Weekly Roundup: Jupiter NEXT hotel, Allan Building, Multnomah County Central Courthouse, and more

The Allan Building would rise to to a height of seven stories and include over 70,000 sq ft of occupied space.

The Daily Journal of Commerce wrote about two Central Eastside industrial office buildings* proposed by Intrinsic Ventures: the Allan Building at 2455 SE 11th Ave and SE 8th & Division building at 2445 SE 8th Ave.

The Willamette Week reported that the new Multnomah County Central Courthouse comes with a solar-energy system that will take more than a century to pay for itself.

The Portland Business Journal took a first look at the Jupiter NEXT hotel, which is scheduled to open next month.

Affordable housing developers face rising costs. The Willamette Week reports that Mayor Ted Wheeler isn’t plugging the hole.

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Under Construction: Central City Concern Blackburn Building (images)

Construction is underway on the Central City Concern (CCC) Blackburn Building at 122nd & Burnside. The project, designed by Ankrom Moisan Architects, was originally known as the Eastside Health Center, and is part of the “Housing is Health” initiative. The initiative is a partnership between CCC and six local hospitals and health organizations to provide supportive, affordable housing.

The Blackburn Building, named after former CCC President Ed Blackburn, will include affordable housing, health care facilities, a pharmacy and commercial retail space. The 6 story building will include 52 units of respite care transitional housing, 10 units of palliative care housing, 90 units of low-income single room occupancy housing and 34 studios of permanent housing. The integrated housing and clinical services will focus on recovery and mental health services, with some targeted primary care services. The clinic will serve about 3,000 patients annually. Support services at the building will include employment services, housing placement and coordination with other systems.

Central City Concern Blackburn Building

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Under Construction: TwentyTwenty Condominiums (images)

Construction is underway on TwentyTwenty, a 162 condominium development at NE 21st Ave and Multnomah St desgined by Hacker architects for PHK Development. 172 parking spaces will be provided in two levels of below-grade parking. The building will also include 179 bicycle parking spaces. TwentyTwenty is one of only two large condominium buildings currently under construction in Portland, the other being the Vista Pearl.

TwentyTwenty Condominiums

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Metro Reports: Oregon Harbor of Hope, 5134 N Interstate, 1111 NW 23rd, and more

Oregon Harbor of Hope

Early Assistance has been requested for the Oregon Harbor of Hope project, which intends to locate a homeless shelter on land underneath the Broadway Bridge

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers April 30th to April May 6th, 2018. 

Design Advice has been requested by Holst Architecture for a renovation to a building at 1969 NW Johnson St:

Project regarding existing six story 90 unit apartment building with a rental office and community room on the ground floor. Project scope includes a new exterior skin, HVAC upgrades, site upgrades and non-confirming upgrades. Project subject to Type III historic design review.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 1111 NW 23rd Ave:

Future code: Proposal is for new construction of mixed use building with retail below and residential apartments above. Structures will be either 3-4 or 4-5 stories with underground parking. Existing structures will be demolished. Zoning is changing to CM2. Do not know if affordable housing will be a part of this development.

Early Assistance has been requested by Siteworks Design | Build for a project at 3318 SE 16th Ave:

Future code: Proposal is for multi-family apartments. 4 stories, 45′ max height, 47,000 sf. 75 units (with inclusionary housing). Common amenity spaces
including shared lounge, laundry and outdoor area. Ground floor support, bike storage, trash/electrical, etc. No parking on site. 15% site landscaped. Stormwater flow through planter proposed in L3 landscape zone.

Early Assistance has been requested for the Oregon Harbor of Hope at the Broadway Bridge:

Future code: construction of a temporary shelter.

Early Assistance has been requested by BAMA Architecture & Design for a project at 7212 NE Glisan St:

Future code: 19 unit mixed use residential w/ assembly space for restaurant tenant. Proposal for a green roof.

Early Assistance has been requested by Waechter Architecture for a project at 5134 N Interstate Ave:

Future code: Proposal is for 60 apartments, including affordable units. Retail space on ground level. They would like to meet community design standards.

A project at 3336 SW 11th Ave has been submitted for building permit review:

Construct new 4 story 18 unit apartment building (one lease office to be separate permit); site improvements; trash enclosure bottom floor; mechanical separate (17-288638 mt)

A project at 2054 N Killingsworth St has been submitted for building permit review:

New construction of 12-unit apartment building, and site improvements, no onsite parking

A building permit was issued to ZGF Architects for the Great Notion Brewing at 2450 NW 28th Ave:

In west brewery tenant space, addition of new tap room and patio entrance with ADA compliant ramp; remodel on west side of bldg existing entry, new walls to create bathrooms, kitchen; in east tenant space establish occupancy for new private car garage tenant from former shell occupancy, new ADA entry ramp at north entry, new walls to create secure storage/ compressor room, car lifts work/storage area, bathroom, add new 2nd floor with 2 offices, conference room, bathroom, and balcony.

