Providence Park Expansion Approved (images)

The Allied Works designed expansion of Providence Park has been approved by both the Design Commission and City Council. The $50 million privately funded project will add 4,000 seats to the east side of the stadium, bringing its capacity to just over 25,000. The roof of the new structure will reach a height of 93′-2 1/2″ above the concourse and 124′-11 1/2″ above the field.

Providence Park Expansion

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Weekly Roundup: Riverplace Parcel 3, Floating Hotel, Providence Park, and more

Riverplace Parcel 3

Riverplace Parcel will include a mix of affordable and market rate housing

The Business Tribune wrote about Riverplace Parcel 3which will form the final piece in the decades long redevelopment of the site.

The PSU Karl Miller Center, with its massive atrium, gives the university “a sense of place“, says the Business Tribune. The Portland Business Journal published photos of the “striking” new business school. has opened a staffed pick-up location in the ground floor of the Sky3 Apartments, writes KATU. 

A floating hotel at 2260 NW Front Ave has moved “one step closer to reality as developer submits high bid” for an Alaskan ferry, reports the Oregonian.

6 months in, Portland For Everyone wrote about the success to date of the city’s inclusionary housing rules.

After years where years where Portland has been growing faster than its suburbs, the suburbs are again outpacing the city*, writes the DJC.

The Portland Timbers will begin construction on the Providence Park Expansion following the conclusion of 2017 season, reports The Oregonian.

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Metro Reports: Aniva Apartments, Worldmark by Wyndham, 2834 SE Gladstone, and more

Aniva Apartments

A building permit is under review for the Aniva Apartments at N Interstate and Alberta

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. (Note: this post covers September 4th to September 10th, 2017.)

Early Assistance has been requested by Salazar Architect for a project at 6723 NE Killingsworth St:

A multi-family, mixed use and mixed income development with two building, a central plaza, parking garage and commerical space. The site is bounded by NE Killingsworth, NE Cully blvd and HW 30. This will be an affordable housing development working Hacienda CDC. The existing structure will be demolished. Applicants planning on meeting Community Design Standards.

The Lloyd West Anchor Remodel has been submitted for Type III Design Review by Waterleaf Architecture:

Modify the building to allow for mulitple (future) tenants. Renovate exterior finishes, the plaza (with stormwater management), and other landscaped planters. Add new paving, defined outdoor seating areas and a freestanding framed canopy. Replace existing diagonal entrance of the adjacent building with storefront.

The Aniva Apartments at 5009 N Interstate Ave have been submitted for building permit review by TVA Architects:

New mulit family apartment building with 90 units, tuck under parking, associated site work.

A project with two buildings at 2834 SE Gladstone St has been submitted for building permit review by Guerrilla Development:

New two-story building with (2) retail spaces on ground floor and (2) 1-bedroom apartments on second floor. (with 17-237384 CO)

New two-story building (building 2) with (1) retail space on half of the ground floor, concregate living the other half of ground floor and second floor. (with 17-2387371 CO)

A building permit was issued to SERA Architects for the Worldmark by Wyndham at 221 SW Naito Parkway:

New 75 unit, 6 story vacation ownership. 5 over 1 construction

A building permit was issued to Urban Development Group for a project at 1475 SE 14th Ave (previously 1335 SE Hawthorne Blvd):

New 4 story mixed use building with 39 units; retail first floor; interior trash enclosure; tuck in parking; separate tenant improvement permits; associated site work

A building permit was issued to Hacker for a project at 1177 NE 21st Ave (previously 2034 NE Multnomah Blvd):

8 story 162 condominium building with parking (see comments)

A building permit was issued for a project at 323 N Emerson St:

Construction of new three story 6 unit apartment building with a 24 sq ft trash enclosre on site

Weekly Roundup: Alberta Commons, 2815 SW Babur Blvd, Oliver Station, and more

Alberta Commons

Prosper Portland is launching its Affordable Commercial Tenanting Program, with space available at the Alberta Commons

Portland State University has debuted the Karl Miller Center, the $64 million business school building at the heart of their campus, writes the Oregonian.

The Portland Business Journal took a first look at Under Armour’s new Portland office at 2815 SW Babur Blvd.

Prosper Portland (formerly the Portland Development Commission) is looking for applicants for its affordable commercial space, writes the Business Tribune. Space is being offered at the Alberta Commons at NE MLK and Alberta, at Oliver Station at 9202 SE Foster Rd, at 9101 SE Foster and at the 10th & Yamhill Smart Park.

The Willamette Week wrote that the condominiums at Carbon12 are being offered for sale at prices up to $1.5 Million—a likely record east of the river.

