Mixed use building to replace Gypsy Lounge

Emerick Architects and Urban Design Partners have scheduled a Pre-Application Conference [PDF] to discuss a new 4 story mixed-use building at 635 NW 21st Ave. The proposed building will include approximately 57 residential units and 62 below-grading parking spaces. A 10,600 sq ft ground-floor retail space would front onto the corner of NW 21st Ave and Irving St. A 15′ building setback is proposed at the corner in order to preserve a heritage elm tree.

Notice of a Pre-Application Conference

The new building will replace the single story Gypsy Restaurant and Velvet lounge, which closed in February 2014.

The Pre-Application Conference is scheduled for April 23, 2015 at 10:30 AM. Because the project is located in the Alphabet Historic District, a Type III Historic Resource Review is expected to be required, with hearings before the Historic Landmarks Commission.

Plans and Elevations

3 thoughts on “Mixed use building to replace Gypsy Lounge

  1. Why are there more parking spaces than residential units? Is this to fill anticipated need for the retail/restaurant area? This area is already nicely dense; I’m not confident adding that much additional auto traffic will help the livability of this area.

    • I don’t know, although there’s nothing preventing them from providing more spaces than units (they’re not required to provide any parking in this neighborhood). There no direct access from the garage to the commercial spaces, so I doubt it’s intended to service that use.

    • I agree. I think there should be less vehicle parking and use those spaces for better uses. Especially in these trying times . I thought we were going green. I mean come on people , we really need to take care of our mother earth .

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