Event: One City/Many Futures

One City/Many Futures: The Portland We Are Making

A panoramic view of the next Portland with an unprecedented line-up of the people and projects defining the city’s future: top city officials, developers, architects, and activists shaping the places that we live, work, and play.

March 12: What are we building?
March 19: How will we move?
March 26: Greening Portland

The Armory
128 Northwest 11th Ave.
$5-20, sliding scale

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2 thoughts on “Event: One City/Many Futures

  1. Thank you for being a part of this series, it looks to be a superb overview of things to come for Portland. Is the Design Week event on 4/16 with the same name also going to feature the same topics (in a much more condensed formula)?

  2. This is superb. Thank you for putting this together. We need public discussions with excellent guests and on topics of city-wide relevance. There are few other people in Portland better at curating good discussion like Randy Gragg. Very cool and very excited to attend.

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