Weekly Roundup: Lloyd East Anchor, 1515 SW Morrison St, Framework, and more

The new theater at the Lloyd Center, designed by LDA Design Group, is set to go in front of the Design Commission later this month.

The Oregonian confirmed that the Lloyd Center Sears will close. The Lloyd East Anchor Remodel project will replace the store with a new 14 screen theater.

The Willamette Week reported that the affordable housing at Framework, the Pearl District cross-laminated timber tower, will come at a high price.

In order to pay down debt the Artists Repertory Theatre plans to sell half of its property at 1515 SW Morrison St to a developer of a 218-foot residential tower with 296 units, writes the Willamette Week.

The Business Tribune reported that The Thornton apartments, previously known as the Tess O’Brien Apartments have been sold to San Diego based commercial real estate investment firm SENTRE.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: Lloyd East Anchor, 1515 SW Morrison St, Framework, and more

  1. Alas, there are new or planned self-storage buildings as handsome as this proposal. This should not surprise. Based on a quick look at the architects’ (LDA Design Groups of Burbank, California) online portfolio, they seem to excel at unexceptional, blandish mall work.

  2. Because a parking lot, old cinder block theater and Sears is so great. Have some imagination on how it play on the rest of the future construction. Get real. Can’t wait for this to start and improve the neighborhood. I appreciate the investment made to help revistalize a mall. So rare.

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