LOCA @ the Goat Blocks (images)

The first construction permits have been approved for LOCA @ the Goat Blocks, a mixed use development in the Central Eastside.  The project, by developer Killian Pacific and architects Ankrom Moisan, is planned for a vacant site most recently occupied by a herd of goats. The name “LOCA”, according to an article in the Portland Tribune, is “a multiple pun on location, locavore, and crazy.”

The project includes 97,000 square feet of retail space and 247 apartments. The retail portion will be anchored by a hardware store and a grocery store, whose tenants have yet to be announced. 139 vehicular parking spaces will be provided for residents, and 246 for the retail uses. 43 short term and 510 long term bicycle parking spaces will be provided.

Goat Blocks viewed from SE Belmont & 10th

The project is mostly located on the vacant superblock bound by SE Belmont St, 10th Ave, Taylor St and 11th Ave. The site also includes portions of the block to the east of SE 11th Ave. The project will read as a number of distinct structures, separated by a series of alleys and streets. The North Building has four floors of apartments above the 25,000 sq ft grocery store. To the west of it is the two story Market Retail Building. The South Building has five stories of apartments above the 40,000 sq ft hardware store. The East Building, across SE 11th, will have three stories of apartments over smaller retail spaces.

North Building viewed from SE Belmont & 11th

Yamhill Alley steps with the South Building to the right

South Building viewed from SE 11th Ave

Garage Entry at the South Building

South Building, viewed from SE 11th & Taylor

The material palette for the Goat Blocks project varies by building. The North Building is primarily clad in orange metal panels, with a tan brick veneer at the grocery store base. The two story Market Retail Building is clad in a metallic grey metal panel. The East Building is a mix of white stucco and charcoal cement board siding. The South Building is primarily tumbled red brick veneer.

East Building, viewed from SE 11th & Belmont

South Building, viewed from SE 11th Ave

The Yamhill Alley begins at the level of SE 11th Ave, and gradually rises as it travels west, until it terminates at a plaza with views towards Downtown Portland. A series of steps then lead down to SE 10th Ave, or up to the Market Terrace, which connects to SE Belmont St. The alleyways are activated by a number of small retail spaces, the smallest of which are only a few hundred sq ft in size. Murals, to be approved through the City of Portland’s Original Art Mural Program, are proposed along the Market Terrace.

Market Terrace, looking towards SE Belmont St

Yamhill Alley, looking towards SE 10th Ave

Yamhill Alley, looking towards SE 10th Ave and Downtown Portland

Market Retail Building

LOCA @ the Goat Blocks was approved [PDF] by the Design Commission in August 2014. The approval was appealed by the Central Eastside Industrial Council, who challenged the project because of the large number of housing units it would add to the area, and because of the potential impact to the ability of trucks to maneuverer. The Design Commission’s decision was upheld by the City Council.

This post has been corrected. An earlier version stated the project would have “over 111,000 sq ft” of retail space. The actual number is 97,000 sq ft.

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