ART Tower Approved by Design Commission (images)

The Design Commission has approved the ART Tower, a 21-story mixed use tower in the Goose Hollow neighborhood design by Ankrom Moisan Architects for Wood Partners. The building will rise to a height of 224′, and include 314 residential units over 4,000 sq ft of ground-floor retail space. 215 vehicular parking spaces will be provided in three level of underground parking.

The ART Tower tower is the first high rise to be approved since the adoption of the city’s inclusionary housing rules, which require the provision of affordable housing or the payment of a fee-in-lieu.

ART Tower Artists Repertory Theatre

The project site is the northern half of the block bound by SW Alder St, 15th Ave, Morrison St and 16th Ave. The site includes part of the Artists Repertory Theatre building and associated surface parking. The existing building was built in 1976, and extensively remodeled for the Artists Repertory Theatre in 2006. In order to stabilize its finances the theater is selling the site for the new building to Atlanta based Wood Partners. A separate design review was recently approved for the demolition of the rear third of the existing building and consolidation of the theatre’s operations to the southern half of the block.  A $7 million anonymous donation to the Artists Repertory Theatre, announced after the sale of part of their property was made public, will help ensure financial stability for the company in the future.

Other projects in Goose Hollow that are planned or under construction include the Providence Park Expansion1440 SW Taylor, the Press Blocks, Alta Peak and 1715 SW Salmon. An 11 story building at 1500 SW Taylor St, which was approved by the Design Commission in 2017, now appears to be dead, with a 7 story building recently proposed on the site.

The building is arranged as a bar-shaped tower, oriented to SW Alder St. The body of the tower is pulled away from the theatre building, allowing for a new loading courtyard accessed from SW 16th Ave, and a single story commerical/bar space facing SW 15th Ave. Access to the lower level of the theater’s existing underground parking will be provided via a new ramp from SW 15th Ave, through the tower. Access to the residential parking for the tower will be provided from SW 16th.

The building has a highly glazed base and top, with a zig-zag rhythm of angled storefronts and canopies at the ground floor. This language is picked up again at the 21st floor, where the glazing steps in to create exterior terraces for the adjacent units. The top floor will also include an amenity room for the residents and two common exterior terraces.

ART Tower Artists Repertory Theatre

ART Tower Artists Repertory Theatre

The primary material will be a limestone colored brick, with a small area of manganese ironspot brick at the ground level sidecar retail space facing SW 15th Ave. Other materials include exposed concrete, aluminum window wall, glass and steel canopies and mirrored panel soffits.

ART Tower Artists Repertory Theatre

ART Tower Artists Repertory Theatre

ART Tower Artists Repertory Theatre

ART Tower Artists Repertory Theatre

The ART Tower was approved at its first Type III Design Review hearing, held on November 15th, 2018. The project had previously been in front of the Design Commission for two Design Advice Request meetings, held in June and August 2018. In the conclusion to the Final Findings And Decision By The Design Commission the project was found to build on the character of Goose Hollow with its “eyecatching” architecture:

The proposed tower will bring a unique design element to the Goose Hollow district that will complement existing development in the area while building on the sense of place with its eyecatching architecture highlighting the base and top that will enhance the sense of entry into the district. The design massing form, materials, proportion, roof shape, scale and rhythm characteristics reflect and compliment neighboring buildings. The new masonry tower will also be compatible with the existing Artists Repertory Theatre in both design and functionality. The project preserves and enhances the unique character, use, and design of the existing theater building.

The proposed tower will improve the pedestrian realm and contribute to a vibrant streetscape by providing visually interesting frontages with active ground level uses along all three of its abutting streets that will help attract pedestrian activity to the area. The active retail space and lobby at the first floor, with apartments on the upper floors, establishes an urban residential presence that will help bring a desirable 24-hour presence to this neighborhood of Goose Hollow. The glazed marque canopies and undulating frontage design provide a unique form and pedestrian experience.

The building establishes a strong visual connection to adjacent sidewalks with a tall, highly glazed ground floor which features commercial space and a large lobby to allow for cross-over performance events with the theater. The large sliding windows along the sidewalk with unique glass canopies above and angled recesses allow greater indoor/outdoor connection and add to the distinctive character and permeability of the ground floor. The design will provide view opportunities into active spaces for pedestrians passing by as well as space for stopping and viewing and will generally create a safe and vibrant sidewalk edge. The primary materials, masonry, metal, glass and concrete, are appropriate to the design direction of the building and the site’s context and promote a sense of permanence. As a predominately masonry structure, the design will bring a high-quality, tactile, and unique character, and will also express skilled craftsmanship.

Building permits will need to be obtained before construction on the ART Tower can begin.


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