News Roundup: ARCOA, Hotel Grand Stark, Hyatt Place, and more

The ARCOA Mixed Use will wrap around the historic ARCOA building at 1006 SE Grand, with an eight story mass at the corner of SE 6th and Yamhill and a three story mass facing SE Grand.

The ARCOA Mixed Use at SE 6th and Yamhill gained approval from the Historic Landmarks Commission*, reports the Daily Journal of Commerce.

The Port of Portland looking at alternative uses or sale of major assets to further new ‘shared prosperity’ initiative, reports the Oregonian ($). The Portland Diamond Project has let an option on the Port’s Terminal 2 property lapse.

Portland’s Bureau of Development Services is laying off 13 staff members, according to OPB. The Bureau is almost entirely reliant on permit fees, which have dropped sharply.

Willamette Week reported that OMSI is looking to develop a gathering space for the Native American community along the Willamette.

City Council rejected the appeal against the Hyatt Place and Allison Residences in the Pearl, according to Willamette Week.

The boutique Hotel Grand Stark (previously known as the Hotel Chamberlain) will feature two new restaurants from Submarine Hospitality, writes the Oregonian ($).

The Oregonian ($) reports that the Lloyd Center is “on the brink as businesses depart en masse.”

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