1638 W Burnside approved by Design Commission (images)

The Design Commission has approved a project by Ankrom Moisan Architects at 1638 W Burnside St. The 7 to 8 story tall building for Atlanta-based developer Wood Partners will include 138 residential units, 83 below-grade parking spaces and 209 long term bicycle parking spaces. 5,924 sq ft of ground floor commercial space is planned, with retail spaces facing W Burnside at Level 1 and SW Alder St and Level 2.

1638 W Burnside

The project would be located on the block bound by W Burnside, SW 16th Ave, SW Alder St and SW 17th in Goose Hollow. A 2 story 1926 building, with a single story 1964 addition, is currently located on the site. The existing building is currently occupied by Jaguar Portland, formerly known as Monte Shelton Motor Company. A 1909 apartment building on the same block is not part of the site and will remain.

1638 W Burnside will be located in a corner of Goose Hollow that is suddenly seeing a burst of development activity. Nearby developments proposed include the North Hollow Apartments, 1500 SW Taylor, 1440 SW Taylor and the Press Blocks.

1638 W Burnside

The building would be arranged in a U-shape, with a south facing courtyard at level 3. A clubroom and terrace is planned at level 8. Projecting oriel windows are proposed on the W Burnside elevation at levels 3 to 7, to help the building mass better align with the existing building that will remain on the block.

1638 W Burnside

Primary materials for the building include brick, black vinyl windows, black metal panels and black aluminum storefront. A green wall is proposed facing the level 3 courtyard, and spilling down to the street level at SW Alder St.

1638 W Burnside

The project was approved at its first design review hearing, held on April 20th 2017, following a previous design advice request hearing in November 2016. In the conclusion to the Final Findings and Decision by the Design Commission the project was found to “enhance the character of the area”:

The proposal employs a highly active ground floor program, high quality materials and a captivating design to create a building that will contribute to a thriving pedestrian area. This site will be an informal gateway connecting Goose Hollow with adjacent districts and be highly visible to transit riders. The design offers texture and variation along its three primary facades and will enhance the character of the area.

Building permits will need to obtained before construction can begin on site.


5 thoughts on “1638 W Burnside approved by Design Commission (images)

  1. At some point, as part of the Burnside Couplet project back in 2000 or so, there was a decision to require a 10′ setback on all buildings west of 19th or so, where there wouldn’t be a couplet. At the same time, PBOT has been requiring dedication to get the sidewalk to 15′. So, theoretically, 15 + 10 = 25′ sidewalk. The 10′ has since been interpreted as “the building is set back, but it can have columns closer to the curb”. This is what you see at the Fred Meyer. This building, though, has the 15′ sidewalk, but not even a nod to the 10′ setback. Has that requirement been eliminated?

  2. Okay, I read the Dec 2016 post, and it seems that Design Commission approved an exception with no mitigation, to that 10′ setback, which means that from now on, it is essentially dead. So, too bad for Fred Meyer that they didn’t wait for a sympathetic DC. Could’ve gotten 10 more feet of usable space.

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