A building permit was issued to Stewart Gordon Straus Architect for a project at 2993 SW 11th Ave:

Construct a new five unit three story apt building attached to a new three story 4 unit apt building with ground floor garage parking for each. Portions of site greater than 20% slope.-see comment


Weekly Roundup: Fremont Place, Block 76 West, ODOT Blocks, and more

Fremont Place

The revised design for the Fremont Place apartments will include a wider greenway trail and creative art studio spaces facing the river.

The Daily Journal of Commerce wrote about Block 76 West—the project formerly known as Sideyard—which is “being squeezed into hot spot“*.

In a 4-0 vote, the Portland City Council took a tentative vote to approve revised designs for the Fremont Place ApartmentsThe Pearl District Neighborhood Association had previously voted to drop their opposition to the project.

Longtime Central Eastside developer Beam has been picked to lead the redevelopment of the ODOT Blocks, reports the Oregonian.

According to the Oregonian Blue Star Donuts will open a “massive new downtown Portland flagship” in the 12th & Morrison office building.

The Oregonian published images of what the MLB stadium proposed as part of the Portland Diamond Project could look like.

Foundation work is underway on 250 Taylor, which will be the new home for NW Natural. The Daily Journal of Commerce published photos of the progress to date.

The Portland Tribune reported that ‘World-class’ Portland school rebuilds are still planned despite $100M funding gap.

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Metro Reports: Woody Guthrie Place, Block 216, 2275 NW Glisan, and more

2275 NW Glisan St, as presented to the Historic Landmarks Commission in March. The new building is proposed on the site of the 2016 gas explosion.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers April 23rd to April 29th, 2018. 

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled and Design Advice requested by GBD Architects for a development on Block 216 at 936 SW Washington St:

DESIGN HEARING – Future code:project is a full block of mixed use; office, hotel and residential in a 33 story tower and podium configuration. Parking will be configured below grade in 4 1/2 levels. Gross floor area is approx. 750,000 SF above grade and 160,000 SF below grade. The project will be entitled in accordance with CC 2035 amendments.

Early Assistance has been requested by Ankrom Moisan Architects to discuss alterations to the Artist Repertory Theatre, necessary for a project at 1515 SW Morrison St to move ahead:

Future code: Proposal includes partial demolition of existing structure, reducing the existing theatre to the south half block and creating a mixed-use apartment tower to the north half. Retail lobby, and amenity area are proposed on the ground floor. Parking will be below grade. Alterations and improvements to the existing Artist Repertory Theatre within the south half of the block will be under a separate design review and permit. Approval by others.

Early Assistance has been requested by Sinan Gumusoglu Architecture for a project at 6532 N Interstate Ave:

Future code: remove single family house to build 3-story mixed-use apartment building. Building will have commercial space, one (1) residential unit on the first floor & three (3) residential units on the second floor, and three (3) residential units on the 3rd floor (7 units total). Flat roof will have AC units. Front elevation will have brick facade with balconies, store front at ground floor. Cement siding will also be used.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Doug Circosta Architect to discuss a project at 3436 SE 43rd Ave:

Future code: 60 new affordable rental living units and new chapel on CG zoned portion of property (changing to CM2).

A project at 2275 NW Glisan St (previously 510 NW 23rd Ave) has been submitted for Type III Historic Resource Review by Allied Works Architecture:

Four story mixed use residential building. Site is location of 2016 gas explosion.

A renovation of a building at 5845 NE Hoyt St has been submitted for building permit review:

Exterior renovation of existing 4 story multi family; demo and replace existing exterior cladding and windows; miscellaneous exterior improvements

A project at 7925 N Jersey St has been submitted for building permit review:

New construction of 3-story 6 unit apartment builiding with associated site work, no off-street parking provided

A building permit was issued for the Portland International Airport Concourse E Extension:

2 level, 800 lineal ft addition to existing concourse E, to include new hold rooms and concession areas.

A building permit was issued for a project at 2719 NE Flanders St:

New construction of 3 story 4-plex and site improvements.

A building permit was issued to Carleton Hart Architects for Woody Guthrie Place at 5800 SE 91st Ave:

New 4-story, 64-unit building septic decommissioning required. Call for inspection 842.

Weekly Roundup: Food Cart Block, Adidas Campus Expansion, Taylor Works, and more

The Adidas Campus Expansion will include a building at N Delaware and N Sumner, and a relocated vehicular entry from N Greeley Ave

The Oregonian reported on plans to redevelop a site at 936 SW Washington Stcurrently home to Portland’s largest and best known food cart pod—with a 33-story tower, which would include office space, hotel rooms and apartments. The site is currently owned by the Goodman family, who the Daily Journal of Commerce reports have projects aplenty in progress.* Other current developments of theirs include 230 AshEleven West, and the Moxy Hotel.

