Metro Reports: New Market Theater, Northwest Children’s Theater, University of Portland Franz Campus, and more

Building permits are under review for a number of buildings on the University of Portland Franz Campus, including a track and field with a grandstand, a new physical plant building, and a boathouse.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers November 11th to November 17th, 2019.

Early Assistance has been requested by Hacker for a project at 1709 SE 3rd Ave:

New creative office development to be developed in 2 phases, as two distinct buildings. “Phase 3” is the renovation of an existing bow-string truss warehouse with basement level parking. “Phase 4” is a 6+ story mass timber office building over two levels of underground parking. This EA is to discuss the land division.

Early Assistance has been requested by Doug Circosta Architect for a project at 1675 NE 41st Ave:

Build a new community building of 16 independent residences that provide mutual support, shared services, personal autonomy, security and ease of maintenance. There will be shared spaces for gathering, fitness, therapy, creation of art, enjoyment of art, meal prep and family-style dining.There will also be an on-site space for creative work: art therapy studio, music therapy studio, and display/gallery spaces.

Early Assistance has been requested by Quilici Architecture & Design for a renovation to the New Market Theater at 120 SW Ankeny St:

This project involves the renovation of retail spaces in ‘greenhouse’ structure of the New Market Theater. Options A, B and C are under consideration. Option A is least intensive and Option C the most. The project may include the reduction or elimination of existing parking, an increase of the retail area, and modifications to the exterior.

Early Assistance has been requested by Studio 3 Architecture for a project at 5905 N Interstate Ave:

New 3-story, mixed use structure. 19 apartments units are proposed. the ground floor will contain 959 sf of commercial lease space along Interstate Ave. The project total square footage is 12,216. a drywell on the north end of the site will serve to dispose of stormwater.

Early Assistance has been requested by Lenity Architecture for a project at 3015 SE Berkeley Pl:

Construction of an approximately 150-suite retirement residence and other senior-related uses.

Early Assistance has been requested by Zody Architecture for a project at 10340 SE Division St:

The concept of this project is to construct a new assisted living and memory care community to serve the local residents of the community. the project is currently envisioned to house between 90-120 residents. An existing medical office building will be replaced as part of the project and two residential homes will be demolished. The current concept design houses memory care on the first floor and assisted living on two upper floors. A basement level will provide support services.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by SERA Architects to discuss a project for the Northwest Children’s Theater at 2135 NW 29th Ave:

Performance and education facility for Northwest Children’s Theater. One level of partially-below-grade parking; two levels of performance, edcuation, and administrative space above. Combination of stormwater planters and eco-roof being considered; assume no infiltration allowed due to fill.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by SERA Architects to discuss a project at Con-way Block 292 East at the southwest corner of NW Savier & 20th:

6 story market rate senior apartment building with 186 residential units and basement parking. Stormwater disposal will occur through drywells in the pedestrian way.

Buildings permits are under review for buildings on the University of Portland Franz Campus (also known as the River Campus) at 5828 N Van Houten Pl:

Track & Field complex including a 523 seat covered Grandstand (Part C on Plans): Construction of a new Collegiate Track & Field Facility including 6 lighting poles. See Comments 

New single story, slab on grade, 46,682 sf physical plant with related mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and site work. Type II B Non-combustible construction, fully fire sprinklered. Separate PT and ET required. See Comments

New 12,880 sf Boathouse and Environmental Lab building w/ 2,389 sf mezzanine. Work includes utility infrastructure, stormwater facilities, grading, paving, sitework & site lighting, and Greenway trail. See Comments

A building permit was issued for a project at 4415 SE 61st Ave:

New 3 story, 9 unit apartment building with associated site work, and attached trash enclosure with recycle area; short term bike racks; no onsite parking

Weekly Roundup: Fremont Place, Riverplace, Broadway Corridor, and more

Fremont Place Apartments

The City Council voted down the Fremont Place Apartments over concerns about the width of the Greenway trail

The Portland City Council voted 5-0 to overturn the Design Commission’s approval of the Fremont Place Apartmentsthe Pearl District apartment building opposed by neighbors. Portland for Everyone asked if it this would create an open season for NIMBY lawsuitsCity Observatory argued that Portland doesn’t really want to make housing affordable.

Later that day council voted down a series of zoning amendments that would be necessary for the Kengo Kuma-designed Riverplace Redevelopment to move forward

The Portland Tribune noted that the series of denials added up to the rejection of nearly 3,000 new homes.

The Willamette Week reported that three developers made the shortlist for the redevelopment of the post office site in the Pearl District, known as the Broadway Corridor.

Archinect wrote about the dismantling of the “iconic Portland Building‘s postmodern, multicolored facade”.

BikePortland reported on how the University of Portland’s Franz Campus has puts greenway advocates on edge.

