Metro Reports: Legacy Emanuel West, Medallion Apartments, 6155 N Minnesota, and more

Legacy Emanuel West

A structural permit was issued for the Legacy Emanuel West expansion

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers September 3rd to September 9th, 2018. 

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 9008 NE Hassalo St:

Project scope is to add another multi-family building to an existing apartment complex that has 18 existing units (10, 2 bedrooms, and 8, 3 bedrooms). Would like to add as many units as possible.

Early Assistance has been requested by WDC Properties for a project at 5136 N Lombard St:

New multi-family project with 36 units within a 4-story building. Inclusionary housing will apply.

The renovation of the Medallion Apartments at 1969 NW Johnson St has been submitted for Type III Historic Resource Review by Holst Architecture:

Existing six story, 90 unit apartment building with a rental office and community room on the ground floor. Project scope includes a new exterior skin, HVAC upgrades, site upgrades, and non-conforming upgrades.

A project at 1825 N Rosa Parks Way has been submitted for building permit review:

New 3 story, 14 unit apartment building, includes associated site work *** w/ <120 S.F. Trash enclosure *** mechanical permit to be separate ***

A project at 5104 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy has been submitted for building permit review:

Construct new 3 story (3) unit apartment building with attached garages for unit A and B; associated site work

A structural permit was issued to NBBJ Architects for Legacy Emanuel West Expansion at 2835 N Kerby Ave:

STR 01 – foundations, temporary shoring, select demo of existing buildings, site work including prep work, utilities, and improvements to accomodate future core and shell building (foundation permit to include piles to underside of Lower Level slab)

A building permit was issued for a project at 6155 N Minnesota Ave (previously 6135 N Minnesota):

Construct new 3 story (18 unit) two-winged apartment building with partial basement and open-air central corridor; attached garbage enclosure and associated site work***dfs roof trusses***separate fire sprinkler & alarm***