Weekly Roundup: Westwind Apartments, Sandy 28 and Tanner Point

The new Westwind Apartments, designed by Works Progress Architecture and Architecture Building Culture, will include 100 new deeply affordable SRO and studio units.

The Daily Journal of Commerce wrote about the new Westwind Apartments, which the Design Commission had a first look at last week*.

The Portland Chronicle checked in on the Sandy 28 Apartments, where a single house was replaced by 206 units.

An “Italy-meets-Portland food hall, neighborhood hub, and marketplace” named La Cooperativa is planned at the ground of Pearl District office building Tanner Point, reports Portland Monthly.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: Westwind Apartments, Sandy 28 and Tanner Point

  1. $3.6 mil for a crusty scrape off on a quarter acre lot on Sandy. Of course it was only worth that much because of it’s potential. Would those apartments still start at $1400 if the land had sold for 1/10th the price? Maybe we should think about this zoning business and whether or not its a good idea for affordability.

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