Metro Reports: NE 106th and Halsey, Lincoln High School, Portland River Center, and more

A Pre-Application Conference was scheduled to discuss the Portland River Center

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers January 15th to January 21st, 2018.

Design Advice has been requested by Holst Architecture for a project at NE 106th and Halsey:

DESIGN HEARING – Current Code: Request for a Design Advice for a six story mixed use building including approx. 10,000 SF of ground floor retail, 9,000 SF of second floor office space and 75 apartments units including affordable housing units and 60 surface parking spaces.

Early Assistance has been requested by Köz Development for a project at 105 N Killingsworth St:

Future code: Proposal is for new 91 unit studio apartment building. 4-story, type VA construction. Stormwater will be rylnaged through green roof and discharged to city system.

Early Assistance has been requested by Merryman Barnes Architects for a project at SE 90th & Powell:

Future code: Proposal is to develop the property to accommodate a new +42,000 gsf clinic, a 52 unit senior housing building, and associated (shared) parking and landscaping. The senior housing project will likely be developed by another entity, and the site would be divided in order to allow for separate ownership and include a shared use agreement for the parking. No current plan for stormwater disposal at this time.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 835 SE 162nd Ave:

This site/project isn’t affected by the comp plan/zoning changes taking effect in May 2018.
Construction of six (6) 2-story buildings (townhomes and duplexes) of affordable housing (41 units units). The largest building is 26 apartments with community space and resident services spaces. New access drive with easement to 162nd. Stormwater treated on site with drywells, swales, and/or rain gardens.

Early Assistance has been requested by Waechter Architecture for a project at 5134 N Interstate Ave:

Future code: Proposal is for 60 apartments including afordable units. Amenity and retail space.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled to discuss the Portland River Center on the OMSI campus:

A Pre-Application Conference to discuss construction of the Portland River Center. This facility will be operated by The Portland Boathouse, a non-profit organization. The facility will contain boat storage and staging areas, educational classrooms, a small office, workout spaces with showers and restrooms, and interior and exterior river-viewing areas. The building will have 29,000 square feet of floor area in a two story building and is located partially in the Willamette Greenway Setback.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by BORA Architects to discuss the new Lincoln High School:

Future code info for the rebuild Lincoln High School (demo and replace building). They will need a Type III DZ.

A project at SE 124th & Ash has been submitted for a Type II Adjustment Review by Ankrom Moisan Architects:

100-day review timeline: Construction of new 4-story workforce housing building with 175 units of affordable housing (all units), a community space, courtyard, two offices for support staff and 43 car parking spaces. They will be meeting community design standards. Adjustment requested for Loading Standards Placement, Setback and Landscaping (33.266.310.E).

A project at 5603 SE Milwaukie Ave has been submitted for building permit review by Tahran Architecture & Planning:

New 4 story, 30 unit with attached trash enclosure, includes associated sitework ***separate fire protection***

A project at 4126 NE Garfield Ave has been submitted for building permit review by Fosler Portland Architecture:

New 12 unit 2 story apartment building, includes pre-fab trash enclosure and associated sitework.

A project at 12350 NE Sandy Blvd has been submitted for building permit review:

New one story building for future restaurant (shell only – no interior walls, no concrete slab, no RTUs); includes restriping & upgrades to (E) parking lot & associated site work *** w/ 119 sq ft trash enclosure ***

A project at 4107 SE 28th Ave has been submitted for building permit review:

New 1 story restaurant on existing parking lot including seating area, kitchen, storage, toilet, trash room, bike parking, ramps and upper and lower deck patio. Infill existing driveway ***no occupancy in this permit***

A building permit was issued to Urban Development Group for a project at 5955 SE Milwaukie Ave (previously 6003 SE Milwaukie Ave):

New 4-story 54 unit apartment complex, trash enclosure within structure and associated site work

A building permit was issued for a project at 1375 N Wygant St (previously 4806 N Maryland Ave):

New construction of 10500sf, 6 unit 3 story w/basement apartment building with new trash/recycling, bike parking, and s-2 storage in basement ***separate mechanical permit required***

Metro Reports: 3403 N Mississippi, NE 106th & Halsey, Neuberger Hall, and more

Construction has started on a project by Holst Architecture at 3403 N Mississippi Ave

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

Design Advice has been requested by DLR Group for a project at 539 SW 10th Ave:

Construct a new hotel with approximately 177 rooms, 11 stories. (Central City, Downtown, West End Plan District – Central City Design District)

Early Assistance has been requested by Holst Architecture for a project at NE 106th & Halsey:

Proposal is for a six story building with 45 affordable housing units, 30 market rate apartments, tuck-under parking, 10,000SF of retail and 10,700SF of office space. Amenities to include community room and green roof deck.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Mainland Northwest to discuss a project at West of 8524 N Crawford St:

Previous EA 15-219376. Proposal to change the zoning, consistent with the Comprehensive Plan Map designation, from EG1 (General Employment 1) and EG2 (General Employment 2) to EXd (Central Employment zone with the Design overlay zone). The applicant states the future development on this 15-acre site could include multi-dwelling residential, neighborhood retail, mixed office-manufacturing uses. The greenway trail will also be developed. This application does not include a specific development plan.

