Weekly Roundup: Portland Proper Hotel, Dundon-Berchtold Hall, The Susan Emmons, and more

The 9-story Portland Proper Hotel is proposed for a site at NW 13th Ave and Irving St in the Pearl District.

The Portland Proper Hotel had its first presentation to the Design Commission*, with the brick cladding drawing particular praise, reports the Daily Journal of Commerce.

The University of Portland has unveiled the latest addition to its campus, the “$34M stunner” Dundon-Berchtold Hall, writes the Portland Business Journal.

The City of Portland declared that it’s on track to meet housing bond’s goals, according to the Oregonian. At a press conference it was announced that nine projects will receive funding through the bond: 115th at Division Street in Powellhurst-Gilbert; The Susan Emmons in Northwest; Anna Mann House in Kerns; Cathedral Village in Cathedral Park; The Joyce Hotel in Downtown; Las Adelitas in Cully; NE Prescott in Cully; the Stark Street Project in Glenfair; and the The Westwind in Old Town.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: Portland Proper Hotel, Dundon-Berchtold Hall, The Susan Emmons, and more

  1. LOVE the beautiful, contextual design of the Proper Hotel! But is it me or is there a glut of fancy hotels being built in Portland at the moment?

  2. Yes this is beautiful…please build!

    I agree…I am surprised at how many hotels this city is supporting. I think this is definitely an underrated city in a lot of ways, but not sure how big it is on the tourist map currently. At the rate they are building, you’d think this is NY.

  3. Commit to the arch! This project has come such a long way. Maybe companies will start using classical type, architectural assets as they are becoming the unique thing to do among glass and concrete canyon that are our urban contexts.

  4. The rooftop deck and “framework” really don’t work for me, especially the asymmetry, which isn’t balanced by the asymmetry in the ground floor.

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