Focus: The 25 Most Popular Posts Of 2019

Block 216
For the second year in a row, a post about the Block 216 tower was the most popular post on Next Portland.

2019 was the fifth full year that Next Portland has been in operation. Over the course of the year 145 articles were published.

In contrast to 2017 and 2018, the most popular articles of the year were generally ones published this year. The lone article in the list published before 2018 was about Eleven West, which was approved in 2017 but only recently submitted for permit.

Four of the most popular post were about high rise towers: Block 216; Eleven West, Toyoko Inn; the Hyatt Place and Allison Residences; and the Holden of Pearl. Two posts in the list were about large site master plans, the Broadway Corridor and OMSI Masterplan.

In reverse order, here are our 25 most popular posts of the year:

25. 1634 SW Alder St Receives Design Advice (images)
24. Moxy Hotel Approved by Design Commission (images)
23. Design Commission Approves 1715 SW Salmon Mixed Use (images)
22. Modera Morrison Receives Design Advice (images)
21. 3000 SE Powell Receives Design Advice (images)
20. Morningstar at Laurelhurst Returns in Front of Design Commission (images)
19. Lincoln High School Replacement Approved by Design Commission (images)
18. Holden of Pearl Senior Housing Approved (images)
17. Hyatt Place & Allison Residences Goes in Front of Design Commission (images)
16. Pepsi Blocks Phase 1A Approved by Design Commission (images)
15. Dairy Apartments Receive Design Advice (images)
14. Live Nation at Zidell Yards Receives Design Advice (images)
13. PAE Living Building Approved by Landmarks Commission (images)
12. Design Commission Approves 140 SW Columbia St (images)
11. Approval of 5020 Condos Upheld (images)
10. Saltwood Development in the Con-way Masterplan Approved (images)
09. Broadway Corridor Masterplan Receives Design Advice (images)
08. Unbuilt Projects From The First Five Years of Next Portland
07. Holden of Pearl Receives Design Advice (images)
06. OMSI Masterplan Receives Design Advice (images)
05. The Landing at Macadam Receives Design Advice (images)
04. Pepsi Blocks Phase IA Receives Design Advice (images)
03. Toyoko Inn Receives Design Advice (images)
02. Design Commission Approves Eleven West (Images)
01. Design Commission Approves Block 216 Tower (images)

Weekly Roundup: Centennial Place Apartments, Louisa Flowers, Eleven West, and more

The Centennial Place Apartments at 164th and SE Powell will be modeled after Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare’s first integrated housing and healthcare center, the Garlington Health Center & Garlington Place Apartments in NE Portland.

The 24-story Eleven West tower has netted investment from Cresset Capital, reports the Portland Business Journal.

Local leaders celebrated the opening of the Louisa Flowers (previously known as Block 45), reports KATU. The building is the largest affordable housing development to be built in Portland for 50 years.

BikePortland wrote about the first hearing in front of City Council for a project that will update Portland’s bicycle parking code.

Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare plans to develop 71 units of affordable housing as part of the Centennial Place Apartments at 3800 SE 164th Ave, writes the Portland Business Journal.

Bora Architecture’s renovation of the Meier & Frank Building won two awards at the 2019 International Interior Design Association Oregon Design Excellence Awards, writes the Business Tribune.

Weekly Roundup: Eleven West, Providence Park Expansion, PAE Living Building, and more

Eleven West
A single-asset Opportunity Zone fund will be used to finance the Eleven West tower and the PAE Living Building. The 24 story Eleven West tower was approved in 2017, but has yet to break ground.

The Daily Journal of Commerce looked at the use to-date of Opportunity Zone funds in Portland. Projects being financed under the provisions of the 2017 tax law include Block 216, Eleven West and the PAE Living Building.

Civil Eats asked whether Portland’s development boom will leave room for its food carts.

The Portland Tribune wrote about how the recently completed Providence Park Expansion is delivering a great experience for fans of the Timbers.

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Focus: The 25 Most Popular Posts of 2018

Block 216

The 35-story Block 216 tower was approved in December. Our post about the project’s Design Advice Request was our most popular post of the year.

Happy New Year.

2018 is the fourth full year Next Portland has been in operation and I’m excited to see what 2019 brings. I’m currently on vacation in Scotland, so new posts will continue to be sporadic until I return next week.

Last year was another busy year for the site. Of the course of the year 141 new posts were published, with nearly 900,000 page views.

The year started with the last of the pre-inclusionary zoning (IZ) projects working their way through the design review process. In February it was reported by the Portland Mercury that Portland’s inclusionary zoning mandate was getting lackluster results, with only 12 qualifying building in the pipeline.

By the end of the year Next Portland had posted about a number of large post-IZ developments that have been approved through design review. These include 815 W Burnside, 1715 SW Salmon, Nomad, the ART Tower Block 216, 1935 N Killingsworth and the Pepsi Blocks. The Portland Housing Bureau now estimates that there are 43 projects subject to inclusionary zoning in the pipeline, with 362 affordable units in projects that have permits or are close to permitting.