The PSU Neuberger Hall Renovation has been submitted for Type III Design Review by Hacker architects:

Renovation of PSU’s Neuberger Hall, which includes updates and modifications to accessibility, fire and life safety, upgrades to MEP systems, seismic strengthening, program adjustments and facade improvements. One modification requested to Ground Floor Windows (33.130.230, 33.510.220)

The renovations to the Meier & Frank Building have been submitted for Type III Design Review by Bora Architects:

Project is located at former Macy’s department store. Floors 1-5 and basement to be demolished and renovated as creative office space with ground level retail. New restrooms will be added to the office floors to accommodate future office tenant improvement. Basement amenity space including bike storage, fitness and conference space will be provided.Scope includes limited facade renovations to accommodate restored retail entries mid block on SW 5th and SW 6th and a new entry on SW 6th near Morrison. Each entry will include a new canopy. The SW Alder canopy will be reduced in depth per PBOT requirements. The historic facade and SW Morrison canopies will be preserved.

A building permit was issued to Holst Architecture for a project at 3403 N Mississippi Ave:

Excavation and Shoring

A building permit was issued for a project at 5025 N Minnesota Ave:

New 6 unit apartment building with associated site work

Weekly Roundup: Post Office Redevelopment, 419 SW Washington, NE 106th & Halsey and more

Broadway Corridor USPS

Conceptual image of the Post Office Redevelopment, from the 2015 Broadway Corridor Framework Plan

A 30-story tower by ZGF Architects is planned at 419 SW Washington St, according to The Oregonian. The existing building on the site was recently being used as a temporary homeless shelter, and is now vacant.

The first public hearing of the proposed draft of the Central City 2035 Plan was dominated by concerns about building heights in West End and Goose Hollow, according to an article in the DJC*. Meanwhile, Portland Shoupistas argued that proposed changes related to parking in the plan represent a step backwards.

The Oregonian wrote that up to 1,200 more apartments are proposed on the Prometheus Property in South Waterfront.

Kimberly Branam has been picked as the next executive director of the Portland Development Commission, according to The Oregonian. For the past five years Branam has been second-in-command to former executive director Patrick Quinton.

The Portland Business Journal wrote about the 54 organizations that are backing the proposed $258M affordable housing bond.

OPB’s “State of Wonder” discussed Yard, the recently completed Burnside Bridgehead tower that has sharply divided the opinions of Portlanders.

The Oregonian discovered the premium that will be paid by the PDC for a piece of land near the airport, necessary to allow the Post Office Redevelopment to move forward.

After 92 years, the Lotus Cardroom & Cafe will close later this month, according to KATU. The bar will be demolished to make way for the 3rd & Salmon hotel tower.

An affordable housing development at NE 106th & Halsey by Gerding Edlen and Human Solutions has nearby residents worried, according to the Mid-County Memo.

The timeframe for the City and ZRZ Realty to agree on the price of a piece of land at the Zidell Yards has been missed, according to The Oregonian.  Under a development agreement signed last year, the City has the option to buy the property at an agreed price, for the purpose of building affordable housing.

The Willamette Week wrote about 5 MLKthe Burnside Bridgehead high-rise that will replace the 95 year old Fishels Furniture building.

Work has begun on the Union at St Johns, according to the Portland Business Journal. The mixed use building will include 100 apartments as well as 20,000 sq ft of ground-floor retail space.

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Weekly Roundup: Bing Sheldon, Tesla Showroom, NE 106th & Halsey and more

The proposed development at NE 106th & Halsey by Human Solutions, Inc.

The proposed development at NE 106th & Halsey by Human Solutions, Inc.

Bing Sheldon, founder of SERA Architects, passed away at the age of 81. Sheldon was known for his work in historic preservation and for leading the Portland Planning Commission during the 1970s.

A new Tesla Showroom is planned at 4330 SW Macadam, which is the location of one of the gaps in the Willamette Greenway trail. BikePortland reported that the level of development proposed by Tesla will not be enough to trigger zoning code requirements to install the trail. If the trail is not installed as part of the development, it could be decades before the trail is completed.

