What do the project statuses mean?

  • Announced (red): The project has been publicly announced or reported on.
  • Early Assistance (cyan): The project team have made preliminary contact with the City of Portland, but no Land Use Reviews or permits have been filed. This includes optional Design Advice Requests.
  • Design / Land Use Review (blue): The project has been submitted for Design Review, or other Land Use Review. Not all projects are required to go through this process.
  • Permit Review (yellow): Construction permits are under review at the Bureau of Development Services.
  • Under Construction (green): Permits have been issued for construction, enabling construction to begin.
  • Completed (purple): The project is substantially complete, and is being used for its intended purpose.
  • Inactive (black): The project has been announced as cancelled, or it has been over a year since an Early Assistance meeting and there has been no further activity. Projects that have been submitted for design review or building permit are left as active until the application is withdrawn or expires due to inactivity. Note that design review applications are typically valid for three years from the date of approval.

What’s a Land Use Review anyway?

See our post about the language of development in Portland.

What does Next Portland cover?

Next Portland writes about multi-family residential, retail, cultural buildings, educational buildings, hotels and other large projects happening in the City of Portland. We cover both new buildings and major alterations or additions to old buildings. Our blog posts are exclusively written about projects that are either still in the design phase, or are under construction.

What doesn’t Next Portland cover?

We do not include single family residential, heavy industrial, tenant improvements, or minor alterations / additions to existing buildings. We don’t publish rumors or projects that are still confidential. We don’t cover projects outside of the City of Portland.

Will you write about my project?

Yes, if it fits the criteria of what we cover (listed above). Submissions of projects not subject to design review are especially welcome. Minimum submission requirements are: at least two renderings; plans and sections, ideally in a “presentation” format; and a brief text description of the program. If the project has a marketing website we are happy to link to it.

Do you accept sponsored posts?


Can you share the data from your map?


Where do you get your data?

All information on the site is drawn from already published public sources, including:

How do I get into contact with Next Portland?

Who is behind Next Portland?

Next Portland is written by Iain MacKenzie.