Metro Reports: 1501 SW Taylor, 1970 NW 18th, 1502 NW 19th and more

1501 SW Taylor

1501 SW Taylor

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of early assistance applications, land use reviews and building permits. We publish the highlights.

SERA Architects have requested Early Assistance for a project at 1502 NW 19th Ave, currently home a food cart pod:

New 76 unit apartment building, 5 stories, with 25 parking stalls. Designed to meet community design standards.

Urban Development Group have scheduled a Pre-Application Conference to discuss a new building at 1111 SE Sandy Blvd:

New 7 story mixed use building 84 residential units

A Land Division Review has been submitted for land owned by Prometheus Real Estate Group in South Waterfront, which will include the Block 41 development:

Proposal is to divide the site into six lots, a greenway tract and dedicate public streets. Type II adjustment to allow elements of the right-of-way to be located within easement instead of dedicated row.

1501 SW Taylor has been submitted for building permit review by SERA Architects:

6-story, mixed-use residential apartments with one level of sub-grade parking. 121 units. (existing structure to be demolished under separate permit)

Green Gables Design & Restoration have submitted a building at 1970 NW 18th Ave for building permit review:

New construction of building to house 3 tenants, 2 story at center; main floor includes tenant spaces, 2 accessible restrooms and common area, 2nd floor is a part of tenant 1, overhead door at tenat 3 space; stormwater planter facility at exterior and pavers


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