Weekly Roundup: Zidell Yards, 9North, Centennial Mills, and more

Plan view of the planned improvements at the Zidell Slipway, designed by PLACE landscape architects. The conceptual designs were presented to the Design Commission in December, but are now on hold.

The Oregonian reported that the Zidell family have suspended plans for development on the Zidell Yards in South Waterfront. The Portland Tribune reported that “as the scale of the plan had increased, so the city’s willingness to split the cost of infrastructure had waned.” Portland Architecture wrote about the film ‘Built by Zidell’, which covers the family’s legacy on the site from 1928 to 2017, when the company launched its last barge.

The Portland Business Journal took a look at Simple’s Central Eastside campus, which now includes Clay Creative and 120 Clay.

According to the Portland Mercury Good Coffee Company has opened its third location in Slabtown’s Leland James Building.

The Portland Business Journal published photos of the 9North office building, originally known as Station Place Lot 5, currently taking shape in the Pearl.

The Daily Journal of Commerce reported on the Lynd Company’s plans for Centennial Mills. While still in the early stages of development, the site is being masterplanned by SERA Architects who say the site could “support three to four buildings on it.”

Weekly Roundup: Zidell Marine, Grant High School, 9North, and more

A conceptual image of the park proposed on the Zidell property, underneath the Ross Island Bridge. An update on plans for the Zidell Yards was recently given to the Design Commission.

Despite hiccups, Zidell Marine launched their last ever barge on Friday, according to the Oregonian. The company is now looking ahead to the redevelopment of their site.

The DJC took a look at* Mahlum’s work on the Grant High School Modernization, which will include “demolition of 30 percent of existing structures as well as construction of a two-story common square featuring an eatery and a community gathering space.”

OPB reported on how the recently passed Portland Public Schools bond, the largest in state history, faces labor and logistical challenges.

Portland Architecture spoke to Allied Works principal Chelsea Grassinger about plans for the Providence Park Expansion.

The Portland Business Journal reported on construction progress at the 9North office building (previously known as Station Place Lot 5).

City Observatory asked whether historic preservation is NIMBYism for the rich.

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Metro Reports: Station Place Lot 5, 72Foster, 1500 SW Taylor, and more

Station Place Lot 5

A building permit was issued for Station Place Lot 5 by Hacker architects

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

SERA Architects have requested Design Advice for a project at 1500 SW Taylor St:

Design Advice Request for a Type III Design Review for the construction of a new 10-story mixed-use building with some ground-level retail and residential development, approximately 150 residential units. The project will include two-levels of below-grade parking. See parent folder (PC 16-175812).

Early Assistance has been requested by William Wilson Architects for a project at 310 SE 12th Ave:

Proposal is for new four-story 84 unit apartment building with basement.

Early Assistance has been requested by Ankrom Moisan Architects for the N Williams Center at 2156 N Williams Ave:

Demo existing buildings and develop a new 4 story 61 unit apartment building with 30 parking spaces

Early Assistance has been requested by Wright Architecture for a project at 6804 N Maryland Ave:

New 3 Story 6 unit development with property to be divided; Questions regarding feasibility.

Early Assistance has been requested by TVA Architects for a project at 1120 NW 21st Ave:

Proposal is for a new four-story 45ft tall mixed-use/multi family residential development including 46 apartments, ground floor leaseable space, ROW and site improvements, landscaping and 51 long term and 3 short term bike parking stalls. On on-site parking provided.

Early Assistance has been requested by Holst Architecture for 72Foster at 7120 SE Foster Rd:

Project consists of new 80,000 sf four story building that will include 108 affordable housing units with approx. 10,000 sf of ground floor retail space and approx. 54 parking spaces.

Early Assistance has been requested by TVA Architects for a project at 3802 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd :

Early Assistance with meeting to discuss proposal for a new (5-story, 57′ tall) multi-family residential development.

Early Assistance has been requested by Merryman Barnes Architects for the King Parks apartments at 6445 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd:

New development of a 69 unit affordable housing project with community room, orrices and service spaces on the ground floor with 24 parking spaces accessed off the alley.

Early Assistance has been requested by TVA Architects for a project at 5036 NE Sandy Blvd:

New 6 story market rate mixed-use/multi-family development. 90 units proposed with 1 floor mixed use retail, 21 car parking spaces and 139 bike parking spaces.

Early Assistance has been requested by Gerald Rembowski Architect for a project at 1125 N Schmeer Rd:

Two lot land division in order to be able to build second hotel with 76 rooms on the proposed eastern lot.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by LRS Architects and Lever Architecture for Block 45:

A Pre-Application Conference to discuss a proposal for a new twelve story building. The building is proposed to have 7,500 square feet of ground floor retail and approximately 264 residential units. Project is a mix of affordable and market rate housing. No parking is proposed.

