Weekly Roundup: OMSI Masterplan, Lloyd Center, Jefferson Station, and more

The OMSI masterplan envisions realigning SE Water Avenue to run along the perimeter of the site.

As much as 2 million square feet of development in the Central Eastside is proposed as part of the OMSI Masterplan, reports the Oregonian—the equivalent of two U.S. Bancorp Towers. The masterplan went in front of the Design Commission for its first Design Advice Request meeting last week.

The Broadway Corridor Masterplan also had its first Design Advice Request meeting. Commissioners praised “the change it would bring to the area but [took] issue with the intended use of the city’s Green Loop,”* according to the Daily Journal of Commerce.

The Business Tribune published an interview with outgoing Lloyd Center manager Bob Dye. Work is set to start soon on the Lloyd West Anchor Remodel, which will include a Live Nation venue. The center recently presented revised plans for the Lloyd East Anchor Remodel to the Design Commission.

The Willamette Week reported that the cost of building new schools and affordable housing could rise under the Portland Clean Energy Fund, due the fact that large construction companies are being classified as “retail businesses.”

The Business Tribune spoke to 10 food carts about their plans for where they will go after construction starts on Block 216. The Oregonian wrote about 10 carts that turned downtown Portland’s biggest food cart pod into a tourist destination.

A Portland preservationist, and former chair of the Historic Landmarks Commission, wants the Jefferson Station building removed from the National Register of Historic Places, reports the Oregonian. The shell of the historic building is being incorporated into the new Multnomah County Central Courthouse.

The Business Tribune wrote about Opsis Architecture at 20.

Multnomah County hopes to create an alternative to jail or the emergency room for mentally ill homeless people at the recently purchased 333 SW Park Ave building, writes the Oregonian.

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Revised Concept for Lloyd Theater Addition Receives Design Advice (images)

A revised concept for a theater addition to the Lloyd Center has been presented to the Design Commission. The proposal would include the construction of a new 70,000 sq ft theater building with 13 screens. The existing 145,000 sq ft east anchor building, most recently occupied by Sears, would be renovated for office use. The project is being designed by LDA Design Group of Burbank, California, with landscape architects 505 Design.

Lloyd Theater Addition
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Metro Reports: PAE Living Building, Lloyd East Anchor, Dekum Apartments East and West, and more

Lloyd Center owner Cypress Equities is now proposing a revised concept for the east end theater addition to the mall. Instead of incorporating the Sears building into the new cinema, as originally proposed, a taller cinema will be built to the south of the Sears anchor building. The Sears building will be retained and renovated into an office building.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers February 18th to February 24th, 2019. 

Early Assistance has been requested by Allusa Architecture for a project at 1535 NE 41st Ave:

16 unit apartment building in the Hollywood Pedestrian District, CM3d zone. Lobby with mail area on the first floor with interior long term bike parking in the back of the structure.

Early Assistance has been requested to discuss alterations to the previously approved project at 1339 NW 19th Ave:

Add 19 units to the project resulting in a total of 126 units. Exterior design modifications to the building’s exterior. See LU 17-111569 DZM

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled to discuss a revised concept for the Lloyd East Anchor:

The redevelopment of the East end of the Lloyd Center will be composed of two major projects. 1. Renovate and expansion of the existing 145,000 sf anchor building (former Sears). 2. Construction of a 70,000 sf theater building containing 13 theaters.

A project at 2148 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd has been submitted for a Type II Historic Resource Review by Ankrom Moisan Architects:

29,000SF 2-story brick office building to be the headquarters for Harder Mechanical Contrators. Building is on the Southeast corner of MLK and Thompson. Private surface parking to the east/behind the building with enterance off of Thompson. Site is non-contributing to the Eliot Conservation District.

The PAE Living Building has been submitted for a Type III Historic Resource Review by ZGF Architects:

The project consist of a 54,000 gsf, 5-story core and shell office building in the historical district, at SW 1st Ave and SW Pine St. The building house PAE’s Portland office and other tenants. It includes retail spaces ata the ground floor.

A project at 6306 N Maryland Ave has been submitted for building permit review:

Build 3 story 18 units apartment building. Mechanical separate.

