Metro Reports: Pepsi Redevelopment, Grand Belmont, St Marys Romanian Orthodox, and more

Grand Belmont

Construction has started on the Grand Belmont Apartments

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers March 5th to March 11th, 2018. Note that this post includes some projects that were mistakenly added to the previous week’s metro reports. That post has been updated.

Design Advice has been requested by John Weil Architecture for the Providence Park Retail and Ticket Booth Addition:

Proposal is for an addition of a 1,300 sf retail store in existing Providence Park plaza at corner of SW 20th and SW Morrison Streets and reconstruction of existing ticket windows from 3 locations to 1 – 160sf location. Stormwater for retail store is proposed to be utilizing a green roof, tied into stormwater system. Ticket booth to be connected to existing gutter at existing canopy (new roof area at ticket booth is approximately 50sf). Central City Design District.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled and further Design Advice requested by Waterleaf Architecture for the Lloyd West Anchor Remodel:

Renovation of existing 149,000sf, 3-story retail mall anchor to accommodate multiple tenants. Exterior facade remodel and plaza/yard improvements.

Early Assistance has been requested by Emerick Architects for a project at 3300 NE Broadway:

Current code: Renovation to existing 3-story building with addition of a 4th story.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 2100 N Albina Ave:

Current Code: Proposal to construct a multi-story 40,00sqft self storage facility with parking.

Early Assistance has been requested by Waechter Architecture for a project South of 4236 N Mississippi Ave:

Future code: New mixed use building. Two floors of office space and one floor of residential dwellings (5 units).

Early Assistance has been requested by CE John for a project at 1715 NE 33rd Ave:

Future code: Proposed multi-tenant retail building with surface and rooftop parking. Proposed stormwater disposal – drywells.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Livermore Architecture & Engineering to discuss a project at the St Marys Romanian Orthodox Church at 13505 SE Stark St:

A Pre-Application Conference to discuss construction of a one-story parish hall for an existing church. The building is approximately 7,200 square feet. Site improvements associated with this project will include a reconfigured parking area
and a pedestrian plaza between the existing church and the new building. Twenty-seven parking spaces are proposed. There is an option to increase the size of the site by acquiring a portion of the lot fronting on SE 136th (331 SE 136th).

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled to discuss a project at 7606 SE Flavel St:

Current code: Multi-family development on existing site with a total of 29 multi-family units. 23 units are new units with a garage per unit. Existing 6-plex to remain with parking provided for each unit in a parking lot. Two existing single-family dwellings are proposed to be separated from the development through PLAs or other process.

A Pre-Application Conference has been scheduled by Mithun to discuss the redevelopment of the Pepsi site at 2505 NE Pacific St:

Future code? A master plan for redeveloping the existing +/-5.16 acre Pepsi Bottling Plant on Sandy Blvd into market-rate and affordable housing, offices, retail/restaurant spaces, open space and associated parking. The project will use the Planned Development Bonus for additional height and bonus FAR and will include publicly-accessible open space.

A revised permit for a project at 1717 SE Tenino St has been submitted for review by Urban Development Group:

Construction of new 4-story 91 unit apartment building with 19 parking spaces

A project at NE 74th and Glisan has been submitted for building permit review:

Construct new 3 story (12) unit apartment building with associated site work

A project at 3967 NE Garfield Ave has been submitted for building permit review:

New 3-story 9 unit apartment building with associated site work. No off street parking

A building permit was issued to Ankrom Moisan Architects for Grand Belmont at 514 SE Belmont St:

New 7-story mixed use building, Type I construction and 5 stories of Type IIIA construction; level 1 – commercial spaces and parking; level 2-7 – 131 residential units.

8 thoughts on “Metro Reports: Pepsi Redevelopment, Grand Belmont, St Marys Romanian Orthodox, and more

  1. It’s about damned time that building on Belmont got going! I thought they would never start on it! Now if they could just get that project at the movie theater by the Lloyd Center going…

      • You kidding me? It’s a cool cinema, but it’s a done deal, and I’d rather just have it over with. It’s like a band-aid: you rip it off quickly. It hurts less that way. The development at least looks half way decent, not that I’d ever be able to afford to live there. Besides, the cinemas Downtown are easier to get to on the bus. This place relies on the 70 which isn’t a full time line. Not only that, a block away they are going to build essentially a replacement cinema, so we’ll all still be able to go there for movies, just across the street. Seems fair. What can I say? I’m a construction buff. I love watching things get built. 🙂

      • Nobody stands to make bank, that’s why it is taking so long. There isn’t any demand there. Hassalo got built and then they put Oregon Square on hold. Now they want to build offices because the apartments there aren’t making money. The mall is a ghost town since the reno. The mall doesn’t want mall stores and none of the stores they want will locate there because, well, would you open a nice sit down restaurant or a night club there?

    • unfortunately, that whole area around the Belmont project…. pretty much all of the inner East side is so damn banal it hurts. Such a generic souless stretch of nothing.

      • It’s not that bad. Three breweries just up the block on Belmont and the new Goat Blocks development. A quick walk over to East Burnside as well. Many of the buildings around there are still quite industrial but some of them are really neat, such as the Redd and their new project.

        It’s a work in progress but its coming along nicely. Can’t wait for the

        • The Grand Ave Historic district is pretty tepid right now but lots of potential there. I’m extremely excited for the Chamberlain Hotel project to get underway.

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