Pre-Application Conference scheduled for Hollywood Station (images)

LRS Architects have scheduled a Pre-Application Conference to discuss Hollywood Station, a mixed use building with 100 residential units. The building would include a retail space facing onto NE Halsey St. Mechanized parking for 56 cars is proposed.

Hollywood Station

The site at 4224 NE Halsey St is located in Hollywood Town Center, on a site very near Hollywood Transit Center. An office building, built in 2006, with a 24 Hour Fitness location on the lower floors, is located on the same block.

Exterior materials proposed include two colors of brick, four types of metal panel and exposed concrete. Vinyl windows would be used at the residential units, and aluminum storefront glazing at the ground floor.

The Pre-Application Conference [PDF] is scheduled for April 12th 2016. A Lot Confirmation and Property Line Adjustment is expected to be required in order for the project to move ahead. The applicants are planning on using the Community Design Standards, so the project will not be subject to Design Review.


9 thoughts on “Pre-Application Conference scheduled for Hollywood Station (images)

  1. This area is already a major trafiic choking point with the freeway offramp right there. Its almost impossible to make a left turn out of the 24hour parking lot as is, adding 100+ unit apt complex isnt gonna help. Put some damn food carts in that lot, a place everyone in the neighborhood can walk to and enjoy.

  2. Perfect opportunity to modify traffic patterns forbidding uncontrolled left turns into or out of 24 hour fitness AND the proposed new building. There will need to be some kind of traffic control device for 24 hour fitness AND the new building controlling access and egress but with a lower priority than the signals at 42nd and Halsey and the 43rd Avenue I-84 WB exit.

    Moreover, if there are not at least 1.5 parking spaces for each residential unit then the new building should be required to rent to people without automobiles AND should be required to periodically check automobile registration in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California to ensure a tenant does not have a vehicle registered in an adjacent state. Moreover, for new tenants if the new tenants have an out-of-state license they must be required to certify they do not own an automobile and the landlords must be required to check for auto registrations in the name of the prospective tenant in the state which issued said prospective tenant a driver’s license or state ID.


  3. omg, the traffic congestion in that area is already a nightmare. Getting in and out of the 24 hour parking lot is not fun. Adding 100 units is just going to make it worse. And, several of the new tenants who dont want to pay extra for the parking will try to park in the 24 hour fitness lot — which already has a space problem; some are MAX riders parking there and not monitored. Sadly, more parking is need for 24, but that’s not going to fly for that land of course. They should have just left the huge tree that was growing just fine there.

  4. @Jacob & Roy: So we shouldn’t build high density in a Town Center, a block from a Max stop and 3 bus lines? That’s just bananas!

    • There should be a multi-level parking structure in the Trimet round-a-bout just west of 24 HR Fitness. Make it a pay lot with one level reserved for monthly parking passes. Currently it’s a green space that isn’t used for anything but the Hollwood sign (and two TriMet Honey Bucket toilets).

  5. I’d be very curious to see how this mechanized parking works out. 56 spaces with people all wanting to leave at 8 am for work out of that lot shared with 24 Hour. Watch the fun begin!

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