Metro Reports: 1297 SW Cardinell, 1139 SW Gibbs & 110 SE Main

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers April 13th, 2020 to April 19th, 2020.

Early Assistance has been requested by Otak, Inc for a project at 1297 SW Cardinell Dr:

19-unit multifamily condominium development with associated parking. Stormwater disposal methods not yet determined.

Early Assistance has been requested by Edge Development for a project at 1139 SW Gibbs St:

New 12-unit, 3-story multi-family residential building. No on-site parking proposed.

A building permit was issued for a project at 110 SE Main St:

Renovate one story warehouse: change of occupancy, 133 SF addition, 41-BPOE seismic upgrade, full buildout of 3 tenant spaces to include 3 kitchens, break rooms, locker rooms, toilet rooms w/ showers, complete reroof; infill SE loading dock. Demo 36′ x 41′ area of roof for new courtyard; new openings in (E) walls; new stairs, new windows & doors; 133 sf trash room addition. Demo: SE loading dock/ramp; sidewalk planters, stairs; (e) toilet rooms; east overhead doors; (E) non-bearing partitions.

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