Under Construction: Block 45 Affordable Housing (images)

This is an updated version of a post originally published on March 29th, 2017.

Construction is underway on a 12-story, mixed use affordable housing development by Lever Architecture and LRS Architects for Home Forward. The project on Block 45 of the Lloyd District is one of the projects that won city funding through the 2015 Super NOFA process. The development was originally envisioned as including a mix of market rate and affordable units, however is now moving forward with all the units intended for people earning earning 60% of area median family income or below. With a total of 240 units, as well as 7,500 sq ft of retail space, Block 45 is the largest single-building affordable housing project to be built in Portland in the last 50 years. 126 long term bike parking spaces will be located in a secure bicycle room at the basement, and 240 spaces will be located within the units. No vehicular parking is proposed.

Block 45

The development will be located on the western half of a block bound by NE Grand, Hassalo, 6th and Holladay, directly across from the recently completed Hotel Eastlund. The site was previously vacant. In the early 2000s the site was planned to be the location for the second phase of the Cascadian Court condominium, which could have been as tall as 27 stories. A 31 story tower residential by Weston Development was approved for the site in 2007, but was never built due to the recession. In 2012 the DJC reported that the tower was being redesigned as a hotel, however the project never went forward.

Block 45

Block 45

The 128’-0” tall building will be arranged in an undulating “C” shape, with a ground level courtyard facing the interior of the block. The courtyard, which will be visible from NE Hassalo St, will have access from both the retail space and the apartment lobby. At the twelfth floor an amenity room will be provided for the use of building residents.

Block 45

Exterior materials proposed include thin brick in two colors, composite metal panels, perforated metal panels and vinyl windows. Chevron metal panels are proposed at the courtyard and property line walls.

Block 45

Block 45

Block 45

Block 45

Block 45

Block 45 previously received Design Advice in October 2016. Changes made since the first iteration presented include a change to lighter colored windows and adjacent metal panel, the introduction of the chevron metal panel at the east elevations, and the introduction of an extended canopy along NE Grand Ave. Block 45 was unanimously approved by the Design Commission at its first full Type III review hearing, held on March 16th 2017. The project drew particularly strong praise in the conclusion to the Final Findings and Decision by the Design Commission:

This project emphasizes activation and enhancement of the pedestrian realm, connections to the natural environment, and a material pallet that visually captures the flavor of the Lloyd District and surrounding area. The active program and the sculptural massing and building textures connect this proposal to its location. The project employs quality and durable materials and incorporates detailing that will ensure longevity and minimize weathering over time.

This is a smart project from every angle: the partnership, the concept of building, the massing, the active ground floor programming, the mix of market-rate and affordable units, and the materials and details are all exceptional. This is an extremely sophisticated proposal, and the result is something beyond the sum of its parts. The proposal meets the applicable design guidelines and modification criteria and therefore warrants approval.

Construction on Block 45 began in January 2018, and is expected to be complete by late 2019.


12 thoughts on “Under Construction: Block 45 Affordable Housing (images)

  1. I walk by this dirt lot nearly every day. So excited for this to get built now! I do hope that, once it’s built, they do a mural or something on the blank wall facing Cascadian Court. Another win for the Lloyd District!

    • Considering that all street parking in the Lloyd Center is metered, they’ll either pay to park on the streets (unlikely) or they won’t own cars (more unlikely). There’s no problem here.

      • So they ignore the fact the majority folks drive? Very shortsighted to build something like this with no underground parking for residents

        • 1) It’s “affordable housing” so how many could afford a car?
          2) People who own cars and want to own cars are encouraged in the city of Portland to use them, by moving further out.

        • Again, there is no problem here. Nobody can park on the street for free in the Lloyd District because all spaces are metered, meaning it won’t be in the interest of anybody who owns a car to apply here.

    • There’s more than enough monthly lots/garages throughout the Lloyd District where people can purchase parking spaces if they so choose. The last thing this area needs is more parking spaces.

      • Bingo. If you have a car there are options. As well this area is full of alternate options..not just mass transit, but forgo a car payment and insurance and use many of the car share programs. Not a problem. Great to see this patch of dirt get developed.

      • Considering all the projects that have been shelved or just flat out scrapped in the area, I’d say that people are not wanting what is being built in the area, Oregon Square cancelled well over 1000 units, the theater lot is now for sale….

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