Pre-Application Conference scheduled for SW 3rd & Taylor (images)

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Ankrom Moisan Architects to discuss a nearly full block development at SW 3rd & Taylor. The project would include a new 19-21 story hotel, as well as 100,000 sq ft of office space. The project would incorporate the Ancient Order Of United Workmen Temple building at SW 2nd & Taylor. Between 43 and 100 parking spaces are proposed, to be accessed from SW 3rd Ave.



The project site includes 7/8 of the block bound by SW 2nd, Salmon, 3rd and Taylor. The only portion of the block not included is the Auditorium Building, which is under separate ownership and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The other buildings on the block have no historic designations, though both the Hotel Albion / Lotus Cardroom [PDF] and Ancient Order Of United Workmen Temple [PDF] were identified as “eligible” for inclusion in the National Register during the City’s 1984 Historic Resources Inventory. The Temple building is proposed to be incorporated into the project, while the Lotus Cardroom, the Good Earth cafe building and the parking garage on SW Taylor would be demolished.





The Pre-Application Conference [PDF] is scheduled for September 22nd 2015 at 8:30 AM. A Design Advice Request is currently on the Design Commission agenda for November 19th. In order to gain approval the project will be required to go through a Type III Design Review, with public hearings before Design Commission.

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11 thoughts on “Pre-Application Conference scheduled for SW 3rd & Taylor (images)

  1. I hope they do a little more justice to the Ancient Order of United Workmen Temple by, for instance, opening up the obviously bricked-in or stuccoed-over window openings, and put something like the original cornice at the top of those columns, as they then build on top of it. That said, it’s a cool building to be saved, in whatever form.

    Too bad about the Lotus Cave, though. Not that the building is that extraordinary, but the Café serves a necessary social function, plus the vintage interior, whether original or not, matched the building (unlike the stuck-on flagstones in the historic listing, which are now gone)

    • What “historical structures”? A surface parking lot and two unremarkable one-story commercial buildings? I have zero sentimentality.

      • The Hotel Albion / Lotus Cardroom and Ancient Order Of United Workmen Temple are not one story buildings at three and six stories respectively. Your lack of sentimentality is misguided since you fail to understand the difference between a one and a six story building.

        • They aren’t demolishing the Ancient Order of United Workmen building. They’re building around it.

          I didn’t notice the Hotel Albion. Meh. I suppose it’s nice enough looking, but our pending 9.0 earthquake will flatten that thing anyway. I honestly don’t get this near-religious reverence for everything that’s old. The hotel that replaces it will have far greater capacity and utility.

  2. A smart developer would renovate the two historic buildings (Lotus and Temple) and build on the remainder of the block, perhaps trading air rights from the two historic buildings to gain FAR. The result could be a fascinating mix of old and new buildings on that block

  3. The postings on the building now say that the Ancient Order…Bldg. will not be saved, but demolished. Does anyone know the why, and the revised design?

    • Duane,
      Go to the SkyscraperPage: Portland link in the side bar above. They have a big PDF report for design review that shows everything about this proposal which does show the Temple is demolished.

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