The Portland Business Journal has the latest information on OMSI‘s ambitious Central Eastside expansion ambitions.

The Willamette Week covered the City’s annual State of Housing in Portland report, which includes some hope for struggling renters.

The Portland Business Journal reported that neighbors are opposing the Adidas Campus Expansion plans in North Portland. The Portland Design Commission has however shown early support for the proposal.

Portland Public Schools has “thrown a curveball” at the Portland Diamond Project‘s plans for an MLB stadium in the Rose Quarter, reports the Willamette Week. The Portland Business Journal reports that the group behind the project isn’t vexed by the proposed bidding process for the site.

The Urban Works Real Estate blog published construction updates on the Taylor Works Building at SE 2nd & Taylor, which is undergoing a major renovation and alteration.

The Business Tribune wrote about Continuum Partners, the developer that has been chosen to lead the Broadway Corridor redevelopment.

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Metro Reports: 7054 N Montana, 3917 N Mississippi, 1014 NE Alberta, and more

Building permits were issued for a 12-unit development on N Montana, designed by Architecture Building Culture

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers April 16th to April 22nd, 2018. 

Early Assistance has been requested by EPR Design for a project at 1014 NE Alberta St:

Current code: There are no code changes to this site. Proposal is to demolish the existing single family detached hom to construct a new three story, 6 unit apartment house with associated site work. No parking is proposed for this site. The project will utilize voluntary inclusionary housing and amenity bonus options to increase density to six units.

A project at 6826 N Greenwich Ave has been submitted for building permit review by Icon Architecture/Planning:

New construction of 3-story, 9 unit multi family residence with a rooftop deck.***

Building permits were issued to Architecture Building Culture for a project with two buildings at 7054 N Montana Ave (formerly 7026 N Montana Ave):

Building A – new 3-story, 6-unit apartment building with covered trash enclosure under 150 sf.***DFS steel stair***separate fire sprinklers***

Building B – new 3-story, 6-unit apartment building.***DFS steel stair***separate fire sprinklers***

A building permit was issued to Integrate Architecture & Planning for a project at 3917 N Mississippi Ave:

Shell permit – new 3,799 s.f. two story building at south side of existing commercial building, includes patio areas, two new toilet rooms, and attached trash enclosure

Clay + Tiffany Student Housing Approved by Design Commission (images)

The Design Commission has approved the Clay + Tiffany Apartments, a 163′-10″ tall student housing tower being developed by non-profit College Housing Northwest (CHNW) in collaboration with Mainland Northwest, LLC.  The sixteen story building, designed by SERA Architects, will include 259 “group living” studio apartments with shared kitchens. A 1,200 sq ft retail space is proposed at the ground level. No vehicular parking parking is proposed. 393 long-term bicycle parking spaces are proposed.

Clay + Tiffany Apartments

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Weekly Roundup: Portland Diamond Project, 126 NE Alberta, 1727 NW Hoyt, and more

A proposed development at 1727 NW Hoyt St, designed by Carleton Hart Architecture for Northwest Housing Alternatives, would include 149 units of affordable housing.

The Oregonian reported that the management group behind the Portland Diamond Project, which hopes to bring Major League Baseball to the city, have put in offers for two sites: the Portland Public Schools Blanchard Education Service Center near the Rose Quarter and the Esco Industrial site in Northwest Portland. The paper also reported that the group has spent $30,000 lobbying city hall to date. The Willamette Week reported that the offer to PPS would include giving the school district the former Banfield Pet Hospital Headquarters on 82nd Avenue.

History Treasured & Sometimes Endangered wrote about how the threat of a large apartment building at 1727 NW Hoyt St has led one neighbor to dig deep into history.

Portland for Everyone wrote about how an upzone at 126 NE Alberta St would turn a parking lot into 50 below-market-rate homes. An op-ed in the Oregonian described the proposal as the “21st-century version of red-lining“.

The Daily Journal of Commerce reported on plans for to build the Oregon Harbor of Hope homeless shelter at the Broadway Bridge. The proposal is latest in a number of plans for the site*, which have included One Waterfront Place and the Broadway Bridge-Naito Parkway Apartments. In an article about the project the Portland Tribune revealed that plans for a shelter in an existing building at 320 NW Hoyt St have now been abandoned due to the high costs of converting the building to a new use.

OPB reported on Portland Community Reinvestment Initiative Inc’s plans to plans to bring African-American families back to North Portland.

The Portland Business Journal published a visual tour of CENTRL Office’s latest space in the 12th & Morrison office building.

The Daily Journal of Commerce published construction photos of the Redfox Commons.  The project involves the conversion of the Old Freeman Factory in Northwest Portland into creative office space.

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