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After a going through the Design Advice process earlier in the year, Block 136 is heading to Design Review. The design of the project, located at NW 13th & Johnson, is by Seattle based architects Mithun for Security Properties. The project will replace PNCA’s Goodman building, a building which will be missed by many, even as they recognize the need for the city to change. The project consists of two buildings separated by a courtyard: a 5 story office building facing NW 13th Ave; and a 15 story residential tower facing NW 12th Ave.

Pages from November 18, 2014 - LU 14-230014 DZM AD - Block 136 Mixed Use - Drawings_Page_1_Image_0001

Though located just outside of the 13th Avenue Historic District, the lower building is designed to respect the scale and built form of NW 13th Avenue. The building will be clad in brick and be 76′ tall. 15,000 sq ft of retail space will both open onto a raised dock along NW 13th Ave, and onto the courtyard between the two buildings. 60,000 of office space is proposed in the floors above. The roof will include a roof terrace and ecoroof.


The NW 12th Ave tower will reach 148’-4”, just shy of the maximum 150′ allowed height. The primary materials proposed are window wall and aluminum composite panels. The tower will contains 208 residential units, including double height townhouses with entries directly onto NW 12th Ave and NW Johnson St. The 15th floor will have 6 penthouses with private terraces. A rooftop terrace will be provided, with community gardens for the residents. Underground parking for both building will be accessed from NW 12th Ave. The project will have 211 vehicular parking spaces and 332 long term bicycle parking spaces.



The publicly accessible courtyard will contain a number of seating spaces, a raised dock facing the retail spaces, a bicycle repair station, storm water planters and a bocce ball court.



The Staff Report And Recommendation To The Design Commission [PDF] recommends approval for the project. At the time of the report’s publication no written comments had been received. There was however substantial opposition to the project during the Design Advice Request process, led by the group Preserve the Pearl, who content that the building is too tall at 150′. The Design Commission will review the project on December 18th, and make a decision whether to approve the project or grant a continuance.

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