A building permit was issued to Architecture Building Culture for the Dekum Apartments East at 577 NE Dekum St (previously 533 NE Dekum St):

New 4 story, 22 unit apartment building, includes associated sitework

A building permit was issued to Architecture Building Culture for the project at Dekum Apartments West at 505 NE Dekum St (previously 6800 NE Grand Ave):

New 4 story, 22 unit apartment building, includes associated sitework

A building permit was issued to EPR Design for a project at 1270 N Wygant St (previously 4735 N Minnesota Ave):

New 3-story 9 unit apartment building with trash room and bike room;with associated site work.

Focus: The 25 Most Popular Posts of 2018

Block 216

The 35-story Block 216 tower was approved in December. Our post about the project’s Design Advice Request was our most popular post of the year.

Happy New Year.

2018 is the fourth full year Next Portland has been in operation and I’m excited to see what 2019 brings. I’m currently on vacation in Scotland, so new posts will continue to be sporadic until I return next week.

Last year was another busy year for the site. Of the course of the year 141 new posts were published, with nearly 900,000 page views.

The year started with the last of the pre-inclusionary zoning (IZ) projects working their way through the design review process. In February it was reported by the Portland Mercury that Portland’s inclusionary zoning mandate was getting lackluster results, with only 12 qualifying building in the pipeline.

By the end of the year Next Portland had posted about a number of large post-IZ developments that have been approved through design review. These include 815 W Burnside, 1715 SW Salmon, Nomad, the ART Tower Block 216, 1935 N Killingsworth and the Pepsi Blocks. The Portland Housing Bureau now estimates that there are 43 projects subject to inclusionary zoning in the pipeline, with 362 affordable units in projects that have permits or are close to permitting.

Despite the uptick in post-IZ proposals, new design review and building permit applications remain down relative to years ago. At the end of the year the Bureau of Development Services was forced to lay off staff for the first time since the recession, citing “quite sobering” forecasts.

Similarly to 2017, many of the most popular posts were published in previous years, a reflection of the fact that the content Next Portland remains relevant for a long time, as buildings move through construction and into occupancy. One post in the top 25 most popular posts was from 2015; seven posts were from 2016; six posts were from 2017; and eleven were published in 2018.

In reverse order, here are our 25 most popular posts of the year:

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Design Commission Approves New Lloyd Center Regal Theater (images)

The Design Commission has approved an addition to east end of the Lloyd Center, which will include a 14 screen theater operated by Regal Cinemas. The project is being designed by LDA Design Group of Burbank, California, with landscape architects 505 Design. The project will include the renovation and remodel of the lower two floors of the east anchor building most recently occupied by Sears, for multi-tenant retail / office. The new theater will be located at the third level.

Lloyd Theater East Addition - Regal

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Metro Reports: 6125 SE Division, Lloyd East Anchor, 6112 SE Foster, and more

The new Regal Cinema proposed at the east end of the Lloyd Center has been submitted for building permit review.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers March 12th to March 18th, 2018. 

Early Assistance has been requested by Evident Architecture Office for a project at 3240 N Williams Ave:

Current code: Proposal is for a new four story commercial building with ground floor retail and parking and three floor residential or commercial work/live units. On site stormwater management will be planters and drywells. Applicants will explore a minor height adjustment of approx. 6ft over the allowed 45 ft.

Early Assistance has been requested by MFA Architecture & Planning for a project at 8308 SE 13th Ave:

Proposed project includes removing an existing two-story building and developing a new 28,000 SF four-story 19 unit apartment building with retail and office space on ground floor. The building will provide setbacks from the south and east
property lines with a required buffer on the east property line.

The Lloyd East Anchor Remodel has been submitted for building permit review by LDA Design Group:

Renovate former Sears building. The lower levels will be for retail and office use while the upper level is being expanded by 76,000 sf for a 14 screen movie theater. A new mall entry will be added to the Eastern side of the mall to provide a connection to the exterior and a new theater lobby entry will be located at the corner of the existing parking structure to provide vertical circulation to the mall and theater.