LRS Architects have submitted NW 14th & Raleigh for Design Review:

New construction of a twelve story building with 93 units of affordable housing, associated resident amenities and a ground floor commercial space on a 10,000 sf site. Parking for 16 cars will be provided on the ground floor.

GBD Architects have submitted revisions to Oregon Square for Design Review:

Type III Design Review for a 4-block phased development. Changes to LU 15-156716 are being proposed. Phase 1 is the superblock be developed into two apartment towers around a publicly accessed ped-only plaza.

Works Partnership have applied for demolition permit and building permit for a project at 110 SE Washington St:

Demo existing 2 story warehouse

Construct new 9 story building with underground parking;

Urban Development Group have applied for a building permit for a project at 316 NE 28th Ave:

Construct new, 4 story apartment building with 74 units, below grade parking

Building permits are under review for a project at 6400 SW Canyon Ct:

Building 1 – 76 units, 4 stories of living over 2 stories of below grade parking

Building 2 – 72 units, 4 stories of living over 2 stories of structured parking

Building 3 – 59 units, 3 stories over 1 story of structured parking

Building 4 – 60 units, 3 stories of living over 1 floor of structural parking

Stack Architecture have submitted a project at N Crawford & N Charleston Ave for building permit review:

New construction apartment bldg on north side of property – see 16-185213-CO for attached plaza and apartment bldg C

New construction 4 over 1 apartment building with parking garage and plaza -see 16-185235-CO for bldgs A&B

Iselin Architects have submitted a project at 8705 SE 13th Ave for building permit review:

New 5 story 24 unit apartment building with underground parking

Bora Architects have applied for a foundation permit for Block 20:

Block 20 – Foundation permit for 21 story condo tower – This permit includes piles, pile caps, below grade utilities and slab on grade.

Building permit is under review for a project at 223 SE 146th Ave:

Construct 3 story, 3 unit apartment building

Construct 3 story, 24 unit apartment building

Construct 3 story, 24 unit apartment building, includes parking and associated site work, detached trash enclosure is less than 120ft in area

Ankrom Moisan Architects have submitted the East Burnside Apartments at 10506 E Burnside for building permit review:

New construction of five story multidwelling residential building, consisting of 52 unit with 15 tuck-under parking spaces. Interior trash room

Myhre Group Architects have submitted a project at 5025 NE 21st Ave for building permit review:

Construct new 4 story, 28 unit apartment building, no parking, includes associated site work

Urban Development Group have submitted a project at 4926 SE Division St for building permit review:

New construction of a mixeduse building consisting of 127 apartment units and 7000 sf of ground floor commercial space; below grade parking

Myhre Group Architects have submitted a project at 4901 SE Hawthorne Blvd for building permit review:

Construct new 4 story mixed use building with (46) units and 2737 sf of retail, interior trash room

The Seven Corners Community Collaborative at 1949 SE Division St has been submitted for building permit review:

Construct new 4 story office building with retail and parking on ground floor, offices on floors 2-4, includes associated site work

Building permits are under review for a project at 5414 SE Duke St:

New 2-story building with 8 guest rooms

New 2-story building with 8 guest rooms

New 2-story building with 8 guest rooms

A building permit was issued to Scott Edwards Architecture for a project at 1451 NE Alberta St:

Redevelopment of existing building to create ground floor warm shell retail and two floors – 10 units – residential units above. Including street landscaping. Separate tenant improvement permit required for occupancy of 1st floor shell space.

A partial permit for excavation and piling at Station Place Lot 5 was issued to Hacker Architects:

Partial Permit for new 8 story building, scope includes erosion control/site preparation, excavation/piling, underground utilities, entire concrete structure.

An excavation and shoring was issued to GBD Architects for the Broadway Tower:

Excavation and Shoring for new 19 story commercial high rise structure with retail, office and hotel uses and 4 floors of below grade parking

A building permit was issued for a project at 2845 NE Columbia Blvd:

Construct new 103,912 sq ft, 3 story self storage building with associated utilities, parking and landscaping.

Focus: Portland’s Tallest Planned Buildings (2016)

Image from the Discussion Draft of the Central City 2035 Plan (Bureau of Planning & Sustainability).

Image from the Discussion Draft of the Central City 2035 Plan, showing a possible development scenario approximating future growth in the Pearl District over 20 years (Bureau of Planning & Sustainability). At least two of the sites shown as potentially developable have current proposals on them.

It is just over a year since Next Portland last did a roundup of the tallest buildings planned or under construction in Portland. At that time, we counted 25 buildings over 100′ in height planned. Today we count 40. Given the length of time it takes to complete a high rise building, many of the buildings on the 2016 were also on the 2015 list. Four buildings are no longer on the list this year, due to having been completed: Block 17, Pearl West, the Aster Tower and Park Avenue West. Seven buildings that were still in the design phase last year are now under construction. No building on last year’s list is known to have been cancelled.

