Pine Street Market (images)

Building permits are currently under review for the Pine Street Market, which is set to open in fall 2015. Located at SW Second & Pine, the project aims to convert the ground floor of the historic United Carriage and Baggage Transfer Building into a new food hall and culinary themed marketplace. Inspiration comes from markets including Seattle’s Melrose Market and New York’s Gotham West Market. The two floors above will become 18,000 sq ft of creative office space.


The three-story warehouse building was built in 1886 as a carriage storage house. It has seen a number of uses over the years, including being the home of the original Old Spaghetti Factory, which opened in 1969.  Most recently the building operated as an underage nightclub.


The building is a contributing resource in the Skidmore/Old Town Historic District, which was designated in the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. The building was also designated as a Portland Historic Landmark,  in 1981. A Historic Resource Review [PDF] for the Pine Street Market project was approved this earlier this year. It was found that “the proposed improvements preserve the materials and integrity of the historic landmark, enhance the pedestrian experience and complement the materials and design of the existing building.”




Existing Conditions

Floor Plans

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