The Mid County Memo reported that Human Solutions, Inc has won exclusive rights to negotiate with the Portland Development Commission to build an affordable housing development at NE 106th & Halsey. Their proposal would include 40 affordable residential units and a new headquarters for the non-profit, adjacent to the future Gateway Discovery Park. The architects selected for the projects are Holst.

The Portland Tribune looked at the cost of Portland Housing Bureau funded affordable housing. The recently announced Super NOFA projects  have price ranges of $110,000 to $321,000 per unit, which some believe to be too high.

Yet another company has announced that they will move into the recently completed Pearl West office building, reported the Portland Business Journal. Vermont based marketing firm Fuse LLC will base 10 staff in the in the Regus flexible office space.

Weekly Roundup: Goat Blocks, Station Place Lot 5, Multnomah County Courthouse and more

Station Place Lot 5

Station Place Lot 5

The City Council heard the appeal of Preserve the Pearl LLC against the Design Commission’s decision to approve Block 136. Comments for or against the appeal can be sent to until 5pm on April 15th. The Council will deliberate on April 23rd.

The Portland Development Commission board has voted to sell Station Place Lot 5 to Williams & Dame for $7.4 million. The developers plans to build a 204,000 sq ft office building on the vacant Pearl District land.

Grocery store Market of Choice and hardware store Orchard Supply will be the anchor retail tenants for LOCA @ The Goat Blocks, which is now under construction.

According to a post at The Portland Chronicle, demolition has begun on the Spring Market building on SE Hawthorne Blvd. In its place will be the Hawthorne 31 apartments by TVA Architects and VWR Development.

An article in today’s Oregonian covers OMSI’s desire for housing to be allowed on land it owns in the Central Eastside. The City is currently working on a draft of the SE Quadrant Plan, which will guide the zoning for the area for the next 20 years.

The Post Office Redevelopment could be a ‘golden opportunity for bikeway’, says BikePortlandWork on the  Broadway Corridor Framework Plan, which includes in the USPS site, will begin this year.

The Portland Development Commission has issued a Request for Proposals for Riverplace Parcel 3. Working with the Portland Housing Bureau, they hope to create at least 200 affordable homes on the site.

At Portland Architecture Brian Libby asked whether Portland can grow the right way.

A photo gallery at the Daily Journal of Commerce shows the progress on the Park Avenue West tower.

The Portland Development Commission has reissued a Request for Proposals for NE 106th & Halsey. According to the Portland Business Journal, the PDC is willing to “donate the land at no cost or channel up to $3 million in public funding” to secure the kind of development it wants to see.

A due diligence report [PDF] on the Multnomah County Courthouse was presented to the County board. The two sites currently being considered for the new courthouse are at the Hawthorne Bridgehead, and adjacent to the KOIN tower. No fatal flaw was found for either site, and the site at the Hawthorne Bridgehead remains the preferred site.

Weekly roundup: 419 E Burnside, Block 8L and more

December 2, 2014 LU 14-169513 DZM AD - 419 E Burnside - Drawing Set - view 02

419 E Burnside. The ghosted outlines behind the building represent Block 67 and Block 75.

  • The City Council heard evidence on the rezoning for the Multnomah Athletic Club Block 7 apartments. No vote was taken, and the hearing will be continued on January 8th.
  • The Historic Landmarks Commission approved the design for Block 8L, a new mixed use building in Old Town.
  • The Design Commission discussed the Tess O’Brien Apartments, 419 E Burnside, the Hilton Curio Hotel and the Whidden & Lewis building renovations.
  • A Pre-Application Conference was requested for the Grove Hotel, and the first images were released.
  • The Portland Chronicle posted construction photos of Vallaster Corl’s Lower Burnside Lofts.
  • BikePortland wrote about the upcoming open house and forum for the James Beard Public Market, and how the market could be and opportunity to “improve Portland’s newest and arguably most awkward downtown bridge landing.”
  • The development boom at the Burnside Bridgehead was the subject of another post at BikePortland, which included coverage of Skylab’s Block 67, Works Partnership’s Block 75, Myhre Group’s 419 E Burnside, and Guerrilla Development’s Fair Haired Dumbbell.
  • The Daily Journal of Commerce published photos of GBD Architect’s Block A Apartments under construction in the Lloyd District.
  • The Portland Business Journal wrote that the “Portland Development Commission has issued a call for qualified developers who could pull off a transformative, big-picture project at the corner of Northeast Halsey Street and Northeast 106th Avenue.”
  • Tom Moyer, the developer behind Park Avenue West, was remembered in an editorial in the Oregonian. His legacy is as of “one of the people who helped define Portland’s city center.”