Read on to see our complete list. Where possible, the heights given are the building height as defined in the Portland Zoning Code and published in the Design Commission’s Final Findings. In some cases the heights have been estimated.

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Focus: 25 Office Buildings Planned for Portland

Pearl West by Hacker / GBD Architects, the first new office building to break ground in the Central City after the recession

Pearl West by Hacker / GBD Architects, the first new office building to break ground in the Central City after the recession

While Portland has long been considered a desirable place to live, it has traditionally lagged its suburbs—Washington County particulary—in income and job growth. Following the recession this appears to have changed. Employers increasingly desire a location in central Portland. As commercial vacancy rates have dropped and rental rates gone up there has been a sudden influx of new office proposals.

The vast majority of these are speculative projects, where the developer starts work on the project without a specific tenant in mind. Only three of the buildings—the Daimler Trucks North America HQ, the Multnomah County Health Department HQ and the Seven Corners Community Collaborative—are planned for a specific end user.

Click through to see our roundup of the major projects going on right now, arranged in no specific order. Where a significant portion of the building will be used for functions other than office, the area of the office floors alone has been given. Note that the area of any building may not be directly comparable to another due to differences in methods for how floor area is calculated.

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Design Commission approves Station Place Lot 5 (images)

The Design Commission has approved Station Place Lot 5, a new office building by Hacker architects, GBD Architects and 2.ink Studio. The project is being developed by Williams and Dame, and will offer 167,000 sq ft of office space, along with retail at the ground floor. The 8 story building will reach a maximum height of 122′. Structured parking for 55 vehicles will be provided, with an additional 97 parking spaces at the nearby Station Place car park leased for the use of building tenants. At the ground level a bike valet service operated by Go by Bike will provide parking for 133 bikes, along with a coffee counter and a bike repair service. Showers and 86 storage lockers will also be provided.

Station Place Lot 5

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Weekly Roundup: Holladay Park Plaza, One North, Convention Center Hotel and more

Holladay Park Plaza

The Holladay Park Plaza East Building

In ‘Respecting History‘ Places over Time looked at Historic Landmarks Commission, which “will far more influence on Portland’s built fabric than previous commissions due to both the sheer number of new projects being built at this time and the fact that this commission is rewriting the guidelines for most of the city’s historic districts.”

A $177 million loan will help finance the $50 million Lloyd Center Remodel, according to the Portland Business Journal.

The proposed office building at Station Place Lot 5 is gearing up for its first Design Review hearing, according to a story in the Portland Business Journal.

BikePortland revealed that the City may require developers to offer residents, employees $600 for biking or transit.

The Oregonian published photos of the completed One North office development on N Williams, which is set to open this week.

Salt & Straw is the latest business to announce a presence in the Pine Street Market.

The Portland Tribune reported that one of sites being looked at for the proposed USPS relocation is in Troutdale. The move will be required for the Post Office Redevelopment.

The Daily Journal of Commerce published photos of the recently completed Society Hotel.

The fight over the Convention Center Hotel will go to the state Supreme Court, according to The Oregonian.

A Portland renter has been offered her home for free, if she can relocate it to a new site. The house will otherwise be demolished to make way for a 10 unit expansion of Holladay Park Plaza.

The Portland Chronicle reported that a single-family home at 7420 SE Milwaukie Blvd has been demolished to make way for a 76 unit apartment project.

Going tall: new projects complete the north Pearl District

July 11, 2013 LU 13-139762 DZM AD - Applicant Presentation - 05

There are few neighborhoods in Portland that have seen more changes in recent decades than the Pearl District.

Today the Pearl has evolved from what The Oregonian described in 1994 as “a decaying portion of Northwest Portland once devoted to industry and transportation” into a mixed-use neighborhood with thousands of residents, large offices and numerous shops and restaurants. Despite the huge changes, architects and developers working in the early phases of large development in the neighborhood were often responding to the historic context of one of Portland’s older neighborhoods: Couch’s Addition was platted in 1842; the North Park Blocks were acquired by the City in 1869; and many of the warehouses in the NW 13th Ave Historic District date back to the early 20th Century. Developments such as the Brewery Blocks or the Ecotrust incorporated historic buildings, while new condominiums mimicked their aesthetic. While little of the industry that once defined the area is left today, one of the charms of the neighborhood is the juxtaposition of high rises such as the Casey and historic low rises such as the Bullseye Glass Building.

