Under Construction: 12th & Clay Apartments (images)

The 12th & Clay Apartments are under construction in Downtown Portland. The quarter-block building will contain 83 apartments over 8 stories. The building has an L-shaped plan, with a small courtyard at the interior of the block. The primary exterior material is red brick, with white brick used at the top two floors. No on site parking is proposed. The project design is by SERA Architects.

12th and clay_perspective-01

12th and clay_perspective-02

12th and clay_perspective-03

The Design Review of the 12th & Clay Apartments was approved in July 2013. A building permit was issued in October 2014.

12th and clay_perspective-04

Existing Context

The project replaces a 2-story office building, built in 1958. A demolition permit was issued in August 2014.

Plans and Elevations

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