Weekly Roundup: Lloyd Cinemas Redevelopment, Lloyd East Anchor, Portland River Center, and more

The second phase of the Lloyd Cinemas redevelopment, as presented to the Design Commission at its second Design Advice Hearing in November 2017

More than 1300 apartments are planned on the Lloyd Cinemas site, reports the Oregonian. Construction will soon start on the first phase at 1400 NE Multnomah. The second phase, at 1510 NE Multnomah, is set to go in front of the Design Commission for approval later this month.

The Oregonian also confirmed that Regal will operate the 14 screen cinema planned as part of the Lloyd East Anchor Remodel. The new cinema will be built before demolition begins on the current facility across the street, which was built in 1987.

The Willamette Week reported that City Council candidate Jo Ann Hardesty has named three high-profile advocates to advise her on housing policy.

According to the Portland Mercury the N/NE Portland Preference Policy has so far been “largely unsuccessful in helping former residents of North and Northeast Portland come back as homeowners.”

KGW published images of the University of Portland’s Franz Campus, also known as the River Campus.

The Portland Tribune wrote about the choices in front of the 32-member stakeholder advisory committee that advising Metro on in advance of a planned regional affordable housing bond.

After leaving the 10th & Yamhill Smart Park retailer Boys Fort has set up shop across the street, reports the Portland Business Journal.

In a message to its supporters the Portland River Center announced that they are not able to move forward with the building on the OMSI site.

Metro Reports: UP River Campus, Riverplace Parcel 3, Zidell Block 8, and more

Riverplace Parcel 3

Building permits were issued for Riverplace Parcel 3, which will include 203 units of affordable housing and 177 units units of market rate housing

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers January 8th to January 14th, 2018.

Design Advice has been requested by Allied Works Architecture for a project at 2275 NW Glisan St (510 NW 23rd Ave):

Current Code: Construction of a new 4 story (6,755 square foot) mixed-use building. Five dwelling units on levels 2,3 and 4 are proposed with retail space on the ground floor. This is a contributing site in Alphabet Historic District.

Early Assistance has been requested by Dominek Architecture for a project at 3003 NE Alberta St [update 3/2/2018: this project is no longer active]:

Future code: The proposed project is a new + 18,559 sf 3-story addition to an existing 7,660 sf 1-story building on NE Alberta and 30th Ave. Both frontages appear to be improved. The proposed primary use is mixed use retail and restaurant on the ground flor and household living on the 2nd-4th floors (19 units). The existing ground floor building will be reuised as-is (with appropriate seismic and other upgrades).

Early Assistance has been requested by Works Progress Architecture for a project at 1935 N Killingsworth St:

Current code: Construction of new three story wood framed construction over 1 story mass timber mixed use building with the ground floor having 2 retail spaces and 9 tuck under parking stalls. There are 36 residential units with varying sizes. 8 of the residences will be affordable housing units. Two stairs access each floor, with one extending to the roof via roof hatch. Site will have below grade drywell connected to storm and 1 flow through planter to north.

Early Assistance has been requested by LRS Architects for a project at 11468 NE Holman St:

Current Code: Construct two new auto service facilities and one new car wash/detailing facility

Early Assistance has been requested for the University of Portland River Campus:

Current code – The University of Portland will be submitting an application for Greenway Review for proposed development on the University’s River Campus.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by CIDA Architects to discuss a project at 3220 SE 19th Ave:

New code doesn’t affect this site: Tenant improvement for new boulering gym. No proposed changes to the exterior of the shell, no proposed changes to impervious areas. This would be for a change of use – Type III Conditional Use land use review.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by GBD Architects to discuss Zidell Block 8:

Current Code: Proposed project will be a phased mixed use development containing two high rise residential towers and two levels of below-grade parking for a total area of approx. 798,000 SF. Each of the towers will include 250-300 units of multi-family housing subject to inclusionary housing requirements.

A project at 1475 SE 100th Ave has been submitted for Type II Conditional Use Master Plan amendment by CB|Two Architects:

Planned expansion to existing skilled nursing facility as part of the CUMP in 2011 (11-139546 CUMS AD) for the site. The proposed expansion will increase the existing 38,342 square foot skilled nursing facility with an approximate 8,500 square foot building addition, providiing 18 more beds to the facility.

The Providence Park Retail and Ticket Booth Addition has been submitted for Type II Design Review by John Weil Architecture:

Proposal is for Providence Park retail and Ticket Booth Addition. An addition of 1,300 SF of retail store in existing plaza area at corner of SW 20th and SW Morrison Streets and reconstruction of existing ticket windows to combine three locations into one 160 SF location.

Building permits were issued to Ankrom Moisan Architects for the Riverplace Parcel 3 development:

New 6 story 5 over 1 TYpe IIIA and Type I wood apartment over concrete podium structure with ground floor commercial and daylight basement parking – 2nd 6 story tower permitted under 17-156297-CO, includes all site utility pipingv

New 13 story Type I concrete high rise apartment building over concrete podium structure with daylight basement parking – 2nd 6 story tower permitted under 17-156305-CO