Metro Reports: Hotel Cornelius, PSU Viking Pavilion, 2100 SE Belmont St and more

Conceptual image of PSU Viking Pavilion

Conceptual image of PSU Viking Pavilion

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of early assistance applications, land use reviews and building permits. We publish the highlights.

Merryman Barnes Architects and Encore Architects have requested Design Advice for a project at 1400 NW Raleigh St:

Six story multi plex- 145 units, residential, with below grade parking

Early Assistance has been requested by Woofter Architecture for the PSU Viking Pavilion:

Modernization & upgrade of existing Peter Scott [sic] Center. Additional classrooms & the addition of a multi purpose arena (viking pavillion)

Early Assistance has been requested by Siteworks Design | Build for a project at 3610 SE 29th Ave:

Phase 1 of new multi family dwelling structures. 62 dwelling units total. 1 3-story structure on R1 parcel, 2 4-story structures on CG parcel. Ground floor residential with parking and landscaping. Phase 2 will be new 4-story hostel with 25 dwelling units.

MCA Architects have applied for a Type III Historic Resource Review for the renovation of the Woodlark Building and Hotel Cornelius:

Renovate and restore the two historic buildings for reuse

A building permit is under review for a new building at 2100 SE Belmont St by Urban Development Group:

Construct new 4 story 55 unit apartment building with underground parking; associated site work

A buiding permit has been issued for a new building at 7617 NE Sandy Blvd:

Construct new one story building with associated site work


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