Metro Reports: 1130 NE Alberta, 550 SE MLK, Tru by Hilton, and more

1130 NE Alberta
A permit is under review for a five-story mixed use building at NE 11th and Alberta. The project would include co-working office space, “co-living lodging units” and a spa.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers December 9th to December 15th, 2019.

Design Advice has been requested by Works Progress Architecture for the Westwind Apartments at 327 NW 6th Ave:

Construction of a new, 7 story, mixed-use building on a quarter block site. The proposal includes 70 short term single room occupancy units There will be 30 studio apartments as well as Central City Concern offices and community spaces. There are two Type B loading spaces with access from NW Flanders. This proposal is funded by the Portland Housing Bureau.

Early Assistance has been requested by Emerick Architects for the Mann House at 1021 NE 33rd Ave:

Project to convert the Mann House into an affordable housing complex serving low income families. By renovating the existing 51,000sf building and creating a new, 36,000sf addition, 88 total units will be created (8 three-bedrooms, 35 two-bedrooms and 45 one-bedrooms).

Early Assistance has been requested by Creighton Architecture for a project at 7150 N Greenwich Ave:

Demolish existing house, build new 3-story apartment building, 18 units.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 208 SE 148th Ave:

Multifamily development with approximately 150 dwelling units. Proposed stormwater disposal methods not yet identified. Since the last EA (19-219779) the project has decided to follow design guidelines instead of community design standards. Updated draft elevations will be shown this time.

A Pre-Application has been scheduled by Works Progress Architecture to discuss a project at 1642 NE Sandy Blvd:

Construction of a new 4-story hotel with lobby and commercial space on ground floor. Existing single story building to partially remain and new build will be constructed above and adjacent. Stormwater will be managed on site.

Changes to the previously approved project at 550 SE MLK has been submitted for a Type II Design Review by GBD Architects:

Review to amend LU 17-109848 approved on 12/14/17. Application proposes changes to the courtyard at the NE quarter of the half block site. The proposal removes the tiered seating area at the south end of the site and adds an accessiible ramp with a canopy over it (connecting the adjacent Hotel Chamberlin “loading dock”) additional planters (and trees) and fixed benches for seating. Application also requests a single Standard A loading space be allowed in lieu of two Standard A loading spaces required by 33.266.310. Historic New Logus Block building

A project with two buidlings at 1463 NE Killingsworth St has been submitted for building permit review by Mentrum Architecture:

New 3 story, 19 units apartment building and associated site works. Partial retail on ground floor. Trash enclosure inside building.

Construction of new 3-story, 19-unit apartment building with ground-floor commercial.

A project at 1605 N Rosa Parks Way has been submitted for building permit review:

New 3 story 18 unit apartment building, detached trash enclosure less than 120 sq ft, utilities and site improvements.

A project at 4224 N Interstate Ave has been submitted for building permit review by Design Department Architecture:

Construct new 4 story story mixed use building with 3 retail spaces on ground floor and 15 units in floors 2-4; retail spaces are shell only future TI permits under separate permit

A project at 5834 N Greeley Ave has been submitted for building permit review:

Construct 3 story 14 unit apartment building with associated site work

A project at 1130 NE Alberta St has been submitted for building permit review by Lever Architecture:

Construct new 5 story mixed use building with underground parking; main floor to include gym space and tenant space with no occupancy under this permit; 2nd fl gym and shell office spaces; 2-5fl hotel co-housing units

A building permit was issued for the south building on South Waterfront Block 40 at 3883 SW Moody Ave:

New 245,000 sq. ft./ 7-story/ 232 room apartment building, with 2 levels of parking below building. First floor has commercial spaces and amenities.

A building permit was issued for a project at 2464 SE 82nd Ave:

Construct 16,130 sf. retail building, shell only, with associated site work; w/18-174896-CO (trash enclosure) & 18-174902-MT. Tenant improvement permits to establish occupancy, shall include plumbling requirements, interior ceiling & wall finishes, emergency lighting, exit signs, comcheck for interior lighting for tenant space. W/18-174896-CO & 18-174902-MT

A building permit was issued for the Tru by Hilton at 7077 NE 82nd Ave:

Construct 4-story, 98 guestroom, with 98 on-site parking, and associated site work *** w/18-127470-MT *** trash enclosure under 18-127473-CO *** porte cochere under 18-136694-CO ***

A building permit was issued for a project at 11864 NE Halsey St:

New 4 story self storage facility and associated site work to include parking lot *** w/detached trash enclosure 19-119039-CO *** w/ 19-119041-MT ***

Weekly Roundup: Portland Proper Hotel, Dundon-Berchtold Hall, Alta at 18th, and more

The 9-story Portland Proper Hotel is proposed for a site at NW 13th Ave and Irving St in the Pearl District.

The Portland Proper Hotel had its first presentation to the Design Commission*, with the brick cladding drawing particular praise, reports the Daily Journal of Commerce.

The University of Portland has unveiled the latest addition to its campus, the “$34M stunner” Dundon-Berchtold Hall, writes the Portland Business Journal.

The City of Portland declared that it’s on track to meet housing bond’s goals, according to the Oregonian. At a press conference it was announced that nine projects will receive funding through the bond: 115th at Division Street in Powellhurst-Gilbert; Alta at 18th in Northwest; Anna Mann House in Kerns; Cathedral Village in Cathedral Park; The Joyce Hotel in Downtown; Las Adelitas in Cully; NE Prescott in Cully; the Stark Street Project in Glenfair; and the The Westwind in Old Town.

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Weekly Roundup: Amara, Mann House, Block 25, and more

815 W Burnside St
Work has started on Amara, a 7-story building on W Burnside between NW Park Ave and 9th Ave.

The Portland Business Journal reported that Laurelhurst’s Mann House could become affordable housing. Nonprofit developer Innovative Housing is under contract to purchase the mansion, with plans to turn it into 80 apartments. Rents would be affordable to families with incomes of between 30 and 60 percent of the median family income.

Old Town’s Greyhound Station has closed, reports the Oregonian. The two-acre is now listed for sale as a redevelopment site.

Two proposals in Old Town Chinatown are moving forward*, according to the Daily Journal of Commerce. At Block 25 Key Development is proposing an eight story cross-laminated timber building and a nineteen story tower. The project team includes Japanese firms Shigeru Ban Architects and Earthscape, along with Portland’s GBD Architects. At 4th & Burnside Colas Development is proposing a building of between five and seven stories, with a multicultural food venue; office space on the second floor for Colas and the Bing Kong Tong Chinese Benevolent Association; and housing above that.

New apartments are coming to a site formerly occupied by a Firestone auto shop, reports the Portland Business Journal. Amara at 15 NW Park Ave will include 138 residential units.

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