Pre-Application Conference Scheduled for building at SE 11th & Burnside

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Urban Development Group to discuss a new building at SE 11th & Burnside. The proposed 7 story building by Vallaster Corl Architects will have 84 residential apartments over ground floor retail and parking for 23 cars. 126 bicycle parking spaces are proposed.


The site for the project is bound by E Burnside, SE 11th Ave and SE Sandy Blvd. A large Clear Channel billboard is currently located on the triangular block. Shown remaining at the southwest corner of the block is a low rise building occupied by Michael’s Italian Beef and Sausage Company. Another Vallaster Corl building, the Lower Burnside Lofts, are nearing completion one block to the west.




The Pre-Application Conference [PDF] is scheduled for July 2nd 2015 at 10:30 AM. A Design Advice Request for the project has been scheduled, however the date has not yet been published. The project will be required to go through a Type III Design Review with hearings before the Design Commission.


4 thoughts on “Pre-Application Conference Scheduled for building at SE 11th & Burnside

  1. Anna, half Death Star/ half Borg Cube/ and the trendy move to make it black. Just so it will be a dark hulking blob on the skyline, thanks, trendy arkyteks!

  2. Is there a code reason for the uniformity of the exterior color? Or is it an energy thing? I think it would be so much more engaging if they did something a little more creative and interesting. I always like to ask about a new building, if I walked by it all of the time, would I get bored of it after a few passes? Let’s build buildings people will want to live in for decades.

  3. Looks exactly like Lower Burnside Lofts, which is no prize-winner either. Buy small parcel of land, design small units crammed inside a hulking black metal box, insert orange highlights to give the façade a “natural” touch…repeat. Some of these buildings are very reminiscent of eastern European public housing. Where’s design review?

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