Metro Reports: Oliver Station, Multnomah County Health Dept HQ, Seven Corners Community Collaborative, and more

Building permits were issued for Oliver Station, a new two block affordable housing development in Lents on the site formerly occupied by the New Copper Penny

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

Design Advice has been requested by SERA Architects for a project at 1110 SW Clay St:

A new mixed use building for student housing. Commercial space is proposed on the ground floor. The sixteen story building would have 260 units. There would be a mix of studios, and one and two bedroom units. No on-site parking is proposed. A loading space is proposed with access from SW Clay.

A project at 1823 SE 50th Ave has been submitted for building permit review by Otak Architects:

New 4 story, 19 unit apartment building, includes associated sitework

A project at 4073 N Williams Ave has been submitted for building permit review by William Kaven Architecture:

New 4 story mixed use building parking on ground floor with retail and office two through four; enclosed transformer at southwest corner; associated site work; shell only for retail space on first floor

A project at 12315 SE Division St has been submitted for building permit review:

New construction of 3 story 106,407 sf self storage facility with associated parking, utilities and landscape, interior trash room.

A building permit was issued to CIDA Architects for a project at 7510 SE Milwaukie Ave (previously 7430 SE Milwaukie): 

New 3 story 30 unit apartment building (sits on two lots)

A building permit was issued to Ankrom Moisan Architects for Oliver Station at 5990 SE 92nd Ave and 5959 SE 92nd Ave:

Affordable Housing Project – New mixed use, 70 dwelling unit affordable housing project. 4 stories of residential above podium with one story of retail below. Surface parking, no basement. Septic Decommissioning Required. Call for Inspection 842.

Affordable Housing Project – New 5 story, 75 dwelling unit apartment building with 4 stories of residential and 1 story of retail Septic Decommissioning Required. Call for Inspection 842.

A building permit was issued to Morton Building Design for a project at 5321 NE Irving St (previously 5325 NE Irving St):

Construct new 4 story, 7 unit condo building with parking, includes associated site work, detached trash enclosure is less than 120sf in area

A foundation permit was issued to ZGF Architects for the Multnomah County Health Department Headquarters at 600 NW Hoyt St:

Foundation permit to include excavation and below grade foundation(piles, pile caps, foundation basement walls), under-slab utility rough in and a fire water tank. Excludes ground level concrete slab and structural lids for below grade components.

A building permit was issued for the Seven Corners Community Collaborative at 2475 SE Ladd Ave:

Construct new 4 story office building with retail and parking on ground floor, offices on floors 2-4, includes associated site work

3 thoughts on “Metro Reports: Oliver Station, Multnomah County Health Dept HQ, Seven Corners Community Collaborative, and more

  1. Still no apartment projects subject to IZ?

    Do we have an examples from other cities of such projects being deemed sufficiently profitable to build? To make up lost revenues for affordable units, the owner would have to charge rents that are above average for newer units. Right or wrong, those who can afford to pay above average generally prefer to live around those of the same socioeconomic standing as themselves (iow, not around poor people), and will opt for an apartment in a building NOT subject to IZ requirements. Perhaps there’s some factor I’m not considering, but the model seems unworkable.

    Well, it will take at least until the end of 2020 for all the projects already in the pipeline to be completed, so we won’t feel the effects of this until four years from now. Maybe the national rental bubble will pop by then. I also suppose downtown Vancouver, Beaverton and Hillsborough could stand to be Pearlized…

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