Wonderwall: Gallagher Plaza’s new facade (images)

Work has begun on a major remodel of Gallagher Plaza, an apartment complex in Northwest Portland run by Home Forward. Work on the existing building includes replacing the entire exterior cladding, replacing the windows, adding new structural shear walls, replacing the mechanical equipment, adding bike parking and adding new landscaping around the building. The architects for the project are Holst Architecture.


Gallagher Plaza is located at 2140 NW Kearney Street. The apartment building was constructed in 1981, and is listed as a non-contributing resource in the Alphabet Historic District. The income restricted building primarily houses those over 55 years of age and people with disabilities.

The new skin for the Gallagher will be primarily composed of glass fiber reinforced cement siding, oriented both vertically and horizontally, in “Ivory” and “Anthracite” colors. The new vinyl windows will have orange colored sheet metal trim surrounds. A new projecting canopy at the entrance will also be painted orange.




New landscaping will include board formed concrete planters and wood benches.




The project was approved by the Historic Landmarks Commission in December 2014. In the conclusion to the Final Findings And Decision By The Landmarks Commission [PDF] the Commission found the project will be an improvement to the existing conditions, that does not detract from the Alphabet Historic District:

The purpose of the Historic Resource Review process is to ensure that additions, new construction, and exterior alterations to historic resources do not compromise their ability to convey historic significance. The proposed exterior alterations to the existing non-contributing housing building will allow the structure to be materially upgraded while also remaining a background visual element within the historic district. The muted siding colors, regular siding patterning, simple colored window frames, a more inviting ground level and main entry, plus parking lot landscaping upgrades are all features appropriate to this location. This proposal meets the applicable Historic Resource Review criteria, adjustment criteria, and modification criteria and therefore warrants approval.

A building permit for the project was issued in March 2015.

Plans, Elevations and Sections

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