Worldmark by Wyndham


Design Advice documents [PDF] have been filed with the City for Worldmark by Wyndham vacation rentals, at 221 SW Naito Parkway. The site, located in the Skidmore / Old Town Historic District, is currently a surface car park owned by the Goodman family.

The project description reads:

New construction 67 room vacation ownership property, 6 floors on existing parking lot. Approximate building square footage will be 67,000 SF and building height will be approximately 75′. The roof will have a portion of green roof and storm water from the non-green roof will be treated on site with a storm water planter at the 2nd level terrace. We request a special circumstance for hard scape at the 2nd level. A modification is requested to reduce the number of loading spaces from 2 to 1.

The design is by SERA Architects.

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