Metro Reports: New Market Theater addition, Fair-Haired Dumbbell, 4119 NE MLK and more

The Dumbbell

The Fair Haired Dumbbell

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits. We publish the highlights. (Note – this post covers the week of December 14th to 20th.)

SERA Architects have requested Design Advice for the New Market Theater addition:

Pre-Application Conference to discuss a Type III Historic Resource Review for a new 4-story, mixed-use creative office building addition to the New Market Theater Historic Building. The New Market Theatre is a designated Historic Landmark, within the Skidmore/Old Town Historic District. The applicant has submitted 3 different possible fascades that illustrate the design options being considered.

TVA Architects have submitted a project at 4119 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd for Design Review:

New mixed use building, six story with retail and residential units at ground levels and residential units on the upper floors.

Mackenzie have submitted a building at 3009 NE Killingsworth St for building permit review:

New mixed use building – ground floor to be retail with apartments above.

A building permit is under review for the Fair Haired Dumbbell:

twin six-story white, stucco-clad buildings connected by suspended pedestrian bridges at each floor with two small plazas at the ground level

A building permit was issued to EPR Design for a project at 17445 SE Sherman St:

New 2 story assissted living facility with 10′ x 10′ trash enclosure with site work – foundation and inspections started under original permit for 13-232830-RS

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