Lloyd District Mixed-Income Development receives Design Advice (images)

A 13-story mixed income development by Lever Architecture and LRS Architects for Home Forward has gone before the Design Commission for Design Advice. The project on Block 45 of the Lloyd District is one of the projects that won city funding through the 2015 Super NOFA process, and will include 240 apartments. 109 of the apartments in the 131’-6’ tall building will be affordable housing, while 131 of the units will be leased at market rates. Approximately 7,000 sq of retail is proposed at the ground floor, facing NE Grand Avenue. No vehicular parking is proposed for the building, however discussions have started with Kaiser about leasing stalls at their proposed parking garage in the evening.

Block 45

The development would be located on the western half of a block bound by NE Grand, Hassalo, 6th and Holladay, directly across from the recently completed Hotel Eastlund. The site is currently vacant. In the early 2000s the site was planned to be the location for the second phase of the Cascadian Court condominium, which could have been as tall as 27 stories. A 31 story tower residential by Weston Development was approved for the site in 2007, but was never built due to the recession. In 2012 the DJC reported that the tower was being redesigned as a hotel, however the project never went forward.

Block 45

Block 45

Block 45

The project would be arranged as a “C” shape, with a ground level courtyard facing the interior of the block. The courtyard, which would be visible from the street, is shown with access from both the retail space and the residential lobby.

Block 45

Materials proposed include: thin brick, in gloss white and gray; metal panel, vinyl windows; aluminum storefront glazing; metal louvers; and wood soffits.

Block 45

Memo to the Design Commission, published before the October 20th advisory hearing, outlined potential topics for the discussion. These included: the massing, scale and design character of the east elevation; the lack of canopies at the pedestrian level; the amenities provided for residents, including whether the building should have balconies; and the materials proposed. At the hearing the project drew praise from the Commission, who generally supported the project as presented.

In order to gain approval the project will be required to go through a Type III Design Review, with public hearings before the Design Commission.


5 thoughts on “Lloyd District Mixed-Income Development receives Design Advice (images)

      • I think it’s fantastic! Especially at this location. Where better to be able to live without a car if someone so chooses?

      • Article says “however discussions have started with Kaiser about leasing stalls at their proposed parking garage in the evening.” So where would the cars park during the daytime? I’m just leary of this because I’ve seen my neighborhood change the past 2 years due to structures being build with no on-site parking….and I don’t even own a car…I’ve been riding a bike the past 10 years. But there are cars just circling all over the place looking for parking which makes cycling and walking more challenging. It decreases the livability.

  1. Not a bad design . . . . the street level looks interesting.

    The Lloyd district is starting to become quite the mixed use community, and on top of that very unban. With the addition of this project and the just approved Oregon Square, and Convention Center Hotel things are looking very positive for this area.

    Portland Native.

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