Metro Reports: Portland Proper Hotel, De Paul Treatment Center, Joe Etzel Field, and more

Design Advice has been requested by ZGF Architects for the Portland Proper Hotel at NW 13th & Irving.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers July 29th to August 4th 2019.

Design Advice has been requested by ZGF Architects for the Portland Proper Hotel at 1202 NW Irving St:

10-story/170,000 gsf hotel including a ground floor lobby, one floor of below grade parking, and a rooftop amenity.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 7918 SE Crystal Springs Blvd:

Construction of a new 150-unit multi-family development in two (2) 4-story buildings. The development will include surface parking, detached garages, outdoor play ground, and open space. Access will be from SE Harney St and SE Crystal Springs Blvd. Stormwater management will be designed to comply with local requirements for the treatment of water quality and quantity. Infiltration rates are high on-site, so detention is not anticipated as part of this project.

Early Assistance has been requested by Scott Edwards Architecture for a project at 3800 SE 164th Ave:

Three story, 71 unit mult-family building, consisting entirely of affordable housing, plus surface parking. Stormwater to be treated on site. A lot line adjustment will be needed as part of the proposal.

Early Assistance has been requested by Ankrom Moisan Architects and the Portland Housing Bureau for a project at 11332 SE Division St:

Project consists of 60 units of low barrier permanent supportive housing located at 11332 SE Division on a 1.07acre site, R1 zoning.

Early Assistance has been requested by Hacker Architects for a project at 4245 SE Milwaukie Ave:

Anticipated to be new 5-story multi-family residential building with level 1 having a partially below grade parking level at NW side of site. Total building will be 124,345 gross sf (105,317 sf FAR). 160 units plus residential amenities. Inclusionary Housing will be triggered, and provided on-site t standard rates. Stormwater treatment is anticipated on-site via interior courtyards and flow-through planters.

Early Assistance has been requested by WDC Properties for a project at NE 55th & Glisan:

New 4-story multifamily residential structure containing 22 apartment units. No parking is proposed. Stormwater will be treated on-site via drywell. Type V-A construction. Ground units to contain (1) accessible type A unit and (6) accessible type B units.

Early Assistance has been requested by The Neenan Company for a project at SE 88th & Powell:

Two-story clinic, classified as traditional office occupancy use, with entrance off Powell and from within site. 175 surface parking spaces, separated as public parking and employee parking. Staff parking entry from east side of site being negotiated with adjacent property owner. Second drive entry on 88th Avenue application being submitted to transportation.

Early Assistance has been requested by GBD Architects for a project at SE 2nd & Ash:

The proposed project is a 79,795 sf building (with less than 60,000 sf of industrial office, 5,000 sf of traditional office, ground floor retail and structured parking).

The building has a day lit basement level and first floor of concrete with 5 levels of Type 3-A heavy timber above. Stormwater will be collected on the roof of the building and treated in flow through stormwater planters on the third level.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Guardian Real Estate to discuss a project at 131 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd:

Construction of an 8-story hotel and associated public improvements. Guestroom count is expected to be 168 keys. Gross building square footage is expected to be 104,330+/-. Stormwater disposal methods: it is required to provide a 100% eco-roof, with up to 40% exemptions allowed for mechanical and rooftop equipment. However, if the total provided is 70% (or more), all management can be met and direct discharge to the public systems is allowed. Proposal is targeting a minimum of 70% eco-roof.

The De Paul Treatment Center at 830 SE 102nd Ave has been submitted for a Type III Design Review by Holst Architecture:

53,150 sq ft drug and alcohol treatment center for adults. The proposal includes 94 beds for short and medium term inpatient care with associated kitchen and dining areas, as well as meeting and amenity spaces for care recipients. A portion of the building will be used to provide outpatient treatment services and administrative space for building staff. Three modifications are requested: one for maximum setback on 102nd (to be 10′) 33.150.215.C; one for the fence that are more than 50% sight obscuring may be up to 3 1/2 ft high within 10′ of street lot line (33.150.285); and one for the vehicle areas not allowed between building and street in pedestrian district (33.266 Table 266-3).

A building permit was issued to Urban Development Group for a project at 2590 NW Upshur St:

New 5 story wood framed 146 unit apartment building with associated site work

A building permit was issued to SRG Partnership for the University of Portland Joe Etzel Field at 5000 N Willamette Blvd:

New seating and amenities for Joe Etzel field to include: press box, concessions, seating and restrooms. Meeting room, associated sitework and new landscaping between Chiles Center and stadium

6 thoughts on “Metro Reports: Portland Proper Hotel, De Paul Treatment Center, Joe Etzel Field, and more

  1. It seems like everywhere you turn there is a new hotel going up. I see tourists around but are all of them really booking that many rooms? It kind of boggles my mind that there is this much demand.

  2. Not that we need yet ANOTHER hotel, but this one is gorgeous. I’m not sure it fits in with the more industrial aesthetic of it’s immediate neighbors though, so I’m a bit torn.

    • If you’re referring to the Portland Proper Hotel, that was my thought at first. That stretch of NW 13th is all historic structures. I’m sure the contrast will be striking and the building is beautiful, but I’m not sure if that’s the right style for the surrounding area. I guess it’s better than what’s there now if that property is being underutilized.

  3. Yeah I even spoke to someone that invests in hotels and he was surprised when I told him about the number of hotels going up. I really don’t understand this phenomenon, but I’m not in the industry.

    I really do like the design of this one and I would not be too hung up on the “industrial aesthetic” of the immediate area. The writing is on the wall that the aesthetic is of a bygone era, at least for the Pearl, and will continue to change. It’s not good nor bad–just different.

    I can’t imagine a sane owner of industry in the Pearl wanting to run trucks through an increasingly congested and touristed neighborhood. The land value would allow them to move to a much cheaper area and space.

  4. So I guess they’re going to demo the historic apartments at 131 MLK? Shame when terra nullis (strip malls & surface parking) abounds in the area… including 2 out of 4 corners right there.

  5. The picture of the Proper Hotel is outdated – not what was submitted to DAR. Instead, dark brick/punched openings/arched openings on the ground floor. More consistent with the surrounding industrial historic buildings.

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