The Business Tribune wrote about Security Properties’ plans for the five acre PepsiCo distribution center at at 2505 NE Pacific St.

Metro Reports: 1638 W Burnside, OHSU Elk’s Children Eye Clinic, 2626 SE 122nd, and more

1638 W Burnside

A building permit is under review for Ankrom Moisan’s 1638 W Burnside St

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. (Note: this post covers August 28th to September 3rd, 2017.)

Design Advice has been requested for the OHSU Elk’s Children Eye Clinic:

New 5-story building (with rooftop mechanical penthouse) for the Elk’s Children Eye Clinic for OHSU. The project also includes an enclosed pedestrian bridge and a below-grade tunnel connection to the existing facility.

Design Advice has been requested by Osterman Design for a project West of 2247 NW Kearney St:

New apartment building, 18 units

Early Assistance has been requested by LRS Architects to discuss a project at 5800 NE Center Commons Way:

Current code – New exterior windows and exterior envelope (skin) over existing five story low income senior apartment 1999 building.

Early Assistance has been requested by EPR Design to discuss a project at 1610 N Willis Blvd:

Current code: Project is to construct a 12 unit apartment building on each site. Sites will not be consolidated and will be under same ownership soon. No parking will be provided; common bike parking and trash area is proposed within the buildings.

Early Assistance has been requested by William Wilson Architects to discuss a project at 1640 NW Irving St:

Current Code – seismic upgrade, 3,000 sf second floor penthouse addition for a contributing structure in Alphabet Historic District.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 6324 NE Glisan St:

Current code: Proposal is to build a 3-story residential building with a mix of 9 units (3-two bedroom units & 6-one bedroom units). Existing duplex to remain.

1638 W Burnside St has been submitted for building permit review by Ankrom Moisan Architects:

STR 01 – Concrete structure from foundations to top of level 4, utilities under level P2 level slab and below ground waterproofing

A project at 2626 SE 122nd Ave has been submitted for building permit review by Studio 3 Architecture:

Construct new 1 story building for new restaurant with associated site work

The parking garage adjacent to the Convention Center Hotel has been submitted for building permit review:

New 7 story parking garage with ground floor commercial space.

A building permit was issued to William Wilson Architects for a project at 1630 SE Rural St (formerly 7119 SE Milwaukie St):

New 4-story wood framed mixed use building including 232 unit apartment building with basement garage, and site improvement, interior trash room, shell commercial space(potential future restaurant)

A building permit was issued for a project at 685 SE Division Pl (previously 627 SE Division Pl):

New 4-story 126,820 sf self-storage facility, site improvements

Weekly Roundup: Albina Vision, 2505 NE Pacific, Tanner Creek Tavern, and more

An aerial view of the Albina Vision (labels by Bike Portland)

BikePortland took a look at the Albina Vision, a concept plan to restore the historic Rose Quarter neighborhood and put biking and walking first.

As the City Council held its first hearing on the Central City 2035 Plan, the Oregonian looked at 9 key changes proposed.

Seattle based Security Properties has closed on the 4.7-acre PepsiCo site at 2505 NE Pacific St, writes the DJC.  The developer is “is in the process of interviewing architects to begin conceptual design for the multiphase redevelopment”. With news of the development breaking, theOregonian asked if Sandy Boulevard is the next Hawthorne?

The Portland Business Journal took a first look at chef David Machado’s Tanner Creek Tavern, which opened this week in the Pearl District Hampton Inn & Suites.

Core and shell work has wrapped up at the Towne Storage Building. The DJC published photos of the  renovated building, before construction begins on the tenant improvement for software company Autodesk.

Lastly, a note on the frequency of posts here at Next Portland. As some people have noticed the number of posts published has gone down a lot in the last couple months. This isn’t a reflection of there being less to write about; it’s just that Next Portland is written by just one person, in my spare time, and I haven’t had the ability to commit time to the site in recent months. As things are getting back to normal I hope to be able to return to the regular posting frequency. There are many large projects that I haven’t yet had a chance to write about, but which I think Next Portland readers will enjoy learning about.

Weekly Roundup: Walnut Park, Terminal One, Central City 2035, and more

Walnut Park

Conceptual image for a redevelopment of the Walnut Park site, by Merryman Barnes Architects

The DJC reported that Multnomah County is eyeing the Walnut Park site at 5329 N.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd for redevelopment.* A preferred alternative calls for “94 market-rate apartments, 50 affordable apartments for seniors, 14 townhomes, a food hall, county services and a single floor of underground parking”.

The Willamette Week wrote about the latest fight over a changing Portland: the fate of Peterson’s on Morrison, which is likely to be displaced by the refurbishment of the 10th & Yamhill Smart Park.

