Gariety Apartments approved in Goose Hollow (images)

The Gariety Apartments, a 4 unit infill project at 1807-1811 SW Market St in Goose Hollow, have been approved [PDF] in a Design Review decision by the Bureau of Development Services.

LU_14_208927_DZM_DEC(DEC2)_view from sw

The project, designed by William Tripp, received strong praise in the notice of decision:

The design review process exists to promote the conservation, enhancement, and continued vitality of areas of the City with special scenic, architectural, or cultural value. The proposal meets the applicable design guidelines and therefore warrants approval. The building responds to the variety of its surroundings with a design that references both older adjacent residences and more contemporary multi-dwelling development nearby. It is responsive to the vital mixed- use transit corridor to the north and helps to implement a neighborhood vision for progressive urban growth within the Goose Hollow Neighborhood. With a differentiation of massing responsive to immediate context, a reinforcing of the pervasive front porch culture, ground floor permeability, and an articulation of facades with grade, the building successfully responds to its varied site constraints and opportunities.

Five letters of objection were received during the Design Review. Complaints included the lack of parking, the contemporary design and overall massing of the building.

LU_14_208927_DZM_DEC(DEC2)_view from ne

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