A project at 9833 N Portsmouth Ave has been submitted for building permit review:

Construct new two story office building to include main level; rec room, restroom, with covered concrete porch on NE area of building, second floor to include two offices and restroom with covered porch on NE area of building

A project at 6125 SE Division St has been submitted for building permit review by Ankrom Moisan Architects:

Construct new care facility with underground parking and living care facility on main floor; associated site work

A building permit was issued to Steelhead Architecture for a project at 6112 SE Foster Rd:

TI for new brewery; change of occupancy from ‘M’ to ‘A-2’ for restaurant and ‘B’ to ‘F-2’ for brewery; new partition walls for kitchen, restrooms, office, brewery and storage room; new counter for bar, relocate entry. With 108 sf trash enclosure and parking lot improvements. Walk-in cooler under separate permit.

Weekly Roundup: Lloyd Cinemas Redevelopment, Lloyd East Anchor, Portland River Center, and more

The second phase of the Lloyd Cinemas redevelopment, as presented to the Design Commission at its second Design Advice Hearing in November 2017

More than 1300 apartments are planned on the Lloyd Cinemas site, reports the Oregonian. Construction will soon start on the first phase at 1400 NE Multnomah. The second phase, at 1510 NE Multnomah, is set to go in front of the Design Commission for approval later this month.

The Oregonian also confirmed that Regal will operate the 14 screen cinema planned as part of the Lloyd East Anchor Remodel. The new cinema will be built before demolition begins on the current facility across the street, which was built in 1987.

The Willamette Week reported that City Council candidate Jo Ann Hardesty has named three high-profile advocates to advise her on housing policy.

According to the Portland Mercury the N/NE Portland Preference Policy has so far been “largely unsuccessful in helping former residents of North and Northeast Portland come back as homeowners.”

KGW published images of the University of Portland’s Franz Campus, also known as the River Campus.

The Portland Tribune wrote about the choices in front of the 32-member stakeholder advisory committee that advising Metro on in advance of a planned regional affordable housing bond.

After leaving the 10th & Yamhill Smart Park retailer Boys Fort has set up shop across the street, reports the Portland Business Journal.

In a message to its supporters the Portland River Center announced that they are not able to move forward with the building on the OMSI site.

Weekly Roundup: Lloyd East Anchor, 1515 SW Morrison St, Framework, and more

The new theater at the Lloyd Center, designed by LDA Design Group, is set to go in front of the Design Commission later this month.

The Oregonian confirmed that the Lloyd Center Sears will close. The Lloyd East Anchor Remodel project will replace the store with a new 14 screen theater.

The Willamette Week reported that the affordable housing at Framework, the Pearl District cross-laminated timber tower, will come at a high price.

In order to pay down debt the Artists Repertory Theatre plans to sell half of its property at 1515 SW Morrison St to a developer of a 218-foot residential tower with 296 units, writes the Willamette Week.

The Business Tribune reported that The Thornton apartments, previously known as the Tess O’Brien Apartments have been sold to San Diego based commercial real estate investment firm SENTRE.

Metro Reports: OMSI Masterplan, Zidell Yards, Lloyd East Anchor, and more

Image of a proposed “Tilikum Plaza”, which could be built as part of the OMSI Masterplan. The masterplan is currently being developed by Snøhetta and Mayer/Reed.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers September 18th to September 24th, 2017.

ZRZ Realty has requested Design Advice and scheduled a Pre-Application Conference to discuss development of the greenway through the Zidell Yards:

Current Code – Pre-App for a Type III South Waterfront (SOWA) Greenway and Design Review for the stretch of the SOWA Green way running from Gibbs St on the south to the Ross Island Bridge on the north.

Design Advice has been requested for the OMSI Masterplan:

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry master plan.

Early Assistance has been requested by ZGF Architects for a project at 5050 NE Hoyt St on the Providence Portland Medical Center campus:

Current Code – New 5-story medical office building and 500 new parking spaces on 3 or 4 levels of below-grade parking. Project will be compliant with CUMP LU 11-183413 CU MS AD (HO 4120006).

Early Assistance has been requested by Icon Architecture/Planning to discuss a project at 6826 N Greenwich Ave:

Current Code: New 3-story 9 unit multi-family residence with a rooftop deck, no off-street parking, on-site stormwater disposal in an RH zone with “d” overlay. The project has been designed to meet community design standards. They do need to confirm it works.

