Metro Reports: Market Hill Commons, Live Nation South Waterfront, 1430 N Killingsworth, and more

Market Hill Commons
Early Assistance has been requested for a redesign of the Market Hill Commons. The project was approved in 2016, but has yet to break ground.

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers July Ist to July 7th 2019.

Early Assistance has been requested by EM Architecture for a project at 7570 SW 74th Ave:

This proposal is for two new three-story apartment buildings situated on two lots (lot line adjustment needed) in the CM1 and R1 zones at the Tigard/Portland boundaray. Basement level parking is proposed with lined stormwater planters integrated into the structure.

Early Assistance has been requested by Minarik Architecture for a project at 1605 N Rosa Parks Way:

3-story, 18-unit multifamily project. 6 units on each floor. 2 stairs, a bike/utility room, storage room and trash enclosure. Primarily pitched roof over 6:12. All flat roofs have a cornice. Stormwater will be handled via drywell.

Early Assistance has been requested by WDC Properties for a project at NE 55th and Glisan:

New 4-story multifamily residential structure containing 22 apartment units. No parking is proposed. Stormwater will be treated on-site via drywell. Type V-A construction. Ground units to contain (1) accessible type A unit and (6) accessible type B units.

Early Assistance has been requested by Hacker for a project at 1709 SE 3rd Ave:

New creative office development to be developed in 2 phases, as two distinct buildings. “Phase 3” is the renovation of an existing bow-string truss warehouse with basement level parking. “Phase 4” is a 6+ story mass timber office building over two levels of underground parking. Work may include removal of a portion of the existing warehouse building, currently located in the right-of-way.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 1318 NW 20th Ave:

Commercial office building over retail. Requesting initial zoning only review of development program concept and height and density provisions, following on previous staff correspondence regarding transition from former EX to CM3 in the Northwest Plan District. No stormwater disposal methods determined at this point.

Early Assistance has been requested by Scotia Western States Housing for the Market Hill Commons at 1475 SW 20th Ave:

Re-design for a re-submittal for a design review fot the 9-unit (4 story+ ground floor parking) condo project.The previous design was approved for 16 units via a Type III review (see LU 15-118576).

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Hacker to discuss Live Nation South Waterfront:

Proposed interim artist amphitheater including public bathrooms, terraced bleacher seating, performance stage, pedestrian walkways, concession stands and artist back stage venue. Utilities will be installed to all on-site structures. Life of lease 7 years w/extensions.

A project at 3019 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd has been submitted for a Type II Adjustment Review:

Adjustment requested to north, west and partial south setback on a new, four-story, six-unit apartment building. Project includes landscaping and bicycle parking.

A project at 1430 N Killingsworth St has been submitted for a Type II Design Review by Kōz Development:

This project building is proposed as a 6-story structure with a height of just over to 72′ above average grade. It will provide an additional multifamily housing opportunity comprised if a total of 154 new apartments. These apartments consist of a variety of studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and loft units. In addition, 3 retail/commercial spaces comprising of over 3700 sf will be created.

A project at 1130 NE Alberta St has been submitted for a Type II Design Review by Lever Architecture:

New five story mixed-use building with one level below grade. Uses onsite include retail sales and service, restaurant, office and associated services.

A project at 2923 SE Division St has been submitted for a Type II Design Review by William Kaven Architecture:

Proposal for a new three story mixed-use building located on the north side of SE Division Street between SE 29th Avenue and SE 30th Avenue. The project is comprised of two stories of residential apartments over ground floor retail, lobby and three residential units. The project provides a mix of one bedroom (5) and studio (14) apartments, totaling 19 units. Modificaton requested to 33.266.220.C.B Minimum Bike Rack Space Width

A project at 1901 N Killingsworth St has been submitted for building permit review:

New 4-story, 18-unit mixed use building with ground level retail ***mechanical permit separate***