Further north in the Pearl there was less context to respond to. Much of the developable land was former railway yards, and the warehouses along NW 13th Avenue were more often single-story concrete structures rather than charming brick buildings. As development started to cross Lovejoy—once an elevated ramp leading to the Broadway Bridge—planners and neighborhood activists started to wonder if the North Pearl might develop in a different way. Instead of the bulky full block developments that had been built on some blocks south of Lovejoy, it was proposed that the developers might be allowed to build taller, but narrower.

In 2008 the Zoning Code was amended to incorporate a provision that exists nowhere else in the City: in the North Pearl Height Opportunity Area there are no maximum building heights for buildings with narrow floor plates.

…continue reading our guest post at Portland Architecture.

Metro Reports: Seven Corners, Station Place Lot 5, University of Portland dorms, and more

Station Place Lot 5

Station Place Lot 5, as presented at Design Advice

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of early assistance applications, land use reviews and building permits. We publish the highlights.

Waterleaf Architecture have requested Design Advice for the Seven Corners Community Collaborative at 1949 SE Division St:

Proposed project is a four story commercial building consisting of one story of ground floor retail space and secured parking below three stories of office space.

Ankrom Moisan Architects have requested Design Advice for 930 SW 3rd Ave:

Design Advice Request for joint development of boutique hotel (157,700 GSF, 19-21 stories) and creative office (100,000 GSF, 10 stories). Office building area includes the rehabilitated Temple Building. Below-grade parking lot 43-100 cars, accessed from SW 3rd Ave. Stormwater treatment to be a combination of ecoroof and structured planters on the hotel Level 4 and office roof.

David Rodeback Architect has requested Design Advice and scheduled a Pre-Application Conference for a project at 2125 NE Hancock St:

8 apartment units are proposed in a new 2.5 story wood framed aparement building. 6 parking spaces (including one accessible space and 9 bike spaces are proposed in lower level garage. Density transferred for 3 units from the lot to the east.

Strata Land Use Planning have requested Early Assistance for a project at 8222 SE 6th Ave:

New development of a 5-6 story mixed use development. Retail on first floor. Residential on upper floors, with ground floor parking (approximately 40 spaces). Looking to meet Community Design Standards.

Urban Development Group have requested Early Assistance for a project at 2913 SE Stark St:

New 46 unit apartment building located on the CN1 zoned portion of the lot.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 1515 SE 44th Ave:

New 4 story mixed use residential development with ground floor retail, 30 units total.

Urban Development Group have requested Early Assistance for a project at 2023 NE 42nd Ave:

New 4 story mixed use building 1 commercial space, 29 residential units

SERA Architects have requested Early Assistance for a project at 2031 SW 10th Ave:

New 144-unit apartment building

SERA Architects have scheduled a Pre-Application Conference to discuss a project at 1502 NW 19th Ave, previously reported to be a 76 unit building:


GBD Architects and THA Architecture have submitted Station Place Lot 5 for Design Review:

Type 3 Design Review with 2 Modifications, 1 Adjustment, 1 Minor Amendment to Master Plan

Soderstrom Architects have submitted a project at 6625 N Portsmouth Ave on the University of Portland campus for building permit review:

104,000 square foot dormitory, type is IIB construction. Four stories above grade(top story in attic) with a basement level beneath 1/3 of the building. Upper 3 stories are light gage steel bearing wall on a post tensioned concrete platform.

The first building permit for the PSU School of Business Administration was issued to SRG Partnership:

Reroute on site utilities, demo on site portion of sky bridge, remove exerior cladding of existing building, interior demolition.***40,000 SF multi-story addition, renovation of 52,000SF existing***

A building permit was issued for a project at 411 SE 14th Ave (previously 1324 SE Oak):

New 4 story wood frame apartment building with underground parking; basement parking to include new bike storage and trash enclosure

A building permit was issued for the RAM Apartments at 5075 SW 56th ave:

3 story, 22 unit multifamily apartment building. Detached trash enclosure, and sitework for parking area, and grading/utilities

Building permits were issued to THA Architecture for the Japanese Garden Expansion:

Japanese Gardens Expansion New Village House and Site Grading and Retaining Walls

New ticketing pavilion for cultural village expansion

New Garden House

New cafe to be built as part of new cultural village expansion

Design Advice offered for Station Place Lot 5 (images)

Design Advice has been offered to THA Architecture, GBD Architects and 2.ink Studio for Station Place Lot 5, a new office building planned by developer Williams and Dame. The 8 story building in the North Pearl will include 167,000 sq ft of office space, with retail at the ground floor.  The building will reach a maximum height of 122′. Structured parking for 58 vehicles will be provided, with additional parking needs met at the existing Station Place car park nearby. A bike lobby at the ground floor will include space for 190 bikes, with 80 storage lockers also provided.

Station Place Lot 5

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