Design Review approved for O|8 Townhomes (images)

The City has approved a Design Review for a project with eight dwelling units at 1532 N Blandena St. The O|8 Townhomes, by Dominek Architecture, comprise of two four-story buildings with a shared courtyard.

During the Design Review process one letter was received, from the Land Use chair of Overlook Neighborhood Association, who stated the association welcomes the development. In the decision [PDF] by the Bureau of Development Services the O|8 Townhomes are praised for being the kind of infill development the City encourages:

This residential infill project reinforces the transitional nature of the North Interstate Corridor by delivering the kind of development envisioned by the North Interstate Corridor Plan – higher density multiple dwelling, incremental massing between single-family and commercial, pedestrian-oriented, and transit supportive. This is achieved through accommodating concealed on-site parking, reinforcing pedestrian system connectivity, sidewalk building orientation, building set-back compliance, etc. The proposal therefore merits approval.

The site is currently occupied by a single family dwelling and a garage.  Permit have been issued for their demolition.

The project must now apply for a building permit.

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