The city has finalized the sale of Terminal One to Lithia Motors, according to the Oregonian.

The Central City is prepping for major growth, writes the Portland Tribune. The first City Council hearing on the Central City 2035 plan will happen this Thursday.

The DJC published photos of the OHSU Knight Cancer Research Building as ironworkers top out the South Waterfront project. Completion is scheduled for July 2018.

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Metro Reports: Great Notion Brewing, 6112 SE Foster, 1831 NW 28th, and more

Great Notion Brewing

A building permit is under review for Great Notion Brewing’s new taproom in Northwest Portland

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

Early Assistance has been requested by AAI Engineering for a project at 7945 NE Alberta St:

Current code. Demolish existing buildings and replace with two new self-storage facilities with associated parking, utilities and landscaping.

Early Assistance has been requested by Case Design Group for a project at 2231 NW Pettygrove St:

Review is for current code. New apartment building. EA to focus on setbacks. Northwest Plan District.

A project at 6112 SE Foster Rd has been submitted for building permit review by Steelhead Architecture:

TI for new brewery; change of occupancy from ‘M’ to ‘A-2’ for restaurant and ‘B’ to ‘F-2’ for brewery; new partition walls for kitchen, restrooms, office, brewery and storage room; new counter for bar, relocate entry. With 108 sf trash enclosure and parking lot improvements. Walk-in cooler under separate permit.

A building permit has been submitted for review by ZGF Architects for Great Notion Brewing at 2450 NW 28th Ave:

Addition of new tap room and patio entrance with ada compliant ramp; remodel on west side of bldg existing entry, new walls to create bathrooms, kitchen and on east side of bldg 1st flr new walls to create secure storage/ compressor room, work/storage area, bathroom and 2nd flr office space, bathroom, and balcony

8 buildings at 1831 NW 28th Ave have been submitted for building permit review by Fieldwork Design & Architecture, each with the same description:

New 4 story 2 unit apartment building with landscaping and site utilities

A project at 6261 N Cecelia St has been submitted for building permit review:

New construction of 4 story, 21 unit apartment building 20,083sf, interior trash room, dfs for fire sprinklers and bolt on balcony with integrated guardrail

A project at 5000 N Willamette Blvd on the University of Portland campus has been submitted for building permit review by Soderstrom Architects:

New constuction of a 65,000 SF classroom and office building with basement and two levels above grade; W/ 17 224831 MT

The rebuild of the Portland Building at 1120 SW 5th Ave has been submitted for building permit review:

FF4/ structural improvements and seismic upgrade.

A building permit was issued to CIDA Architects for a project at 5511 NE 17th Ave (previously 5515 NE 17th Ave):

Construct new 3 story, 15 unit, apartment building with attached trash enclosure and associated site work; fire vault in SE corner of property ***separate mechanical permit required***

A building permit was issued to Urban Development Group for a project at 2595 SE 50th Ave (previously 4926 SE Division St):

New construction of a four story mixed-use building consisting of 127 apartment units and 7000 sf of ground floor commercial space; below grade parking and residential units

A building permit was issued for a project at 110 N Blandena:

New construction of 3story 6plex and site improvements with 106sf detached trash enclusure

A building permit was issued to Iselin Architects for a project at 1278 SE Marion St (previously 8705 SE 13th Ave):

New 4 story 23 unit apartment building with underground parking


Renovation of PSU Neuberger Hall Approved (images)

The Design Commission has approved a major renovation of Portland State University’s Neuberger Hall. The project is being designed by Hacker architects, with landscape design by Mayer Reed. The renovation will include a complete interior renovation designed to address significant deferred maintenance. Significant alterations will also be made to the exterior envelope of the building, much of which is currently failing.

PSU Neuberger Hall

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Weekly Roundup: Makers Row, Workmen Temple, Franklin High School, and more

Makers Row, designed by Risa Boyer Architecture, will include both commercial space and 19 apartment units

David Machado’s Tanner Creek Tavern has set a September 12 opening date, reports the Portland Mercury. The restaurant will be located in the Pearl District Hampton Inn & Suites.

Portland Architecture wrote about the “tragic” United Workmen Temple demolition. The building is currently being demolished to make way for the 3rd & Taylor office building.

The Portland Business Journal took a first look at the $49 million Faubion Elementary School, built in partnership between Concordia University and Portland Public Schools.

Portland Architecture visited the modernized Franklin High School.

The Hollywood Star News reported Makers Row in Cully is “nearing completion, with occupancy expected to start in late August“.

The Oregonian took a look at Amazon’s new Portland office in the 1320 Broadway building.

Mayor Ted Wheeler has hired a housing policy staffer, after nearly eight months in office, according to the Willamette Week.