Metro Reports: Miracles Central, Kenton Mixed Use and more

Miracles Central

Miracles Central

Every week, the Bureau of Development services publishes lists of early assistance applications, land use reviews and building permits. We publish the highlights.

Ankrom Moisan Architects have requested early assistance for a project at 1931 N Williams Ave:

5 story apartment building with below grade parking

A Pre-Applicant Conference has been requested by Albina Riverview LLC for a development on N Ivy Street:

Proposal for 12 row homes

Works Partnership have applied for a Type II Land Division Review for a project at 5711 E Burnside:

Create 5 lots for attached town house development. With 2 adjustments 1 for front setback, and one to increase max lot coverage from 65% to 67.5%.

River City Companies have applied for a building permit for the Kenton Mixed Use Phase III at 8408 N Brandon Avenue:

New four story apartment building with courtyard and balcony at center, 37 units, 2 retail spaces on main floor, parking at east and north sides, detached trash.

Carleton Hart Architecture‘s Miracles Central project at NE 2nd and Wasco is under review for permit:

New 6 story mixed use building. 1st floor consists of offices and common areas, floors 2-6 contain 47 apartment units, associated site work included, stormwater facilities

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