Metro Reports: 815 W Burnside, Parallax, SW 4th & Grant, and more

A building permit was issued for the Parallax apartments, designed by William Kaven Architecture

Every week, the Bureau of Development Services publishes lists of Early Assistance applications, Land Use Reviews and Building Permits processed in the previous week. We publish the highlights. This post covers February 26th to March 4th, 2018. Note that this post previously included some projects that should have been included with the following week’s metro reports.

Design Advice has been requested by Ankrom Moisan Architects for a project at 815 W Burnside St:

Proposal is for a new seven story mixed use residential and commercial development which includes 144 mixed, 2-bed, 1-bed and studio apartments with ground floor amenity and rooftop outdoor deck, commercial space and one level of below-grade parking.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 6040 NE 42nd Ave:

Current code: Proposal is for a 9 unit, multi-dwelling residential apartment building consisting of (9) 3-story townhouses of Type VA-NFPA 13R construction. The ground floor of each unit includes an outdoor room, main entrance, bonus room, garage and trash/recycle area. Tandem spaces are provided in the driveway extension.

Early Assistance has been requested for a project at 2514 NE Flanders St:

Current code: Six-unit multi-family development in R1 zone. Site is adjacent to a frequent service bus line. 4 garages are proposed for units 1-4. Access to units proposed through private driveway. Applicant proposing to use density bonus options to increase maximum allowed density from 5 units to 6 units.

Early Assistance has been requested by CIDA Architects for a project at SE 174th St and Kendall Ct:

No changes to site/project due to comp plan & zone map changes: New one-story building for office and manufacturing.

Early Assistance has been requested by Deca, Inc for a project at 14507 E Burnside St:

Current code: Proposal is for new construction of a four story apartment building which will be approximately 69,500 SF with 76 dwelling units and a new 21 stall surface parking lot.

Early Assistance has been requested by Dowl for a project at 12044 SE Division St:

Current code info: Partial demolition of existing Burger King (3,929 sq ft reduced to 3,082 sq ft) and development of a new drive thru pad. Project will include new and reconfigured parking and associated landscaping improvements. Stormwater will be disposed on site via drywells New trash enclosure will be constructed to serve the two new restaurants. New pad is 2,507 sq ft.

A revised permit for a project at 1645 SE Nehalem St has been submitted for review by Urban Development Group

New 4 story 63 unit apartment building, associated site work.

Two building permits were issued to Holst Architecture for the Overlook apartments at 1314 N Skidmore St and 4284 N Maryland Ave:

Overlook – East Building – 68 units over parking and retail space for lease.

West Building – 90 units, over parking and retail space for lease

A building permit was issued for the Parallax apartments at 4030 N Williams Ave:

New 5 story mixed use building; retail on first floor; 4 stories of 66 residential apartments; tuck under parking; associated site work

A building permit was issued to Koz Development for the SW 4th & Grant Apartments at 2211 SW 4th Ave:

New, 6 story 108 unit studio apartment building with mezzanines on 5th and 6th floors.(send all revisions to Gail for review)

A building permit was issued for the parking garage being developed as part of the Convention Center Hotel project:

New 8 story parking garage with ground floor commercial space.

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