Weekly Roundup: Albina Vision, 2505 NE Pacific, Tanner Creek Tavern, and more

An aerial view of the Albina Vision (labels by Bike Portland)

BikePortland took a look at the Albina Vision, a concept plan to restore the historic Rose Quarter neighborhood and put biking and walking first.

As the City Council held its first hearing on the Central City 2035 Plan, the Oregonian looked at 9 key changes proposed.

Seattle based Security Properties has closed on the 4.7-acre PepsiCo site at 2505 NE Pacific St, writes the DJC.  The developer is “is in the process of interviewing architects to begin conceptual design for the multiphase redevelopment”. With news of the development breaking, theOregonian asked if Sandy Boulevard is the next Hawthorne?

The Portland Business Journal took a first look at chef David Machado’s Tanner Creek Tavern, which opened this week in the Pearl District Hampton Inn & Suites.

Core and shell work has wrapped up at the Towne Storage Building. The DJC published photos of the  renovated building, before construction begins on the tenant improvement for software company Autodesk.

Lastly, a note on the frequency of posts here at Next Portland. As some people have noticed the number of posts published has gone down a lot in the last couple months. This isn’t a reflection of there being less to write about; it’s just that Next Portland is written by just one person, in my spare time, and I haven’t had the ability to commit time to the site in recent months. As things are getting back to normal I hope to be able to return to the regular posting frequency. There are many large projects that I haven’t yet had a chance to write about, but which I think Next Portland readers will enjoy learning about.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: Albina Vision, 2505 NE Pacific, Tanner Creek Tavern, and more

  1. Wow! Had no idea this was is run by just one guy (you), it has such an official feel to it that I thought it was like, a company…and totally comprehensive. Looking forward to reading more about those projects!

  2. Thanks for all your work on this blog! I love seeing what’s going on around town and your dedication to this in your spare time is amazing.

  3. Yes, thanks for all you do. NextPortland is an amazing resource and I’m so glad we have someone in this city who cares enough to create such a great product in their spare time!

  4. I echo what the rest say, the fact that you do this really is great, this city is at the perfect stage of growth and keeping track of all the projects, master plans is awesome, thank you!

  5. Thanks you for your commitment and efforts. Like many readers here, I share your passion for Portlands development and enjoy checking in here everyday. If ever you need assistance please feel free to ask. I am sure a few of us readers could help with a post or two when you need breathing room.

  6. nextportland.com is one of the first websites I visit each day and a great pleasure and refuge in a world that so often seems ugly and of dangerous. What an ambitious undertaking, professionally executed! Bravo and thank you. The maxim on the side of the Skidmore Fountain referred to people like you: “Good citizens are the riches of a city.”

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