NW 12th & Overton is composed of two distinct forms, divided by a semi-public courtyard: a five story low rise building on the eastern half of the block; and a 16 story tower on the western half. Between them, they will create 281 rental apartment units. 210 vehicular parking spaces will be located in a below grade garage. 422 bicycle parking spaces will be provided, with one space in each unit, and the rest in a secure storage room. The building’s design is by Boora Architects for Hoyt Street Properties in partnership with Atlanta-based Wood Partners.

Block 17 Apartments Pearl
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Under construction in the Pearl – The Abigail (images)

The Abigail Apartments are currently under construction at NW 13th & Raleigh. The project, being built for Bridge Housing, will offer 155 apartments, with 127 apartments reserved for families earning 30% to 60% of Portland’s Median Family Income.  These units will join 2,200 units of existing affordable housing in the River District Urban Renewal Area, a number which while large, has fallen short of a 1994 target that 35% of new buildings in the area be affordable. The architects for the project are Ankrom Moisan, who also designed the nearby Ramona apartments and The Sitka, which are also affordable housing.


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North Pearl High-Rises, Part I: The Cosmopolitan on the Park (images)

This post is the first in a series on the high-rises currently under construction in the North Pearl. See also Part II about the Overton and Part III about Block 17.

The Cosmopolitan on the Park is currently rising on a previously vacant parcel owned by Hoyt St Properties, between NW Northrup St & Overton St and NW 10th Ave & 11th Ave. At 340′ tall, the 28 story building will be the tallest building in the Pearl, and the 8th tallest building in Portland. Previously known as Block 15, the project by Boora Architects includes 168 condominium units and 6,866 square feet of ground floor retail space. 5 of the residential units are intended as live/work units, with entries directly onto NW Overton St. 197 car parking spaces and 254 bicycle spaces are provided in a 4-story above grade podium.

July 11, 2013  LU 13-139762 DZM AD - Applicant Presentation - 01

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