Despite the uptick in post-IZ proposals, new design review and building permit applications remain down relative to years ago. At the end of the year the Bureau of Development Services was forced to lay off staff for the first time since the recession, citing “quite sobering” forecasts.

Similarly to 2017, many of the most popular posts were published in previous years, a reflection of the fact that the content Next Portland remains relevant for a long time, as buildings move through construction and into occupancy. One post in the top 25 most popular posts was from 2015; seven posts were from 2016; six posts were from 2017; and eleven were published in 2018.

In reverse order, here are our 25 most popular posts of the year:

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Weekly Roundup: Food Cart Block, Adidas Campus Expansion, Taylor Works, and more

The Adidas Campus Expansion will include a building at N Delaware and N Sumner, and a relocated vehicular entry from N Greeley Ave

The Oregonian reported on plans to redevelop a site at 936 SW Washington Stcurrently home to Portland’s largest and best known food cart pod—with a 33-story tower, which would include office space, hotel rooms and apartments. The site is currently owned by the Goodman family, who the Daily Journal of Commerce reports have projects aplenty in progress.* Other current developments of theirs include 230 AshEleven West, and the Moxy Hotel.

The Portland Business Journal has the latest information on OMSI‘s ambitious Central Eastside expansion ambitions.

The Willamette Week covered the City’s annual State of Housing in Portland report, which includes some hope for struggling renters.

The Portland Business Journal reported that neighbors are opposing the Adidas Campus Expansion plans in North Portland. The Portland Design Commission has however shown early support for the proposal.

Portland Public Schools has “thrown a curveball” at the Portland Diamond Project‘s plans for an MLB stadium in the Rose Quarter, reports the Willamette Week. The Portland Business Journal reports that the group behind the project isn’t vexed by the proposed bidding process for the site.

The Urban Works Real Estate blog published construction updates on the Taylor Works Building at SE 2nd & Taylor, which is undergoing a major renovation and alteration.

The Business Tribune wrote about Continuum Partners, the developer that has been chosen to lead the Broadway Corridor redevelopment.

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Focus: Our 25 Most Popular Posts of 2017

Vista Pearl

The Block 20 condominium tower, now known as Vista Pearl, was the subject of our most popular post of the year

2017 is the third full year Next Portland has been in operation. Although the onset of Inclusionary Zoning has slowed down the number of new applications submitted, there was a lot to write about in 2017 while the projects submitted in late last year and early this year worked their way through the development review process.

Over the course of the year we published 176 new blog posts, and our development map now has over 1,000 unique projects listed (including completed and cancelled projects). In 2017 Next Portland had over 900,000 page views, a slight increase from the previous year.

Sixteen of the articles that made the top 25 most viewed posts were published this year; seven were published in 2016; and one was published in 2015. Our second most popular article from the 2015 list and fourth most popular article from the 2016 list—about the Goat Blocks—was still the fifteenth most popular article of 2017 despite having been written in December 2014. The 2016 roundup of the tallest buildings planned in 2016 was the third most popular article of the year, and although there wasn’t an equivalent list published in 2017 we hope to write one in early 2018.

So, with that Happy New Year to all. In reverse order, here are our 25 most popular posts of the year:

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Design Commission Approves Eleven West (Images)

The Design Commission has approved Eleven West, a 290′-6″ tall tower planned for SW 11th & Washington St. The 24 story building is being designed by ZGF Architects for Gerding Edlen Development and Downtown Development Group. At the ground level the building will include 7,816 sq ft of retail fronting onto all three streets surrounding it. Levels 2 to 7 of the tower will be offices, while levels 8 to 24 will include 222 residential units. Four levels of below grade parking will provide 258 vehicular parking stalls, accessed from SW 12th Ave. Long term parking for 365 bicycles will be provided.

Eleven West

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Weekly Roundup: Eleven West, Housing Bond, Office Development, and more

Eleven West is being designed by ZGF Architects, who also designed the nearby Twelve West tower

The Oregonian wrote about Eleven West, the 24-story tower with swimming pool planned for downtown Portland’s West End.

The Willamette Week wrote about how Mayor Wheeler has “blown past a deadline his own office set for starting to spend a $258 million bond approved by voters last November to build and rehab affordable housing units”.

Portland Architecture took a look at the offices of Stoel Rives and Simple, respectively located in Park Avenue West and Clay Creative.

The Portland Business Journal looked at how the Goat Blocks are bringing “new flair to a transforming neighborhood.”

An analysis by the Business Tribune showed that the real estate market in Portland is moving towards the construction of office space.

Metro Reports: Prometheus Property, 418 SW 2nd, 404 NW 23rd Ave, and more

404 NW 23rd Ave

404 NW 23rd Ave by Works Progress Architecture, as presented to the Historic Landmarks Commission in October of this year

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 5640 NE Killingsworth St:

Proposal is to develop site with up to 15 units residential housing.

