Metro Reports: The International School, Curio Hotel and more

The International School

The International School

Every week, the Bureau of Development services publishes a list of early assistance applications, land use reviews and building permits. We publish the highlights.

Early assistance was requested for a project at 16625 SE Powell Blvd:

6 apartments with a 7-space parking lot. Apartment units may have garages as well.

THA Architecture have applied for a Design Review for work at Portland Community College Cascade Campus:

Demo existing Student Center, addition of a new plaza in its place and reno of existing Library and Student Services Building.

HC Architecture have applied for Design Review of their proposed Curio Hotel:

Design Review for hotel

Mahlum have applied for Design Review for their expansion of the International School:

New 3 story 15,000 sq ft classroom building and related site improvements for the International School

Fosler Portland Architect have submitted plans for two new apartment buildings at 5625 E Burnside St:

New 2 story apartment with 5 units, associated site work, trash enclosure and biking parking

New 3 story apartment with 20 units; associated site work

A demolition permit was issued to Hawthorne 31 Apartments LLC for a building at 1521 SE 31ST Ave:

Demo existing building; subject to 35 day demo delay

An excavation permit was issued to Myhre Group for their redevelopment of the former Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs site at 4141 N Williams:

Partial – excavation and shoring only (no utiltiies this permit)