Under Construction: Slabtown Savier (images)

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Construction is underway on Slabtown Savier, a two-building development in NW Portland’s emerging Slabtown neighborhood. The development, designed by SERA Architects for developer Greystar, will include two buildings with 363 market rate apartments. Vehicular parking will be provided via a combination of tuck-under and below grade parking. 399 long term bicycle parking spaces will be provided, split between in-unit spaces and spaces in secured bike rooms.

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Northbound 30 Collaborative Approved by Design Commission (images)

Last August the Design Commission approved the Northbound 30 Collaborative, a collection of eight five-story residential buildings designed by Jones Architecture and Waechter Architecture, for local developer Noel Johnson. The development will include 145 residential units in total. The buildings will be framed with cross-laminated timber.

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Con-way Block 291E Approved by Design Commission (images)

The Design Commission has approved Con-way Block 291E, a seven-story apartment building. The development, designed by SERA Architects for Cairn Pacific, will include 192 residential apartments units, a small amount of ground floor commercial space, and a two story amenity pavilion. The project will include one level of below-grade vehicular parking, which will also have room for 212 bicycles.

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Modera Nicolai Receives Design Advice (images)

Design Advice has been offered for the Modera Nicolai, a six-story residential building designed by SERA Architects for Mill Creek Residential Trust. The building will include approximately 200 residential units and below grade parking. The development would be subject to the city’s inclusionary housing rules, which require the provision of affordable housing or the payment of a fee-in-lieu.

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Renovation of Medallion Apartments Approved (images)

The Historic Landmarks Commission has approved a major renovation of the Medallion Apartments, a 6-story, 90-unit affordable housing development in Northwest Portland owned by Home Forward. The renovation is being designed by Holst Architecture, and will include new cladding, glazing, and roofing, as well as changes to the site and landscaping. 10 existing vehicular parking spaces will remain. 5 new short term bicycle parking spaces will be added at the ground level, and long term bicycle racks added to the units.

Medallion Apartments Home Forward

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Saltwood Development in the Con-way Masterplan Approved (images)

The Design Commission has approved Saltwood, a development with two six-story buildings on Blocks 291W and 292W of the Con-way Masterplan area of Northwest Portland. The development, designed by SERA Architects for Cairn Pacific, will include 354 units and 17,000 sq ft of retail space. 394 long term bicycle parking stalls and 362 parking spaces are proposed.

Saltwood - Conway Blocks 291W and 292W

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Affordable Housing at NW 18th and Hoyt approved by Landmarks Commission (images)

A 148-unit affordable housing development in the Alphabet Historic District has been approved by the Historic Landmarks Commission. The development is being designed by Carleton Hart Architecture for nonprofit developer and housing provider Northwest Housing Alternatives. The project will be comprised of two buildings, which with varying levels of affordability (income limits will be 0-60% Area Median Income). The north building at NW 18th & Irving is intended to be workforce housing with no age restrictions. The south building at NW 18th & Hoyt will incorporate and add to the existing Buck Prager building, and is intended to serve low-income, vulnerable seniors. As part of the development the Buck Prager building will receive a seismic upgrade. No vehicular parking is proposed.

1727 NW Hoyt St

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Student Housing on NW 16th Ave Proposed (images)

Building permits are currently under review for a student housing development at NW 16th and Marshall. The 6-story building is being designed and developed by Kōz Development, who are based in Snohomish, Washington. The building will include 80 residential units for students at levels 2 through 5, and two retail spaces at the ground floor. 7 vehicular parking spaces and long term 86 bicycle parking spaces are proposed.

1111 NW 16th Ave

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500 NW 23rd Ave Approved by Landmarks Commission (images)

The Historic Landmarks Commission has approved a new building at NW 23rd and Glisan, the site of the 2016 gas explosion. The building will include five new residential units, over 1,007 sq ft of ground floor retail space. No vehicular parking is proposed. The building is being developed by A&R Development, the owners of the adjacent building at Robert and Ann Sacks House at 2281 NW Glisan St, which was seriously damaged in the explosion and is now being restored. The architects for the project are Allied Works, the original designers of the adjacent building.

500 NW 23rd Ave - Allied Works Architecture

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Design Commission Approves Building at NW 19th & Pettygrove (images)

The Design Commission has approved a mixed use building at NW 19th & Pettygrove. The 7 story building, designed by YBA Architects, will include 107 residential units over approximately 1,150 sq ft of retail space. The building will reach a height of 78’-8”. Thirty four mechanical parking spaces and one ADA parking space will be provided in an at-grade parking garage. 120 long-term bicycle parking spaces will be provided.

1339 NW 19th Ave

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