Early Assistance has been requested by MWA Architects for a project at 2133 N Argyle St:

This project is for a mixed use/mixed income multi-family residential development. Approximately 15,000 sf commercial/retail with 215 apartment units.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Works Progress Architecture for a project at 1732 NE 2nd Ave:

New construction of a 6-story, multi-family, 77-unit, mixed-used building with ground floor retail and an outdoor plaza on the south side of the property. Stormwater managed through onsite drywell.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by GBD Architects for a project at 418 SW 2nd Ave (“Ankeny Blocks” Block 38):

New 20-story mixed-use building with ground floor retail, office space on floors 2-8, and 182 multi-family units on floors 9-20, with 4 floors of below-grade parking.

A project at 5009 N Interstate Ave has been submitted for Type II Design Review by TVA Architects:

Proposal is for new construction of multi-story apartment building. Existing buildings will be demolished.

A project at 8614 N Crawford St has been submitted for Type II Design Review by GBD Architects:

Proposal is to build a five story multi-family residential development of approx. 157 apartments. The ground level includes the entry lobby, parking, utility spaces, walk-up apartments and amenity spaces. The second floor roof terrace will have an eco-roof and raised planter areas along with private terraces at each of the apartments facing the eco-roof.

GBD Architects have submitted two Type III Design Review applications for buildings on the Prometheus Property in South Waterfront:

Two high-rise residential towers, each building consisting of around 7,000sf of retail and 300-550 market rate apartments and below grade parking.

New construction of two seven story mixed-use buildings, each building consisting of approx. 5,000 sf of retail, 200-300 market rate apartments and 150-250 off-street parking stalls in one level of structured underground parking and a partial level of structured at-grade parking.

A project at 6620 N Richmond Ave has been submitted for Type II Design Review by SERA Architects:

Project is a new five story multi-family apartment building with one level of sub-grade parking.

A project at 1440 SW Taylor St has been submitted for Type III Design Review by Leeb Architects:

Request is for approval of a type III design review to allow construction of a development of a seven story mixed use building, consisting of a five-story wood frame building over a two level podium with a concrete structure. 107 dwelling units.

A project at 2222 NW Raleigh St has been submitted for Type III Design Review by SERA Architects:

New mixed-use building with 173 units, ground floor retail and 110 parking spaces. Vehicle ramp is proposed on NW Raleigh, with 2 modifications: bike parking width & vehicle parking width.

A project at 1116 SW Washington St has been submitted for Type III Design Review by ZGF Architects:

Project is new construction of high-rise with underground parking, retail on first two floors, office space of up to six floors and up to 213 residential units.

A project at 404 NW 23rd Ave has been submitted for Type III Design Review by Works Progress Architecture:

New four story residential building with both structured and surface parking. Twenty one units are proposed and a total of 37 parking spaces. A roof deck is proposed.

A project at 2220 NW Pettygrove St has been submitted for building permit review by Studio 3 Architecture:

Construct new 4 story with basement (43) unit apartment building; associated site work

A series of building permits have been submitted by Green Hammer for Tillamook Row at 20 NE Tillamook St:

Construct 2 story (3) unit apartment building with attached bike storage area

Construct 3 story (3) unit apartment building

Construct 3 story (5) unit apartment building

Construct new 3 story (5) unit apartment building; associated sitework and detached trash enclosure under 120sq ft

Construct new 2 story common building with office, restroom, and assembly area on main fl; fitness area on second fl

A project at 310 SE 12th Ave has been submitted for building permit review by William Wilson Architects:

New 4 story 84 unit apartment building with basement garage and bike storage; associated site work

A project at 15847 SE Powell Blvd has been submitted for building permit review by BAMA Architecture and Design:

Construct new 2 story 19 bed care facility; landscaping and associated site improvements;

A building permit was issued to CIDA Architects for a project at 6811 NE Grand Ave:

New 4 story apartment building with 22 units, 104 sq ft detached trash enclosure. Unit in SE corner of 1st floor to be live work unit.

A building permit was issued for the Holladay Park Plaza East at 1350 NE 17th Ave:

New 2 story above grade 10 unit adult living apartments with 2 levels of underground parking

A building permit was issued to CIDA Architects for a project at 410 NE Dekum St (previously 422 NE Dekum St):

Construct new 4 story, 22 unit apartment builidng, one unit is live/work, no parking, trash and bike storage at main level, includes associated site work

30 Story Tower Planned at SW 11th & Washington

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by ZGF Architects and Gerding Edlen Development to discuss a 30 story mixed use building at SW 11th & Washington. The project would include 4 floors of office and 240 residential units. At the ground level retail spaces facing SW 11th Ave, Washington St and 12th Aves are shown. The building would include 4 floors of underground parking, accessed from SW 12th Ave.


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