The Lloyd East Anchor Remodel has been submitted for Type III Design Review by LDA Design Group:

Project is to develop the existing four story Sears building from a single tenant anchor to a multi-tenant anchor with a new 14 screen theatre to be built at the 3rd level of the former Sears building. The new third level theatre footprint will expand over the existing parking area to the south. Existing Sears levels one and two will become lease space for multi-tenant retail and/or office uses. The renovated anchor building levels one and two and new expanded third level theatre will have a new total of 166,308 SF of area and increase of 21,179 SF over the previous total area

1337 E Burnside St has been submitted for building permit review by Encore Architects:

New, six-story plus basement, 211 unit apartment building and 5,000SF of commercial area with parking above and below grade for 127 vehicle spots (2 DEMO PERMITS on plans 17-240897-CO & 17-240898-CO)

Building permits were issued for buildings 5 through 7 of the Castlegate Apartments at 14607 NE Rose Parkway:

Construct new 3 story ( 8 unit) apartment building; building 5 of 7

Construct new 3 story ( 8 unit) apartment building; building 6 of 7

Construct new 3 story ( 8 unit) apartment building; building 7 of 7

A building permit was issued to Kōz Development for Derby NW at 1075 NW 16th Ave:

Construct 6-story mixed use 128 unit apartment building, on ground floor retail tenant space, bike storage, garbage room, electrical room and residential units and associated site work***separate mechanical permit required

A building permit was issued for a project at 5312 NE 11th Ave:

New construction of 4 unit apartment building with tuck under garages; max 4’6″ retaining wall

A building permit was issued for a project at 5505 SE 17th Ave:

New 3-story, 6 unit apartment building on lot with existing apartment building to include site utilities and landscaping, detached retaining wall, 100 square foot trash enclosure.

A building permit was issued to Scott Edwards Architecture for a project at Cook Security Group HQ at 9225 NE Cascades Parkway (previously 9109 NE Cascades Parkway):

New three story office building with onsite parking, 204 s.F. Detached trash enclosure, includes associated sitework *** w/ mt permit and trash enclosure permit (17-117593-co) ***

A building permit was issued to BAMA Architecture & Design for a project at 15847 SE Powell Blvd:

Construct new 2 story 19 bed congregate living facility; landscaping and associated site improvements

A building permit was issued for Get Space at 12323 SE Division St:

New construction of 3 story 106,407 sf self storage facility with associated parking, utilities and landscape, interior trash room. ***separate mechanical permit required*** septic decommissioning required. Call for inspection 842.


Weekly Roundup: 3000 SE Powell, Laurel 42, Lloyd Center, and more

Lloyd West Anchor Remodel

Work has wrapped up on the original scope of the Lloyd Center remodel, however future phases will now include repurposing the anchor building formerly occupied by Nordstrom.

The DJC reported that unreinforced masonry building owners are fuming over a mandatory seismic retrofit proposal*.

Portland For Everyone interviewed “Surly Urbanist” Jamaal Green about building a pro-housing political alliance.

The Business Tribune reported on a study that ranks Portland No. 21 out of 50 metro areas in terms of hardest cities to add necessary new apartments.

According to the Willamette Week, the Portland Housing Bureau will purchase a property at 3000 SE Powell Blvd, which could be developed into as many as 300 units of affordable housing.

Oregon could “lose $80 million a year in federal housing funding in the proposed White House budget”, writes the Oregonian.

The Hollywood Star News wrote about Laurel 42, the six story project with mechanical parking rising in Hollywood.

The Business Tribune reported that Pearl West, Portland’s first post-recession office building, has been sold by its developer to LaSalle Investment Management.

The Oregonian wrote about how the Lloyd Center Remodel is a lot bigger than originally planned. The new entry plaza and helical stair opened last week, but will be joined in the future by the West Anchor Remodel and East Anchor Remodel, where a new cinema will replace a portion of the space currently occupied by Sears.

The DJC published construction photos of the Field Officecurrently rising in Northwest Portland.

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